Get it up for a long trench coat. The current popular “spring jacket” is like this, and the skirts and pants are good -looking.

After entering the spring, it was almost brushed by various styles of “long trench coats”, and the reason why the long trench coat was so hot has a lot to do with its versatile attributes and loose version. Not only can it be combined with various styles of items, it can also create a casual and wind -pull style, and daily commuting can be controlled.

But if you are still starting “Long Trench” this year, then you will be out! Although the style of the long trench coat is versatile, the version is single, and it has long been rotten on the street, with a very high hit rate. And this year’s “spring jacket”, “wearing short -wearing and not long”, “short coats” with different styles gradually occupy most markets.

Short coats shorten the length and can better shape the figure and style. At the same time, the versatile attributes of the different styles of the style are stronger, and the applicable population is more extensive. It can be tried whether it is tall and short.

Today, An An will come for everyone to have some “short coats” for everyone. On the premise of ensuring comfort, it is better to wear a high -level and eye -catching feeling. It is very fashionable. Whether it is a skirt or pants, it can be very good. The shape of shaping.

01 short trench coat jacket

The first thing recommended is the “short -cut” trench coat. Compared to the long trench coat, the short trench coat is more neat, and at the same time, it retains its stretching and casual style. Can start without pressure.

The pear -shaped figure with thick legs and width, you can start with a “loose” short trench coat on the picture (left). With a three -dimensional pants or skirts, such as Bermuda shorts, straight pants, etc., it creates the contrast of “disappearance of the lower shirt” or “upper width and narrow”, which is very thin and easily wear the effect of “growing long and avoiding weaknesses”.


Sisters with slender waist, you can also try short trench coats with “waist” design. With straight pants or wide -leg pants, while tightening the waistline, modify the lower limb lines to help you wear a thin and sloppy figure.

02 Little incense wind coat

The small fragrant wind jacket can be said to be the first choice for delicate women. With retro and advanced attributes, women who can set off are more noble and intellectual, very attractive, and are very suitable for 30 -year -old+mature women to start. They have a good blessing effect on temperament. The eyes are super high.

Women with large skeletons are recommended to start with small fragrant wind jackets with no shoulder seam design, and use their own shoulders to support the version of the small incense wind jacket, which can weaken the large skeleton. The sisters with smaller skeleton recommendation are recommended to start with a three -dimensional small incense jacket, and use the three -dimensional shoulder seam to modify the shoulder shape, making your figure look more three -dimensional and stylish.

When matching the small incense breeze jacket, you can focus on your own style route. If you like noble and elegant styles, you can use small fragrant breeze jackets and skirts, such as hip skirts, umbrella skirts, straight skirts and other styles. While ensuring the sense of advancement, it adds femininity and is very temperament.

To wear daily leisure wind, I recommend you to match with small fragrant breeze jackets and jeans. Jeans are daily basic items. It is more advanced and street -like with Xiaoxiangfeng jacket. It can easily get a super high return rate in daily wear.


03 Short denim jacket

In the impression of many people, denim jackets are exclusive to young people. In fact, the denim jacket is not limited to the age. Grandma in the 50s and sixties, and the young girls who are in her teens can be started. Suitable for creating daily leisure wind.

Like the 50 -year -old Miki mother, she loves denim jackets in ten minutes. Her shirt dress and denim jacket are worthy of reference. While retaining conceptual attributes, it adds a sense of leisure, fashionable and temperament.


If you want to better modify your figure, it is recommended to use short denim jackets and high -waisted trousers. Women who are not straight legs can use high -waisted straight pants with short denim jackets, trousers with straight trousers to modify leg shape, solve various legs in one click, whether you are O -type legs, X -type legs, or X -shaped legs. , Or can it be easily covered by the calf. With the difference between the length of “upper and down”, it can make you have a slender slender thigh.

If your calf muscles are obvious, try the matching of short denim jackets and high -waisted flared pants. The trousers of flared pants are “upper narrow and lower”. While modifying the calf, it can also outline the lines of the thighs. With a short denim jacket, it can cover the muscles on the lower legs and wear slender long legs.

04 short shirt jacket


As the temperature gradually increases, the way to wear an inner coat is becoming more and more popular. In spring, short shirts are very hot. The shirt jacket retains the capable attribute of the shirt, and at the same time adds the practicality of the jacket. Wearing a skirt can create an intellectual and elegant style. It is more casual and capable with trousers, and daily commuting is appropriate.


If you like simple and eye -catching ways, you can learn from the combination of this bright color short shirt jacket and solid skirt. While ensuring the simple and clean color, it brightens the shape, advanced and foreign.

If you think the pure color short shirt jacket is too simple, then it is recommended that you try a short shirt jacket with a “checkered element”. The plaid element is an eternal element in the fashion circle. It adopts multi -color stitching, which can greatly reduce the capable attributes of short shirts and make the shape more fashionable and retro.


05 short sports jacket

Sisters who pay attention to comfort, do not miss short sports jackets. The version of the sports jacket is relatively loose. While ensuring the comfort, it adds a lot of trendy design elements.


If you want to wear leisure sports, you can enter these two “jackets” short sports jackets on the picture. The style of this short sports jacket will be more casual, and at the same time, it has a certain neutral sex, which makes your shape look more handsome and stylish. With the same sports pants or good elastic bodybuilding pants, it can shape the style well.


Compared with the short sports jacket of the “charge” style, sweater sports jackets will be more “age reduction”. At the same time, it has the lively attributes of the sweater, and strengthens the sense of leisure, which is more suitable for young sisters to create a full -scale shape.


In addition, if you want to increase your eye -catching degree, you can choose more colorful styles, such as these two coral powder, tender green, or fresh light blue. s Choice. Integrating into a sports jacket, playful and lively, very tender!

Don’t start a long trench coat this spring. This year, “wearing shorts without long” is popular. Hurry up and try the above 5 short coats. It can not only create a comfortable and high -level feeling, but also help you wear a super high return rate , Match the skirt, the pants are very beautiful!