Cold air is coming, how to choose warm underwear autumn clothes and autumn pants

This year, the cold air in the north came to prevent it. In many places, it was autumn overnight. In winter, everyone has bought warm underwear, opened the shopping platform, and searches for a variety of ones. In the past, my purchase method was simple and rude. Whoever sold high and whose advertisements were good, I would choose who to choose a suitable warm underwear for myself?

Let me share with you the strategy of buying warm underwear

One: The warm -keeping underwear is not the thicker and warmer.

Hemo -warming underwear is to isolate the air through underwear. The calories we emit themselves are firmly locked in underwear, reducing the heat loss of the human body to achieve the purpose of keeping warm. Therefore, there are many ultra -thin warm underwear on the market. The use of technology can be used to make people wear warm and comfortable. It is not bloated and loved by many people.

Two: The more composite components, the better the thermal underwear.


There are many common materials for warming autumn clothes and autumn pants, including spandex, patellar, cotton, acrylic, wool, cotton, virtue, etc. Cotton’s autumn clothes and autumn trousers have good sweat and breathability. It is more comfortable to wear, but insufficient elasticity, easy to deform, short life, and the moment you wear it.


However, due to the thin texture, it is more suitable for spring and autumn. and

The morals are dominated by acrylics, and a certain percentage of spandex and polyester will be blended. Some will also blew a certain percentage of adhesive fiber. This will be better. The velvet feels soft, warm, not easy to fade, and good breathability. Therefore, thermal underwear of virtue fabrics has been more popular in the past few years.

Three: keep warm underwear and keep it warm.

Although the close -fitting warm underwear can present your body curve, it will also expose the traces of the warm underwear. The too tight warm underwear makes the original body curve be counted with ugly marks. Therefore, when choosing warm underwear and underwear, you must choose those elasticity, go up from yoga split, and bend down to squatting. It does not deform, durable and durable, the sleeves shrink, and the neckline is not loose and deforms. No matter how long it is worn or just bought. Kweet absorption and good breathability. Even if you crawl out of the building in autumn and winter, you will not cool back. The fabric is comfortable and safe. It is best to have no bids to receive the labels, do not desertate or itchy, and wear comfortably.

Four: The heating underwear of the big brand must be the most comfortable underwear.


A piece of underwear, from the selection of raw materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing, composite, sewing, sewing to inspection factories, all links and processes need to be strictly controlled, so as to make the product’s heating rate, breathable, antibacterial, elasticity and other items such as The indicators meet the standards. Therefore, consumers choose to keep warm underwear, in comprehensive products

Performance price ratio

Later, we should pay attention to the purchase of strength, brand, and goodwill, and ensure that there is no worries after purchasing.

So how to choose warm underwear? Below I recommend a brand -keeping underwear. Cailin Kanei Caima Nai is a men’s underwear brand as the main product brand. The brand insists on taking the quality route and the price of the people. The heating underwear series products are also very popular. For example, a heating underwear is 95%cotton+5%spandex, which is smooth and delicate to wear. Especially its exquisite technology craftsmanship is warm cotton and heat -stabilizing, light and lightweight fabric design, fitting body comfort, wearing light and warmth, no bloated feeling, keeping warm underwear can resist the external cold, and the inner layer sucks heat and heat. Lock the thermal energy and maintain the comfort temperature function of the human body. Exquisite craftsmanship, wearing non -curly side -by -side, uniformly suture, super comfortable dressing, both gusts and temperature.