Today’s official announcement! Wuling and Disney launched NANOEV Disney Crazy Animal City limited models

[September 26, 2021] In order to make the world full of dreams, the Wuling brand officially announced today that its first two new energy vehicles Wuling NANOEV cooperated with Disney’s “Crazy Animal City” IP. The city -limited models are listed on September 29th, which are two versions of Disney Crazy Animal City JUDY limited model and NICK limited model. “Dream of Dreams Miao Box”, committed to exploring fun to play with the young people of generations!

(Limited Model of Wuling NANOEV Disney Crazy Animal City)

When you shoot a good friend, I have a new fun in inspiration to collide with “Couple Car”

Inspired by user needs, Wuling and Disney collaborated on the reality, and the two sides went along the way to pass happiness and beautiful roads. The pairs of Judi and Nick in the Crazy Animal City, walking side by side in all kinds of adventures, looking for true self, and writing infinite beauty. Deliven Wuling, who is committed to meeting the people’s longing for a better life with high -quality products, injects the fantasy elements into the first two new energy vehicles. Wuling NANOEV and Disney Crazy Animal City IP have launched an interesting car -Wuling NANOEV Disney Crazy Animals The city is limited, and a good friend who is in the same time makes the “fairy tale” and “dream” come true, bringing more beauty to the world.

(Disney Crazy Animal City JUDY limited model)

This dream linkage, based on the tacit and intimate “Couple” inspiration, Wuling NANOEV Disney Crazy Animal City limited model is positioned as “Couple Car”. To meet the needs of young people’s “casual partners and set off at any time”, the two designs of the new car allow them to form “Couple” with their relatives and friends, pet babies to explore the unlimited “free” attitude, “I+X” ” Two “seat space,” GO “link diverse interest contacts, enjoy” Free Two Go natural freedom “.


(Disney Crazy Animal City NICK limited model)

Disney exclusive dream design, start a wonderful tide journey

The mileage of the new car’s comprehensive operating conditions is as high as 305km and the maximum speed is 100km/h. It not only meets the daily commuting, but also travels short -distance travel, which meets the travel needs of young players in urban urban young players.

Taking art fluid aesthetics as the design language, the new car uses a new and lustrous Wuling car logo and the front light group to integrated; The eye -catching car stickers and exclusive playful image badges, the “Disney” limited logo is also set under the rearview mirror, which is full of user exclusive sense.

(“Disney” limited logo)

(Judy & Nick Playful Image Essence)

Internal and outer colors of color matching fantasy, suspended and open -minded central control are simple and unattractive. The geometric angle and hollow shape of the forward leaning provides more open storage space. The comfort and fun of young people are incorporated into it.

(Internal and outer color matching colors)

(“Disney” logo exclusive embroidery head pillow)

(Dreaming of travel wonderful box)

What the people need, Wuling builds, Wuling NANOEV Disney Disney Crazy Animal City limited funds rely on two dream spaces to create “free two people”, which fits the pursuit of young people’s self -interesting travel. Come more surprises!