Why do people have no faith but like to hang Buddha beads in the car?

For many car owners, their own car is definitely worth spent to decorate them. It is not difficult to see that most car owners will place some small ornaments on their cars. Generally, people like to put some pendants. Anime fans like to put them in place. Some small boxes of eggs, but some people are a bit different. They like to hang a bunch of beads in the car, but if you really ask, they will say that they have no faith, which makes people feel a little bit confusing. Essence

In fact, many car owners put Buddha beads in the car not because of faith or simply decorating, but because many new cars will inevitably have a “fresh” taste after buying it. Most of the owners will buy a car at this time Perfume helps to remove the odor, but the quality of many car perfumes is not good, and the smell of inferior fragrance is particularly obvious. Therefore, the bead bracelets that emit woody flavor will be welcomed by people. Put a bunch of beads in the car, which is beautiful and does not delay the net taste.


Secondly, just like some car owners will hang “in and out of peace” in the car, putting Buddha beads in the car is also a kind of thought for their travel safety. What we cannot deny is that the beliefs of many people are very “utilitarian”, but we hope that traveling is also a common sense. Wearing a bead may not be a devout believers, but sometimes putting such a thing can really make them more at ease.


However, it should be noted that although it is understandable to decorate your own car, it is not recommended to wrap the beads on the gear or hang it on the rearview mirror, because this will hinder the hanging gear and the driver’s attention. If you are not careful, you will cause a traffic accident and be counterproductive.