Sun Yan was urged even more! Wearing a cartoon sweater to share the secrets of health, wearing the three precepts is much younger

Fashion elements have become an indispensable part of women’s dressing. At the same time, with the development of the trend, the blessing of fashion elements is also increasing, but to say that the highest upper body rate is the highest. Elements and cartoon elements are favored by women regardless of age, and they can be integrated into women’s dresses at the same time.

The mother -in -law Sun Yan has been changing in the past few years. In the past, she was mainly based on mature and advanced dressing. However, in recent years, Sun Yan began to choose to dress sweetly and sweet. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but don’t say that the mother -in -law who changed the style is indeed a lot more likely than in the film and television drama, which is very beautiful.

Wear small knowledge: round neck sweater

Advantages: Simple and casual, most suitable for early autumn

The sweater is divided into hoodes and round necks. Everyone can understand this. The round neck is more casual. Relatively speaking, the hooded is relatively old. Hats, but in the early autumn season, although the hat is very good, it is a bit sultry. Even if the temperature is swaying, if you want to be more comfortable, you should choose a round neck.

This time was urged by colleagues, and Sun Yan also appeared for a long time. I saw that her mother was wearing a round neck sweater and simply dressing. It was still familiar to us.

Putting on small knowledge: cartoon element embellishment


Advantages: rich shape, fashionable and age -reducing age reduction


Facing the items such as sweaters, especially the round neck style, be sure to add some fashion elements. It is too simple but it will look very simple. For example, the cartoon series can not only have a monotonous sense of undressed product, but also have a good age -reducing effect.

I can rarely see Sun Yan and choose such age reduction. Although this business is forced, it is not difficult to find that the mother’s dress is definitely very online. Very beautiful.


Wear small knowledge: jeans

Advantages: combined with tightness, showing the charm of figure

Jeans have always been the best choice for sweaters, although both are basic items, but you will find that when you choose tight jeans, the way to put on the pine -ray tight dressing method will make the shape more delicate, combined with combining The slim leg curve of the clothing attribute can not only improve the utilization rate of the single product, but also show the figure.

I haven’t seen Sun Yan’s delicate dress for a long time, and I was forced to open up so beautifully. In addition, in terms of clothes, the jacket cartoon elements are bright in color, but the bottom is very simple. The way of dressing looks very delicate, the most important show of figure charm.

Wear small knowledge: three ring+earrings

Advantages: eye -catching, a lot of youth


Detailed decoration can indeed bring very little fashionable charm to women, but it is a bit redundant to the temperament women. Of course, there are some women with breakthroughs in different needs. Don’t be too cumbersome to avoid a sense of disobedience.


Sun Yan really made people shine this time. Not only did we wear three rings, but also earrings, it looked very shining against the background of black clothes and lights. It was very young, and it was a lot younger.

QS: What are the more stunning private clothes of Sun Yan?

Choose TIPS: capable temperament type

The suit is simple, but the suit in recent years has become a stylish darling. The sweet and sweet painting style is free to switch, which gives women a lot of options. Tight -fitting jeans, simple dressing, look very attractive, and there is no formal sense of workplace.

Select TIPS: Elegant Charm Type

Women’s skirts are rich, but no matter how rich skirts, there are such small black skirts in women’s wardrobes. Don’t look at the small black skirts single, but its fashion is very high, and women with good figures can go sexy sexy. The wind, Sun Yan’s small black dress is like this. The short dress, a lotus leaf skirt, stepping on high heels, long waist and long legs, very eye -catching, without losing charm because of the color.


Select TIPS: Simple and Exquisite Type


The one -color dressing will have a simple and dull sense of vision because of the color, but in Sun Yan, the colorful dress is becoming more and more uniform. The brown fashion elements are embellished, so that the whole shape is a lot of color, it looks good.

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