The 20 -year -old Wang Zuxian is picturesque, wearing broken -hole jeans is fashionable and simple, but temperament does not lose Lin Qingxia

The 20 -year -old Wang Zuxian is picturesque, wearing broken -hole jeans is fashionable and simple, but temperament does not lose Lin Qingxia

The years are just the skin of the goddess, and the temperament is still outstanding in the crowd.

A generation of beautiful women Wang Zuxian is now 54 years old. She is elegant and calm, and she has already become one of her grandma.

The sun and the moon are like a pig knife, leaving a trace of deep or shallow on Wang Zuxian’s face and heart.

Netizens said that when I was old, my goddess in my mind was eternal because her beauty was eternal.

Yeah, Wang Zuxian’s

There is always a kind of body

Back to renounce is really beautiful, unprepared


It is not too much at all.

Looking back at her when she was young


, Unlike Guan Zhilin, so beautiful,

Her beauty is implicit. Amber’s eyes are glory, and the lips are slightly rising, as if rolling up,

The temperament is not lost to Lin Qingxia.

This is

Eastern aesthetic exquisite and elegant

Yixian also has long been a fashion vane of an era.


Korean people use her face as a benchmark. I can imagine how beautiful Wang Zuxian is in the hearts of Koreans.

Eyes, super recognizable

Wang Zuxian’s eyebrows are less beautiful, and one point is wasted, “

Ghost Girl Ghost

“Nie Xiaoqian is the most representative,

Looking back and smiling, my eyes seemed to contain Qiubo,

It’s really dumped.

When her debut, her eyes were actually obvious

Peach eye

Essence The sharpness of the inner horn is not obvious, slightly blunt eyes, the end of the eyes is slightly raised, there is a very cute little tail, the middle distance is relatively large, these are very typical peach blossom eye characteristics.

However, in the middle and late stages of costume dramas, Wang Zuxian began to tighten slowly with his age, and the corners of the eyes became more sharp.

Dan Fengyan.

Overall, whether it is


She is iconic

Goose face

You can control it very easily

, Make her sometimes cool and refined, sometimes heroic

Compared with the modern awl face, there is a little more elegant and quiet in the water.

A pair of long legs are good “wow”, and now only Yang Mi, who is known as “leg essence”, can be comparable.


Japanese media said, Wang Zuxian has “

Asia’s first beautiful leg

“Indeed, her legs are not only long, but the lines are also beautiful, and it is really beautiful. Sure enough

Girls with beautiful legs are not bad, Wang Zuxian is one of them.


Speaking of the typical representative of the three -pointer abalone, it will definitely not be able to go around Wang Zuxian


Looking at the goddess of the 1990s, it is not only Wang Zuxian, but also

Zhou Haimei, Qiu Shuzhen


and many more. The slight teeth not only did not cause her beauty to produce flaws, but also showed even more.

Recognition and personal characteristics

I think their time is not comparable to actors.


Good clothing, aesthetic aesthetic, Hong Kong wind wear

The sense of atmosphere has created a goddess image of thousands of styles, please continue to look down.

Classic and trendy in the play

Remember the first time I watched “


“, Wang Zuxian’s dress in the play is very fashionable

, Bat sleeve sweater, purple shirt, ripped jeans

They are all popular now.

Unexpectedly, a pair of ripped jeans in our wardrobe now were worn by Wang Zuxian as early as 30 years ago, and also


Explosive model

Can’t help sighing,

Fashion is a circle



The audience will definitely be in the play


The attraction, whether it is a single product, or accessories or hairstyles, is full of high -level sense, and it is worth learning from learning.

Wang Zuxian is wearing black and white

Polka dot shirt+Tibetan blue long skirt+small white shoes

As soon as I appeared, I was amazing. There was a kind of purity that was not stained, and the screen was full of retro charm. This is too fashionable.


Zheng Yuling, Lin Yilian

It is also the same shirt with a half -body high -waisted umbrella skirt to put the jacket plug skirt, the visual modification ratio is significantly thinner.


Point of knowledge

: In order to avoid being too formal, the workplace chooses a slightly loose shirt to

Vertical lines, texture

For reference. For the matching of hip skirts, I prefer high waist umbrella skirt, because the tolerance is too strong, even if it is

Width, thick legs and pear -shaped figure

As long as you know how to shape the high waistline, wearing is as fashionable.

Private server wear, so far we are fashionable and not out of date

To tell the truth, women who can wear them know how to shape the high waistline, and the goddess Wang Zuxian is no exception.

That year and

When Qi Qin is together


Small vests and denim elements

The combination of simplicity is not simple. One pair

Small white shoes

It is really a fashionable item for Miss Sister. Now I like it so much. I basically wear it several times a week. It is comfortable and casual. It is suitable for both skirts or pants. Netizens said, love.

Solo said that everyone was laughing at the old fashion, but pursued new fashion religiously.

Fashion is actually that love is difficult to open, because everyone’s style of dress is different. Wang Zuxian’s Hong Kong wind dressed in different styles,

Ladies style, elegant wind and pure wind


There is everything, like this coat, it is rejuvenated with elegant fashion, full of gentle ladylike style.

In that era,


Jeans, shirts and dresses

Both have become modern items. Except for Wang Zuxian, many Hong Kong stars love it. As shown in the figure below, everyone wearing private server, everyone is beautiful

Each has its own thousand autumn, and the discrimination is extremely high

Although the clothing is simple and casual, it feels like

There is more subtle beauty than the gorgeous dresses on the red carpet now

I have to say that Wang Zuxian is born with great look, plus


Tall body (It is said


), Indeed on the mirror. Just take a photo, she

Chu Chu’s posture of autumn water,

Always the most beautiful one, even

Next to Lin Qingxia, his temperament has not lost.

Wang Zuxian accompanied the youth of a generation, it is simply

Typical hangers

, Each set of styles is

Classic and trendy

How did she later?


The beauty is not unhappy, leave Qitai, meet


Lin Jianyue, finally lost to Qi Qin

, Leave that song “

About winter

“, The regrets of love have become eternal classics in singing.

After fading out of the screen, staying away from luxury, she chose to arrive in Canada alone, and basically did not appear in front of the audience. Recently, she

Rarely showed multiple recent photos

, Causing many netizens to care.

The traces of the years make everyone unable to escape. Today, Wang Zuxian is 54 years old. Although

Face is slightly swollen

In the eyes, it seems to be revealed a lot

Vicissitudes of time


, But the beauty tip is still so obvious, still

Beauty blank is also a proper fashionable person.

Some people say that Wang Zuxian, who is middle -aged, has become more gentle. Indeed, when she was old, she was wearing it,

Simple and low -key

Essence It is basically no different from our daily wear,

Don’t be afraid of the New Year, naturally old


Why isn’t it a kind of beauty? The important thing is to be frank and comfortable.

At this time, Wang Zuxian had already taken off a gorgeous dress and hidden a

Light and elegant

heart of. very


She, often outdoor sports, running, riding a bicycle without falling, still let her

Slender figure


Compared to female artists who are old and stronger, I still like Wang Zuxian at this time,

As for the hairstyle, it has always been a long straight hairstyle, which belongs to


From being young to old, this hairstyle seems to have not changed much, but this hair is really enviable. What do you think?

Personal view summary: What is Meimei Yuanshan’s eyes with autumn water, just look at Wang Zuxian. She is excellent in clothing, she is indeed beautiful when she was young, and the Hong Kong wind was also worn.

Beautiful and unparalleled,





Nie Xiaoqian, White Snake, this kind of emotion, beautiful beauty

Never be surpassed. For example, over half a hundred this year is also a fashionable person, low -key and beautiful,

Unfortunately, there is no good fate, and a good destination, and finally bless her better and better.

I am Meng Xiaoshu, who loves life, loves yourself, and loves more beautiful, let’s see you next issue!

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Peach eye

Dan Fengyan.

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