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Story | Who will be born, it is not, it is not the sun and the moon.

Text / forest depth

Anshi / 1

At the age of 18, Axin stepped on the journey away from Anoming.

She is sitting in the train, I don’t know the end of the train, I don’t know the destination because the ticket is obtained from a man’s hand. After he stood, he didn’t see him after the train was scheduled.

Axin drifted for a long time in the train station. He didn’t have a text. When he would like to fall down the train ticket, he stopped her. This is the first time, Axin accepts strangers, analyzes at I Xin’s IQ, at least. But more important reason is that Axin is anxious to leave, watching the number of train numbers on the ticket to jump up.

The train opened from Anoming, full of memories, and went to the future. Next to a man with a frequently pointed out the window said: “This man has neuropathy, every route of the Qinghai train will buy tickets, etc., it is a few years.”

Ningxia / 2

Ah Xin went to sleep, I didn’t know how long she slept, the train opened to Ningxia, and Ah Xin woke up by the flight attendant. She worried about Axin, she touched her face, and she was full of tears.

It turned out to have a nightmare. She walked out of the carriage, because of the Hui Raijan, the whole street is full, and Axin took out the hoe and returned to the dream, some people said: “Don’t come back.”

Ah Xin found spring water under an old tree and drunk a cool.

She thinks, she really will die will not go back.

When she is preparing to find a pavilion on the street, she saw a family of people waiting for the hospital, and Ahrmaton had a good trick. As a result, the owner of the greetings saw Ah Xin, obviously to be dismantled. However, the enthusiastic host is still letting her go. Axin is overjoyed. It is responsible for the master’s son. The boy who is about twenty of the year tells Ah, tonight is the 27th, the “sitting night” of Eid al-Fitr, and it is a good thing to do this day. It can be done in a month. Axin is very fast, and I want to be a good thing.

The owner of the second half, took a relatives and friends to the mosque. They worshiped the Sheng, and the Axin pinned in the middle. He listened to the ancient scriptures, and Axin asked what is the meaning of male boy. He said: ” Everything on the earth will finally decay. Only you have a solemn and distinguished master. “

Ah Xin “Oh”, later, he asked her to drink her sheep, delicious as a Joan. Those people talk to the dawn, and the Radot pointed to the backpack of Axin: “Is this going to do?”

Axin blinks, with a long-term faceless face without the bottom line.

“I am a wandering female Wenqing.”

Ningxia Ningxia, but there is no unique summer heat. Is this possible to explain, Axin is born in a well-off home, why is it poor, such as a teacher, a teacher who is doing fruit, but let her read the law.

When the teacher’s idea is not a white, she knows that the mother of the Pasta is a teacher. But the father will have a heart to study her thoughts. He only took care of the stepmother that was first arrived, pointed to her: “I have a useless thing.”

When you are hungry in your young hotel, Ah is not easy to get out of the door, because her money is left.

It’s very ticked away, and the consequences are very painful.

Ah Xin wants to be aware of it, it seems that hunger is the most uncomfortable.

The door is ringing, and the sweat is raining Radida standing at the door, raising the cans of the cans and ribbon soup in hand: “Do you want it?”

Inner Mongolia / 3

It is said that the girl is familiar with boys, and Axin feels that this is not fake.

Born in the rural Hui national Hui, the farthest, only went to the northwestern neighbors in Inner Mongolia, the personality is simple, the appearance is thick, the mouth is white, and the Ruo Ruosheng. Some people are ugly, but they are very handsome, and Axin feels that Ramada is handsome.

She is not willing to call the name of the Hui nationality, she called him “strangers.”

Temporarily in Ningxia, the end of the street, the handicrafts sold in the streets, the handicrafts sold in the street, the first day, she received the “strangers” jade bracelet, and I ate “strangers” on the next day. On the third day, Axin opened.

She didn’t say a bunch of gadgets, walking in the street, took a mobile phone, and finally she sent a fortune. She opened the quantity of the online store to sell genuine Hui jewelry, and adjusted high in the original price, with the depth of the store writing, and provoke a batch of literary small fresh love.

18-year-old Axin quickly earned money, she asked Raptain to eat with a table, but he continued to disappear. Axin is idle in the street, listening to the passers-by, there is a black cloud in the top, it is going to rain.

When Rapid appeared again, Axin took him in Inner Mongolia playing neighbors, just spend a day. Ramatar never asked Axin’s origin, or he believes in Axin, so there are many many ancient legends about mysterious Hui people. He speaks and high, but Ah Xin is worried about him, can’t help but ask: “Do you really have something?”

Axin knew that the mother of the Ramada passed through the world, she didn’t believe that his heart was so calm, or because she had had a fierce behavior of her mother’s death, so she could not accept someone to calm.

Ramada is like a rhinocerique: “In the world I believe, a person’s death is not the end of life, but the life is returned, which is an inevitable cycle. It is a cycle, I hope that all of us is just old, but No disease, death. “

The train swayed, and A will worry. She didn’t dare to tell Madota after hearing the passerby, she sneaked to Ramada, his mother chose to be burial, a most original funeral, no burial, three feet six feet white cloth wrapped in the soil.

This is the truth of the most presented to the girl from the small city.

It is not going to be in the world, anything that is staying in the world is not going, why will it be more than?

She said to fierce my eyes: “Then you should not need a warm embrace?”

The language is unfailed, and the Ramada is coming.

“To you.”

Spring City / 4

On the way backhand, Ramatar will be white. In the expectation, but Ahim is two years old. He is born, and her personality has a defect. She has a defect, and she has been baked. I drink wine and smoke, far more than fierce With complex, she understood that the dark himself couldn’t attach this beam, she was willing to disappear, and she did not want to play like water.

Don’t ask the people who grow in a split pattern, what is love, that is a fragile thing that is more fragile than the bubble.

Ramati is also like water, he said, don’t worry, I will wait for you to think.

Ah is not good, she chooses not to mention.

On the black night, she arrived in Kunming, a city of four seasons. Here, her online store is changed to sell tea, and the business has a thousand feet, and finally fell to the hotel end, after four months, she went to the nearby country.

In the backward deep mountain, she became a teaching teacher.

Those who face the old bark is the same, she has seen the least friendly.

She went to the sky toilet, being smashed; deep winter cotton was transferred into black mice; she squatted in the naked brick wall root, but she eaten the fur spider … These are not, the most important thing is that she is not I understand how to get those wild children, they can hate but not love, she takes a wooden stick to knock on their ass, and the training is not asia, the old brother.

The principal is an old teacher, separated, and it is also included. Finally, he called her to the door and the paste, and the end of the paper paste, declared her dream end – Ah Xin did not have a teacher’s talent.

Axin is going crazy. This is less than three months of strangers in this way. She didn’t have the talent of anyone, she was just a mistake of the wrong pattern.

Ah Xin’s world collapsed.

The principal let her stay here, and everything is taking the drum. In the absence of reliability, the principal personally taught, in the leakage of the classroom, Axin feels that there is still her youth. The principal said that you have chosen your dreams, have you want to have a dream suitable for yourself.

Ah Xin finally sent the principal’s hat, which won’t drop in his head.

Shenzhen / 5

After leaving Kunming a year, Axin was stunned in the south. She opened a small shop, monk grocery, after countless hood, she made a self-contained person on the bargaining person, Zhang Zhanhua, so that the guests have to turn over the eyes , You can say something, why don’t you go to be a lawyer!

She sometimes shakes, four years, she finally got into the 20th year of Qinghuang.

Who will be born, it is not enough, not the sun and the moon. A middle-aged man with Axin is a middle-aged man, he has no other hobbies, just likes to eat some tofu, typical small colors. Axhen is deeply aware, and he left him for half a year.

The top of the store is a head. He transferred a lot of stock to Axin. He loves the trip, and the lovers die in avalanche, but there is no weakening of his curiosity. He said that she once again found that only on the road, there was a rain, and she would not only leave.

The head of the young and the next day, the backpack left, leaving Axin to take care of the store alone.

The online store is still operating, there are not many people who buy. Ah will go to a post office every three days, there will be a fixed address, she feels that the recipient is stupid, and I don’t know how to hide, and the brightness is written in Ningxia.

She affirmed that the recipient will calmly, and they will defeat the feet when they communicate, but he will always use the words forever. She has only not demolished. When she was a young man, she went to a local punk, staring at myself, and Ah He suddenly sorrowful.

Their righteousness, escaping, she is still a girl who has a square, when she is painful, she will be deep in the skin crease, she can’t find someone in the mixed city of this fish. Merchant businessman.

I will love my family in love with the world, she understands, but it looks late.

Anshi / 6

Axin returned to his hometown in the afternoon, she took a lot of sunglasses, carrying a sticker for each site, she has been a lot of cities, but eventually returned to the original place.

The face of the hometown is renovated, the high-rise and street buildings caress the distance from the big city, the proud people are not watched with her dust servant.

With the old memory, Ah is back home. Ohasick, I will not come back again, but she is alive. Perhaps growth is constantly overthrowing yourself.

After a mother, I got a brother, they dinner around the dinner table, and the mother pointed to the son, called my sister. She looks at them, mom, father, brother, these bloodlines are connected to the most pros and have no words. The heart has went to the distance, and there is no capacity in the past, and I will find that everything is nowhere to place.

At that moment, Axin deeply, in addition to ourselves in the world, anyone may change strangers.

故事 | 谁会生来便无所不为,还不是日月太狠

So, strangers, how are you?

I am because I miss you, because you want you to leave.

I miss the fruit beach in my hometown, to eat a good price for my father, I’m going to eat a sweet mango; I miss the old story of the fierce, saying that women who work in the rich house will not wash hands, just to go home for two hands. Mom made a fearful eating; miss the five-grain porridge that the principal is doing the healthy burst; I miss the specialty specialty of the specialty … I miss it, the dream that is going.

Axin took the train back to Shenzhen, and Dad sent her to the platform.

She got on the train, he finally pressed her and said, “We found you.”

We found you, when you disappear.

Axin did not return to the train, I was afraid that I turned over tears.

She has already forgived, or she resents her own, take her immature, bullying his maturity. She seems to have forgotten to tell him, there are a lot of money in the last drawer of the room desk, enough to make the little boy grow up like her, he can have a complete dream.

The train is late, and Axin see the man who holds the train ticket in the month. She suddenly felt that he was stupid, but not all stupid stupid people would die. Ah Xin said that he was very stupid, then he should also do a lot of stupid things. He said no hurry, I will wait until you think so.

Ah Xin suddenly jumped into the train like a rabbit. She decided to change the route, first stop at the train to Kunming first. Tickets are still getting from the man.

This time, she is no longer a way to go, she goes to him.

Looking for that no longer can only feel her existence from the wind and rain.


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