The sadness behind the tea cup dog, “love” or is it “harming” it?

Introduction: For cats, dogs have always been more popular. In terms of words that have existed from before: “Dogs are the best friends of human beings.” Especially for the current social pressure, young and young, young, young, young, young, young, young, young, young, young, young, youth. Human stress is now released, and it is inevitable that you want to raise a pet to accompany you. But for most people, the idea of ​​raising dogs is not easy to realize, because even small dogs need a larger environment to raise. Just then, the tea cup dog was seen by some people who wanted to raise a dog.

The birth of a cup dog

The name of the tea cup is a dog with the size of the tea cup. A photo of a fire on the Internet is to put a tea cup dog in a cup. That looks really so much love. There are a lot of dogs, and the proportion of small dogs in dog breeds is not small, but for some people, the size of small dogs still cannot satisfy some people who like pets but do not want to take care of them. The appearance of dogs just meets their needs. Tea cup dogs can also be said to be the most attractive variety in small bodies except for small dogs.


The tea cup is derived from the United States. Species that have appeared in the 19th century. The standard body is only 20 cm and weighs only 1.5-2 kg. Tea cup dogs are also called pocket dogs. The most representative of pocket dogs is the “Pocket VIP Dog”, and pocket VIPs are also the smallest type of tea cup dogs, which are also called


Tiny tea cup dog


At first, a poodle in the United States has become extremely small because of her genetic mutations, just like human dwarfs. It is unpredictable that its body does not have any health problems, and it is petite and lovely. The young businessman saw business opportunities and made a lot of efforts for the continuation of the tea cup.

The death of 3 years

Although it originated from the United States, it was popular in Japan and South Korea. Because the shape of the tea cup dog was too small, many people doubted whether this species was destroyed by humans. Tea cup dogs were born in the United States, because the body shape is too small, it is easy to die during the process of childbirth, and it cannot achieve normal self -child delivery. Most of the tea cup dogs on the market are also cultivated by manual. Even if it is not artificially trained, there are very few. The number of tea cup dogs is only 1-2 at a time. The survival rate of manual help.


It is precisely because of the physical problem that the body of the tea cup dog is particularly fragile and the life span is very short. The normal life of dogs can reach an average of 10 years, and the tea cup dog is only 3 years.


Essence It is conceivable that the pain of the tea cup dog is loved by everyone due to physical dysplasia, but because of its body shape, their life span becomes very short. There are many bad businesses who choose to breed close relatives in order to earn money. Everyone understands the harmfulness of close relatives. Tea cup dogs with their own life span have become commonly known as “annual dogs”. He died in only 8 months.

Things are rare, the more rare, the more famous


Speaking of the first people who think of the tea cup dog must be the tea cup teddy, because the Tea Cup Teddy once burst into fire online. When humans see that a dog can be installed by a cup, immediately, they will immediately immediately be installed, and immediately they will immediately be installed. With widespread attention, and when people start to be interested, the value of the tea cup dog is lifted up. Of course, the tea cup dog is not only a tea cup Teddy, but also the tea cup Big, tea cup Bien, etc.


At that time, the red tea cup Teddy at that time, the price was as high as tens of thousands. It was favored by so many people because its appearance was too unique. However, the evaluation given by people who bought the tea cup dog later was too bad. I slowly learned that it was because the tea cup dog was not easy to raise, and the advantages of the appearance became a disadvantage. Artificial cultivation will also occur, which will also be susceptible to weak and sick. What’s more ridiculous is that buying it is too small, and if you don’t pay attention to it, you will hurt. But these did not affect people’s love for tea cup dogs, and more and more people like to make its market grow bigger and bigger.

The breeding of the tea cup dogs is not easy, so the number seems very small, and the price is much higher than that of ordinary dogs, especially the pet -level tea cup dogs. Tens of thousands of prices are also common. Even if everyone knows that it is not good at raising, short life, expensive price … and people’s love for it only increases.

Every day, the friends who raising dogs and cats to raise cats want to realize the freedom of pets, but they are worried about the problem of being difficult to take care of pets and fall into thought. The appearance of the tea cup dogs makes them happy. For them, they are the perfect pets in their hearts. The hotness of the tea cup dog is shocking, and various social platforms are constantly exposing the beauty photos that have been preached this variety, making people unable to extricate this kind of small and cute dog. More than one hundred million people follow.




In fact, the cute tea cup dog is a malformed dog cultivated by artificially cultivated

But unexpectedly meets human breeding requirements. It is also because human love for tea cup dogs has made the market develop rapidly, but the result of the cultivation of businessmen is “high investment and low output.” In order to save time and effort, illegal merchants began to disregard the health problems of the tea cup dog, so that some sick tea cup dogs continued to reproduce, restricting diet, feeding medicines, and shrinking needles … More cruel is to take out the cesarean section when the dog is not developed. Cause premature birth. And will these tea cup dogs really be happy when they are bought home? The owner’s incomprehension of the damage to it and the inconvenience caused by body shape make it difficult to live.

Stop the hype, care about dogs

Even if you get good care, the life of the tea cup dog is still very short, and the probability of some tea cup dogs that are forced to mate closely in the brain is greatly increased. Not only that, there may also be mental chaos and epilepsy. Once such problems occur, this problem occurs. The high costs need to be taken down, and they need to take care of them very carefully. These are in exchange for the chance of being abandoned by tea cup dogs. Even some stars and ladies cannot resist the charm of the tea cup dog, the heir of the Hilton Hotel

Paris Hilton

It is even more popular to turn the tea cup dogs. For this world, the life of the tea cup dog is too small. Does the love of people love it or hurt it? We should stop speculation and love dogs. If you really like the tea cup dog, then please take care of it, otherwise don’t let it suffer. Without buying and selling, there will be no harm.