What should I do if I remove makeup? The strongest makeup and grinding skin artifact, eat your pores

What are you most afraid of after going out carefully? It is cut off! Whether it is oil skin or dry skin, it will appear on the outdoor time, and there will be oil -filled makeup. Of course, the oil skin will be more powerful. So how do you make makeup? Or use oil -absorbing paper? Don’t use it anymore. Today, I have compiled some tricks for makeup and mottled, and share with makeup and grinding skin artifacts. In this way, makeup, 5 minutes back to you who just finished makeup!


How to use makeup powder & makeup spray:

How to use makeup powder:

After doing the basic skin care and base makeup, use powder and powder with concealer, which is thicker. When using it, you must fill the whole powder puff full of powder. Do not wipe it randomly. On the puff, then from the outside to the inside, you must use the entire surface. You can only press it.


How to use makeup spray:

Method 1: Moisturizing before makeup


Moisturizing before makeup is a very important step. After the basic skin care, use a fixed makeup spray to spray three times at a position of 15-20cm from the face, which can make the skin replenish the water instantly, thereby improving the dry skin. After use, the base makeup will be allowed Be more convincing.

Method 2: Foundation of foundation


You can mix the foundation liquid and fixed makeup spray on the face. First apply the liquid foundation to the face, and then use the spray to spray the wet beauty egg. The makeup effect, the base makeup will be more lasting.

Method three: base makeup fixed makeup

After the bottom makeup, then use a fixed makeup spray to set makeup, a position of 15-20cm from the face, and spray it from top to bottom 3-4 times from top to bottom to fix the makeup.


The most practical way to make up in history:

Phenomenon 1: Slightly out of oil

If it is just a bit oily, but when there is no card powder and mottled, you can take out a napkin paper. Press gently in the place where the oil is out. There are yellow and yellow things on it. Foundation.

Then you can choose a powder with a thinner makeup, take out a small amount of powder, evenly on the back of the hand to make the powder less, then press it on the face where you need to make up. It feels the same as before, very light and natural.


Phenomenon 2: Motor

If your base makeup is already mottled, it is ugly, do not use dry powder or air cushion directly, because that will make your makeup worse, and makeup will become faster and faster.

In fact, at this time, you need to prepare some small cans of lotion and a cotton swab with you. Use a cotton swab to dip a small amount of lotion, and gently apply the original card powder and mottled places, which is equivalent to a simple makeup remover.

Take another tissue and press it, and then gently make up the layer with powder. Because the emulsion just now can remove the base makeup in the pores, but also when using the powder, keep the skin moisturizing, make the makeup more fit, and will not get stuck. This is the complete method of makeup. After makeup, it is the same as you just put on makeup.

Makeup artifact:

Perfect Diary Feather satin powder

Kiko dry and wet powder

Dior Gagoshi Heng Wet and Wet Powder Powder

Hua Xizi silk honey powder


Nars big white ice powder


Make up for eventless honey powder