Guangzhou Bar Bar toilet with double -sided mirror quotes. At present, the interior mirror surface of the box has been closed.

Recently, some netizens broke the news that a bars in Guangzhou were equipped with double -sided mirrors in the bathroom. The scene of the picture can be clearly seen in the box. The person in charge of the bar explained that the mirror faced the sink, belonging to the public area, and there was no risk of privacy exposure. However, in order to protect the right of consumers, the bar is currently pasted on both sides of the mirror. For double -sided mirror.

On March 18, the staff of Guangzhou City who was in charge of market supervision feedback to Xiaoxiang Morning Post, saying that the bar involved had rectified and closed the mirror surface in the box. The person in charge of the bar also confirmed the matter.

Whether the “double -sided mirror” is widely used in compliance


In response to this, the reporter consulted the staff engaged in glass production and installation. He said that the mirrors on the market are ordinary single -sided mirrors and single lens. The mirror image is reflected; on the one hand, you can see the scene outside through the mirror. “The staff emphasized that most of the currently purchased single lens are public units, and the police station is used more.

The reporter searched the “double -sided mirror” in Baidu’s entry to learn that the two -way mirror, also known as a single -sided perspective glass -made with a vacuum application method on ordinary glass and a thin film with a layer of metal chromium, aluminum, or pupa. This glass can reflect most of the projected light. This kind of glass is installed on the car, and people can clearly see the outside in the car, but people outside the car cannot see everything inside the car. This product is widely used in prison, public prosecution institutions, psychiatric hospitals, university research institutions research rooms, large conference rooms, etc.

How to judge whether the mirror is “normal”

The incident has attracted public attention, and many people are thinking about how to simply distinguish whether the mirror is “normal.” Some popular science articles are introduced that if you touch your fingers on the mirror, if there is a gap between the mirror and the fingers, it indicates that it is a normal mirror; if the mirror and the fingers have no gap, it indicates that it is a single lens.

However, some physics experts remind that this statement is not applicable to all two -way mirrors. As long as you add a layer of glass in front of the two -way mirror, or the coating in the middle of the glass, the “finger method” is not spiritual. According to the guidelines of the “two -way mirror”, the observer must be in a very bright environment, and the person behind the mirror is in the dark to achieve the effect of “peeping”. Therefore, compared with the “finger method”, a more effective method of judging is: turn off all the lights, use the flashlight to resist the mirror, or use the eye mirror, the hands to block the light, and take a closer look at the glass mirror.

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Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Ou Qiaoyu