Matching single product: Disney Disney CUDDLY cotton cotton is full of knitted hac clothing three -piece set

Disney is popular among parents and babies. In addition to the classic and cute rice mice, there are several animations that have been released every year.The quality of its derivative peripheral products has always been practical, coupled with a cute appearance, people have to love.This set of pure cotton newborn Harbell 3 pieces, the material is very soft and safe, cotton material, affinity baby skin, breathable and comfortable, not irritating, but allergies, especially suitable for summer, cabbage price is definitely worth buying, suitable for 0-9A month baby.

凑单品:Disney 迪士尼 Cuddly纯棉满针织哈衣三件套

Meiya is selling the current price of 0-3 months. The baby style is about ¥ 36, and the average single piece is only RMB9 ~ 3-6 months and 6-9 months.There is a cheaper to Cry.This three-piece set belongs to ADD-ON products, so it must be bought for $ 25 to ship, which is suitable for buying.