What are the fabrics of the silk quilt? How to choose?

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What are the main fabrics? What should I choose to be selected by the silk? When we sleep, the most close contact with us is the fabrics of the bedding, and the fabrics of these bedding are touched our skin all the time. Essence Let me introduce what the silk fabric should be selected!


Cotton fabrics

Let’s take a look at the cotton fabric recognized by everyone. The advantage of pure cotton fabric is to absorb water, sweat and stick skin, and have no irritation to the skin’s skin. Therefore Essence Moreover, in the cold winter, the warmth of cotton fabrics is better, and the overall feels soft and comfortable, and the price of cotton bedding is also affordable and worth choosing.



The linen fabric has natural excellent characteristics and is unparalleled by other fibers. The linen sheets are easier to fall asleep than cotton sheets, and they have a steady sleep. This material is not irritating to the skin, and it can also reduce the temperature of the skin, reduce muscle tension, and the linen fabric also has the effect of inhibiting bacterial growth. However, because the bedding of the linen fabric is relatively rough, most people choose this one.

Polyester fabric

Polyester fabrics are blended fiber, which are blended with some natural fibers and chemical fibers. Its advantage is that the cost is low, the color of the color is good, the color is bright, the shape effect is good, and it is more durable.


Grinding fabric

The grinding fabric is a high -end combed cotton. In the process of post -processing, this fabric is treated with hair grinding, so that the surface of the fabric has a certain velvet feeling and improves the fabric feel. The grinding hair, also known as the fluff, can produce velvet with the weft gauze at the same time, and the fluffy hair is short and dense, the fluffy is flat, the feel is full and soft, full of fleece, and soft luster. Suitable for autumn and winter, warm and comfortable!

Bamboo fiber fabric


Bamboo fiber fabric is a new type of fabric. It is based on natural hair bamboo. It is refined after cooking water. It feels good and soft. It has good breathability. It is cool to sleep on it. Cycle and metabolism.


Silk fabric

The real silk fabric is the highest -grade fabric. It has gorgeous and rich appearance, natural soft light and flashing effect. It feels comfortable, high, elastic and hygroscopic than cotton. The heat is worse than cotton. Suitable for summer, smooth and comfortable!

The main ingredients of the mulberry silk quilt are the middle -like flocculent material in the middle. We call it silk cotton, which is stacked after the mulberry silk is pulled. The specifications are 1 kg and 2 kg. 1.8 meters of bed. Silk cotton is covered with a taureal cover to protect the silk cotton. The silk quilt does not directly contact the human body, and there is an outer quilt outside. If the inside is too thick, the soft, comfortable, and breathable feeling of the silk tire can not be fully felt.


Of course, the last choice is to depend on your preference decision. The fabrics introduced above are good choices! The characteristics of the mulberry silk are their health effects, so be sure to use the green and healthy quilt fabric!