The guest exposure of the fast hotel sheets have “blood stains”, hotel: They did not say when checking out

Polar News Profile reporter Du Guangran

Video editing Jin Ying

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On January 15th, some netizens posted a video saying that when they were in a quick hotel in Shijiazhuang, they opened all the yellow muddy water flowing out of the faucet, and the sheets also had stains suspected of blood. The hotel staff responded that the hot water pipe was needed due to emergencies, and the water quality was indeed yellow. As for the customers claiming that the sheets had blood, they did not report to the front desk when checking out, and the staff did not agree.

The video shot by the netizen showed that after opening the faucet in the bathroom, there was a yellow muddy water flowing out. Another video showed that she pulled out the side of the sheets and found two red marks. The netizen also said that she and her friends came to Shijiazhuang to participate in the art test and stayed in the hotels arranged uniformly by relevant agencies. At the end of the exam on the 15th, they came out and lived. On the online platform, they ordered the room of the Railway Station of the Shijiazhuang Yijia Express Hotel Station in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. I did not expect to encounter the water quality and blood stains.

Because it was a hotel ordered on the platform, she contacted the hotel customer service through the platform and sent videos and news. The other party has been showing universal. In the end, she contacted the hotel through the platform customer service, hoping to give a saying and compensation, and the hotel rejected them.

On the afternoon of the 16th, Jimu Journalists contacted Shijiazhuang Yijia Express Hotel Railway Station. The staff said that at 1 pm on the 15th, three girls came to the hotel to check in. The bedrooms generally can only live in two people. It is not easy to watch these three girls at the front desk of the hotel. They handed in handling them and upgraded the room type for free. At about 10 pm, the hotel’s front desk received a complaint call from the platform, saying that the three girls wanted to leave the house because of the hot water.

“They didn’t reflect it for me, and called directly to the platform to ask for a refund.” The staff of the hotel told Jimu Journalists that she was covered when the platform called. On the afternoon of the 15th, the water in the room was indeed yellow, because the hot water pipe was repaired by the emergency, but it was repaired at 8 pm, and it was normal to put one more water. The three girls did not reflect any situation, and it was almost afternoon that day, and the hotel rejected the refund request. The customer gave a bad review on the platform. As for the customer’s report on the sheets, she did not agree that the sheets were cleaned and cleaned by the manufacturer’s high temperature, and there would be no blood stains. When the three girls checked out on the 16th, they did not reflect the situation.

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