You can’t just look at the value of the faucet, you should pay attention to these places


Difficulty! use! arrive! It’s!


I didn’t pay attention when I bought it,


Not small

The heart of the heart is the “tall man” leader

It is a common thing to hit the head.


The square handle is simple and stylish, but it does not fit ergonomics

Every time you open it, it is a showdown duel. When your hands are covered with bubbles, you will doubt your life even more.

The faucet seems to be inconspicuous, but everyone uses more than ten times a day. It is not used smoothly. Both ends are bad in three days, and they are very disturbing.

But whether it is easy to use. In addition to the quality of the product, it can meet the basic functions, it depends on whether the right style and size are selected.

Buy a faucet,

First of all, you have to choose the right style, and then choose the quality and worry

At the same time, you can’t just look at the face value.

Easy leader

Mainly hand to hand

Select the faucet that is carefully selected, but the dishes are always splattered, and the face is always bumped into the head. The corner of the sink is always cleaned …

The faucet is not easy to use, it may not be the problem of the product itself, but

You do not choose the right style, the size does not meet the height, the function does not fit the habit



In the face of the use of kitchen, bathroom, balcony, etc., we must also consider separately.

The kitchen faucet chooses to pull the double out of water

The kitchen faucet should be washed, dishwashed, water connecting, and cleaning the sink. There are more functional requirements. In addition to the “standard standard” rotation and hot and cold adjustment,

Choosing a style that can draw and double water can greatly enhance the happiness of using the kitchen


There are two main types of kitchen drawing faucets:

Gravity ball drawing faucet

: Pull out the pumping tube to extend, and then rely on the gravity ball to shrink the pump tube.

The advantage is that the scope of pumping is wide, and all corners of the sink can be touched


The disadvantage is that there should be no debris in the position of the gravity ball under the sink to avoid interfere with the fall of the gravity ball.

Tuyuan Arrow Card Taobao Buyer Show

Suggestion of pumping tube selection and weaving structure

, Lengn the resistance of the connection structure and feel better.


Left: Weaving; Right: Connection

Try not to buy miscellaneous cards, and don’t be cheap.

The inferior gravity ball faucet, it is easy to have the problem of unable to go back to pick up the tube.

Hoschen pipe drawing faucet


: Pull the entire elastic hose to turn rotating and extending back.

The advantage is that there is no need to worry about the debris under the sink. It is suitable for the kitchen of the water purifier and the garbage processor, and the life will be longer


Essence The disadvantage is that the cleaning distance is relatively short.


If the faucet has been installed, and you don’t want to change it for the time being, adding an extender is also very easy to use.

The hose is relatively flexible, and the hard pipe is good and fixed. You can choose according to the needs.

Double water is also recommended for the kitchen faucet.


The water outlet is large and strong, and it is suitable for the stains of the bowls;


The water is soft and splashed, and it is suitable for the usual dishwashing dishes.


Generally, you can switch freely by switching buttons or rotating outlets.

The faucet of the bathroom has to be selected by the size

Every time I wash my face, it is common to splash water, but this is not only related to the speed of water out of the water.

The size of the faucet, the height of the installation, the depth of the basin, and the angle of water will affect.

Handicapy, you have to go your waist …


First of all, it must be matched with the basin.

The countertop of the integrated basin/down basin is height. The faucet height is 7-8cm, which is too high to hit. If it is a basin on the stage, you need to choose a taller faucet.

The same faucet of IKEA,


The picture on the left is the all -in basis, and the picture on the right is the pot basin on the stage


Followed by angle

The small faucet is highly high, and the outlet should be tilted with an angle to make the falling point closer to the edge of the basin, it is easier to use, and it will also reduce water.

If you are used to washing your hair in the morning

It is very time -saving and effort to wash directly in the basin, or use water in the basin of the basin, and use the washbasin. At this time, you need to choose a higher leader.


But the higher the height of the water, the greater the chance of splashing water

Therefore, the basin should be deeper and larger, and the angle of water should be closer to the edge of the basin. This is also the truth like a dark tap.

The bathroom pretending to pull the faucet is not necessary,

But if you want to wash your hair, happiness will increase immediately


When choosing, pay special attention. If this kind of opening faces, the water is easy to flow into it. If the neck can rise and fall, this problem can be avoided.

Tuyuan Olin Taobao Store

Washing machine and balcony faucet

No need to buy expensive


After all, it is not conspicuous,

The frequency of use is not so high, choose ordinary stainless steel faucet

If you are pursuing your face value, you can buy it according to the leader of the bathroom.

Use it smoothly

Have to use worry -free

The disturbing faucet may have metal pollution. It leaks water without a long time, and the surface starts to rust … These are mostly determined by the three leaders.

Durable and non -toxic, the preferred stainless steel of the main body

The water flow is transported by the main pipeline. The flowing water contains metal pollutants, which is likely to be the subject of the subject. Common main materials are copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy.

Copper faucet can inhibit bacteria, which is the current mainstream

, But there are a lot of pits for this material, so pay more attention when buying.

Pit 1: The merchant said that his leader is pure copper.

Pure copper with a purity of more than 99.5%is soft metal.

Unable to be used to create a faucet

Pit 2: The merchant says it is all copper, and the price is still very cheap. It can be bought in less than 100 yuan.


Only a high -end faucet will use all copper, such as Kallista Kallista, which is costly.

100 yuan bought, only copper with second -hand recycling or heavy metal content

Kallista air sensing type

Large traditional shower shower head

Pit 3: Merchants promote their products as lead copper.

“Lead -free copper” is not 0 content, but the content of lead can be less than 0.3%.

However, there is no need to pursue “lead”. The 59 copper of the national standard is within the scope of the qualification, and no matter how low it is.


The higher the standard, the less the lead content like H62 copper, and it is more resistant to corrosion.

Tuyuan Hansha

The tap of the main body of stainless steel, hardness and toughness are better than copper.

No rust, more durable, without lead,

But be sure to choose 304 materials

Essence But correspondingly, the cost is also higher.

Picture Yuanjian Taobao Store

Zinc alloy is low in price, but it is easy to rust in the water, and there are many heavy metal pollutants.

Not recommended to buy

In short, the cost -effective choice is a copper faucet; more durable, safer, and stainless steel.

Stable without leakage, choose ceramic valve core

The valve core is in the heart of the faucet. The water out of the water is unstable, the leakage is not leaked for a long time, and the smooth use is smooth, which depends on it.

The current mainstream is

Ceramic valve core, good closedness, small pollution and use

Good ceramic valve core, two points need to be paid to:

The first is to see the brand

The best is Kohler, TOTO’s Spanish tracks, Hungarian Keros for Moen, Songlin, and Prussia, Germany. Hamga and Gao Yi’s self -research valve core.

The price of the same exactly the same is very different. It is likely that one is the import valve core and the other is the domestic valve core.

Figure: Prussian; right: The track: the track

Second, you have to look at the number of opening and closing

The valve core is consumable, and sooner or later will use bad. The higher the number of times, the longer life.

Do not splash water flowers, with Newper foam

The foaming device can make the water flow soft and uniform. Some faucets are particularly impulsive when they are just unscrewed, that is, the foamer does not work.

Newer bubbler is the best, just choose blindly

There is no special explanation, ask the merchant brand.

Last, it is better to use it, it is better to look good


A qualified faucet must not only use the hand, but also look pleasing to the eye. With the color and material of the basin, it can greatly enhance the texture of the bathroom.

On the surface treatment process, it directly determines whether the faucet is black or white, shiny or matte, and also determines that it does not rust and clean.

There are three main processes on the market -electroplating, drawing, and paint. Each has its own characteristics, you can choose according to your needs.

Electroplating can make the faucet bright texture texture

, Smooth and bright like a mirror, the golden material is even more close to the royal level. more important,

Electro -plating can effectively prevent the faucet from corrosion and rust, and the surface is more abrasion -resistant

If you encounter a lot of bragging to the plating layer, be careful,

The number of layers may be to cover up the uneven inferior main materials

Don’t be fooled.

The good or bad electroplating process has nothing to do with the number of layers, but it depends on the salt fog test

The longer the test time, the higher the evaluation level, the better the corrosion resistance. According to the national standard, the salt fog testing for 24 hours, which is qualified at level 9, and the highest level is 10.

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Some people don’t like bright faces, and they feel that the fingerprint is left, and the drawing process solves this problem.


Both draws are used for stainless steel, showing matte texture, without leaving fingerprints, and water stains are easier to clean.

Figure Source 520 Design Network

If you want to choose the black and white matteness according to the bathroom and kitchen style, you can see the paint technology.

The surface of the paint is good on the surface, delicate texture, no fingerprints

, But the surface paint is easy to fall off, which is not as durable as chrome -plated faucet. If you choose black, you must also prepare the psychological preparation of water stains.

Japan’s environmental protection standards are relatively strict. In order to reduce metal pollution, Japanese -style bathrooms are more common

White faucet on the surface of synthetic resin

The advantage is that the obvious Japanese style is fresh. If you do not buy miscellaneous cards, even plastic, the texture will not be bad at all; the disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch.

Tuyuan Xiwei Design

In summary, I like bright texture, or want to be more durable, choose electroplating process; like matteness, and want to take care of it, choose the drawing process; I like matte black and white, can accept durability discounts, and choose the paint process.

Recommended brand & product


The faucet is not recommended to buy too cheap, do n’t think about dozens of brass faucets,

In fact, two or three hundred can ensure the basic quality

Followed by

Try not to choose the miscellaneous card

There is no guarantee for durability and after -sales. It is really troublesome to change once. It saves this money and is not worrying in the future.

Tuyuan CCTV Finance “The First Time”

Within 500

Focus on well -known domestic brands, the quality is guaranteed, and the cost performance is higher. The representative is

Jiu Mu, Arrow Card

, But this kind of brand fake goods are rampant. Regardless of online and offline, brand license stores are recognized.

The main offline low -key manufacturer-


Jianlin, Weiqiang, Hao Longtou


The strength is also very powerful.

500-1000 yuan

You can buy a foreign big name, such as


Kohler, Moen

There are also extreme cost -effective like high -end lines.



Hamga, Gao Yiji

It is mainly for high -end people. If you want to get the same models of the luxury homes, you can start from the leader.

It is particularly easy to draw the faucet, and I recommend several reliable products for everyone.

Wrig card kitchen drawing faucet


AE4551 269 yuan

This product is 304 stainless steel, which is healthier and environmentally friendly.


Basic demand for dual water and hot and cold regulations

, The use of the hose of the weaving structure is smoother,

More than 200 yuan cost -effective


Moen Basin pulls the faucet

GN91035EC 749 yuan

Moen’s overall compact,

The lines are beautiful, the surface of the water is large enough, and it is very suitable for shampooing in the basin

Essence Chrome -plated salt fog test reaches level 10 standards, and there is different concern for anti -corrosion and durability.

Japanese -style basin pumping faucet

Sanrong 580 yuan, Ina 880 yuan, KVK1480 yuan (including import tax)

Recently, the Japanese -style tap in Xiaohongshu, I planted grass in a video before.




12 Reason why Japanese Bathrooms are the best!

The old Japanese sanitary ware, Ina, and KVK have similar models, which can achieve double water, pumping and high adjustment, practical and beautiful. If you like fresh white, high -value, Japanese style, you can consider it.


From left to right, the second is:

San Rong, Ina

Buy in Amazon Overseas, the price is more cost -effective (Ina, more than 2,000 Taobao stores).

Picture Yuan Xiahongshu User@图 图 图

Key point summary:

The kitchen faucet is best

Pulling+Double Water

The faucet of the bathroom must be selected,

If you want to wash your hair in the basin



Bright face texture

Choose electroplating; like it


I want to choose durable; like it


Black and white

Choose paint; like it


Select synthetic resin


The main material affects the safety of water

, 304 stainless steel does not contain lead, copper selection H59 and above, zinc alloy is not recommended

Ceramic valve core is the most recommended

, One choice brand, two look at the number of openings and closes


Do not splash water from the water,


The foaming device must also choose New Pop

The faucet is also a face value, it is better to use it, it is better to look good

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