The retro style dress can be made for mothers

大码民族风棉麻长袍,加棉款 这种复古风连衣裙可以给妈妈做一件

Do you always like to wear dark clothes when you are young. For example: black and gray

Now I have children, but I like bright colors. I always want to pretend to be tender. I am afraid of being old with my children. Essence Essence

大码民族风棉麻长袍,加棉款 这种复古风连衣裙可以给妈妈做一件

Recently, I always saw the red, red and green mothers who went out.

Not to mention that it is quite chic, but this combination really depends on temperament. This kind of aura to middle age is really not that little girls can imitate. Essence Essence

大码民族风棉麻长袍,加棉款 这种复古风连衣裙可以给妈妈做一件

The skirt I said today, if I used to make it black before. Now see why this color is so pleasing to the eye. Essence Essence

Do you feel a bit red? Hahaha. Essence Essence

Compared with two colors, I still like this

No matter which one you like, there must be cutting pictures?

Let’s take a look at the tailoring map. The XL clothing length 119cm bust 106cm This is a thickened model. The bust is added with a loose amount of 8cm according to the net body.

Calculation formula for cage deep calculation: B/4-2cm

If you feel that you can put on a sideways on the side seam, I have tried it without adding it. You can wear it.

Sewing process commentary

Because it is a double -layer and cotton cloth, the fabric must be treated well.

大码民族风棉麻长袍,加棉款 这种复古风连衣裙可以给妈妈做一件

Open the handle of the handle, you can sew the pearl buckle. also very beautiful.

The stand -up collar should stick to the painting board to achieve left and right symmetry. Be careful not to pull when sewing the neckline.

Stretch the stop lining when the partial placket is sewn to prevent deformation. The oblique fabric is very easy to deform, you must pay attention


Just roll the cuffs directly

Slot side seam for oblique plug pocket

Directly roll on the skirt

Skirt effect

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing. If you like it, try to do it

大码民族风棉麻长袍,加棉款 这种复古风连衣裙可以给妈妈做一件

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The retro style dress can be made for mothers