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On the road of children’s growth, we are committed to introducing boutique outer edition children’s books!

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West wind mother and her animal friends

How do ships have cheeks?


Why does the horns of the flat -horn camel fell in summer?

Where did the old Mr. Toad go to the old clothes?

Why is the raccoon Bobby, just wash the food before eating

Children’s curiosity about the animal world is no less curious about life, and “Mother and Her Animal Friends” just solve the children’s doubts.

Children can understand the habits and lives of animals, and master more animal knowledge. Not only that, they can also experience the beauty of nature from them.


Bergis award -winning animal adventure story


The American “Master of File Story” Santon W. Burgeis created a cute little animal and the interesting story between them can attract everyone, so that children like these small animals in Jasper Forest Grassland. And make friends with them.

Each book will tell the daily life of many small animals and their own uniqueness. In this series, each one is based on a small animal, which tells the adventure story of the small animals around the protagonist.

Children can see small animals or encounter all kinds of dangers, and then rely on smart and intelligent danger; or have encountered interesting things and gain joy; or have unspeakable puzzles, tirelessly find answers; Or help each other and become a real friend …


This series of stories are easy to understand, with pictures and texts, vivid and interesting, entertaining, suitable for children to read, so that children can get opportunities for thinking during the reading process, so that they can gain something.

Oz State Wonderland Adventure

“Oz State Wonderland Adventure” series of fairy tale novels are one of the “Ten Most Great Children’s Literature works in the United States” selected by the American Association of Literature (CLA), and it is also the “Best Children’s Book for the United States Education Association (NEA) for the United States Education Association (NEA) one”


Known as the American version of “Journey to the West” is a series of classic novels that make children’s imagination more colorful. A pure and kind little girl, a naughty puppy, a timid and lovely lion, a smart and capable scarecrow, and a hard -working and brave iron coward. They each have a strange encounter … full of courage, courage, Belief, justice.

The first “Magic Magician” of the book series was also adapted into music comedy and was staged in Chicago, which was later adapted to the movie “Green Wild Fairy”.

The world is famous and enjoyed

This series of books contains types of works such as fairy tales, fables, poetry, novels, natural, adventure, historical stories, etc., with diverse themes and rich knowledge.

“Andersen Fairy Tale” will allow children to understand the truth and pseudo, good and evil, beauty and ugliness of human nature;

“Alice in the Alice” will bring the children into the hometown of dreams again and again, so that their imagination can be repeatedly improved;

“Columbus Discovery America” ​​will bring their children into the world of pioneering adventure, telling them what is tough and how to become more brave;


The masterpiece “Mrs. Mu Fu and her friends”, which has been lost for a long time, and has nothing to read for several generations.

The “Shakespeare Drama Story Collection” jointly adapted by the famous British writer Charles Ran and his sister allows children to enter Shakespeare’s drama world without obstacles.

World Children’s Literature Famous Picture Book Museum


Illustration: Each page is a small artwork

The original first -print illustrations from the American Congress Library, restore the most authentic and authentic illustration style. You can feel the simplicity and charm of famous paintings transmitted by famous artists! Each picture is a fresh and bright small world. It is childlike, full of children -like innocence, dreams and rich connotations.

(Excerpted from the inner page of “Comfortable Lion”)

(Excerpted from the inner page of “Alice Adventure”)


The original first -print illustration of the treasure

While reading the masterpieces, through exquisite illustrations, another story logic is restored to help children understand the text and have a profound memory. At the same time, let the children feel good about goodness and enlighten the beauty. Flying imagination, creativity and aesthetics in the colorful world.

The biggest fun and enjoyment of this series of books is that when reading a paragraph, a large or small illustration will appear in surprise, allowing children to digest the classic digestion and absorption in the reading.


Parents want the children to put their energy on the book for a long time. In addition to the interesting content, it is really the best way to put more illustrations, and this series of books perfectly combine the content and illustrations.


(Excerpted from the inner page of “The Legend of Sleeping Valley”)

You can appreciate it as an impressionist artwork


(Excerpted from the inner page of “Peter Pan”)


Each picture has a rich connotation, showing a unique narrative relationship between the picture and the picture

At the same time, the poetry of the belly is self -confident. While providing you with reading guidance, we also present your parenting method, and read and grow together with your children and parents!




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In addition to the promotion of children’s reading, we also pay attention to children’s growth, safety, living habits, learning and other articles. It is a intention to accompany our children, as well as wonderful content such as family relationships and educational secrets to parents. The following sections are part of our educational aesthetics.


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