What table do I buy in the bedroom? Teach you to change the bay window into a desk! It will be super simple as soon as you learn

Regarding the bay window, we have written too much before. But changing the bay window into a desk, everyone must be curious about this approach, like Fei Mojun. It can be replaced by the study, the gospel of small units! Not much to say, hurry up with Fei Mojun to see how to change the bay window to a small desk!

The bay window is changed to the two elements of a small desk:


1. Size

Experts said that naturally light is the most suitable for human eyes. Change the bay window to a small desk, pay attention to the size issues. First of all, consider that after being changed to a desk, there will be no legs. According to the method of entering wall -type furniture, you must first make a desktop table on a 20-40 cm. At the same time, you must pay attention to the proportion problem. In addition, large bay windows can extend outward, or build a bookshelf or computer table at the corner.


If your bay windows are corner, you must first order according to the size of the window sill or make a thin fabric seat cushion, and use the same color square pillow to arrange along the window sill as the back. The ground is less than one meter. If you want to do more perfectly, you can overhead the cement space in the middle to become a locker.


Second, storage

When changing the bay window to a small desk, you must also consider the storage, such as adding drawers, etc. These simple and practical methods. Simply put, it is a bookcase+drawer. Pumping desk is very space -saving.

Finally, Fei Mojun reminded friends who want to change the bay window to the desk to pay attention:

1. The material on the desk countertop is best to use a not -deformed board.

2. The height of the desk is best at 85 cm, and the distance from the outside of the wall is best to control it at 60 cm. Such a person is comfortable to sit down.

3. Remember to add shading curtains or shutters to the bay windows to prevent the eyes from not good when the light is strong. With the shading curtain, even if the light is insufficient, you can make up with the light.


Hope to help friends in need!

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