Chenguang stationery dull? Scolding can’t stop the tens of billions of business

More than ten years ago, Chenguang hadn’t achieved a family. When you walked into a small sales department at the entrance of the school, you would find that Chenguang, Zhencai, Guangbo, and the heart of the hearts were piled together, and it looked almost the same. In this situation, Chenguang took the lead in segmenting the students ‘consumer groups. In 2005, Chenguang launched the products of Mife Rabbit and Ming Xiaoxi for the girls’ groups of middle schools. The neutral pen successfully entered the girls’ years of the female classmates. Later, they also cooperated with Luhan to engage in the birthday stationery gift box. At first, it was said that it was a limited edition. Fans were desperately bought for a long time and did not finish it. The college entrance examination has played the emotional card, while shouting the college entrance examination champion to empower you, and buy the Nasdaq giant screen advertisement.

The implication, the college entrance examination is preparing for the morning light, and the New Yorkers will call you remotely. In this way, the morning light eats the dividend of the product segmentation. There are more and more SKUs. Brand, in 15 years, the morning light was officially launched, but the largest opponent Zhencai has been shaken away for many years. After a few years of losses, it can only be announced to the listing failure. But after all, students have limited financial resources, so that parents can pay without blinking.


In order to get the parents, Chenguang launched a special pen 666 for the exam, and the Confucian Temple prayed. It was said that Chen Huxiong really went to the Confucian Temple in Qufu, Shandong. Superstition, no parents are willing to give up any opportunity to help their children’s performance. Even metaphysics recognize it. It turns out that the Confucian Temple Prayer Series has indeed standing in the test for a long time. Students’ test koi, but only hell brainwashing for students and parents is not enough to support a 70 billion market value giant.


In the past two years, the market size of the traditional stationery industry in my country has begun to bottom. More terrible is that the birth rate has declined year by year. In the future, there will only be fewer and fewer students who will become fans of Chenguang. Although the revenue of Chenguang is still increasing, the growth rate is from 17 It has begun to decline from the beginning of the year

Many traditional industries are like this. As soon as the horse racing is over, it is even more difficult to think about the next floor. Chenguang began to think about strategic transformation as early as 2012. This time, Chenguang has stared at the hard -working migrant workers and established Keli Puzi Company. Since 17 years, Chenguang Kolip has successively won the major enterprises and institutions. Strong procurement projects, including Southern Power Grid, China Mobile, China Merchants Bank, and even Tesla. From the perspective of business income structure, Coripu’s proportion in the total revenue of Chenguang also increased year by year. 1/3.

Makuang’s traditional enterprise seems to have reached a critical moment, and the voice of doubt is getting louder. Aside from the capital standards of profitability, the quality of a brand’s product is always the core competitiveness. Do you study these Japanese companies? Why can’t China even produce a better pen?

In fact, Chenguang has also tried to take a high -end route, but whether it is the 12 -year Mainsukuen Life Museum or the Jiimi Miscellaneous Agency that has opened joining in 18 years, it is currently the most serious business in Chenguang. Chenguang wants to upgrade the brand. Selling more expensive stationery, but the market is unwilling to buy it. Does the Chenguang really naturally have high -end genes? We came to this Chinese stationery market share map, there are 83.17%of other brands above the morning light, and these brands, you can see it in Pinduoduo, 4 yuan 100 mixed brand neutral cores, each each, each of which The stores have a monthly sales of 100,000. It can be used for more than half a year when buying. This is the broader stationery market. It is also the most important audience that Chenguang should face. For the majority of students who really need to use a pen, only cheap can they support that can they support that can they support it? The neutral consumption of ordinary high Chinese students a day, stable quality, enough to use.


A few years ago, the topic of China could not produce round beads. Control cost. This model is called “Trade and Industry Technology”, which simply refers to a company priority circulation, followed by production links, and then research and development. It is driven by market demand as its core to achieve original accumulation and then survive. Twenty years ago, morning light and even the entire Chinese stationery companies started from the “trade technology” model. After all, we do not have foreign brands, and we can use the historical conditions of more than 100 years. It may not even be decent domestic stationery, but this is not an excuse for morning light. We must admit that the stationery of many foreign brands is indeed more ingenious than morning light.

As a leading enterprise in an industry, Chenguang has also obliged to lead the industry to seeking breakthroughs in quality and technology after accumulating capital and experience for 20 years. New rules for traditional enterprises to settle their lives.