How much is the top watch exhibition? Million -level watches are also “spike”

From April 14th to 18th, Sister IF was invited to participate in the 2021 “Clocks and Miracles” Shanghai Advanced Watch Show, and encountered a lot of familiar faces.

Chen Kun in the Montblanc exhibition hall

Liu Tao in the Xiaobang Exhibition Hall


Li Yifeng in the Panerai Exhibition Hall

Xin Yanlei in the exhibition hall of Montblanc

Anyone who pays attention to the watch knows that the Geneva watch exhibition is one of the events of the watch industry. Daily only receives high -end watch manufacturers, dealers representatives, well -known watch masters, top watch buyers, collectors, and a few professional media.

Due to the epidemic, this year’s “watch and miracle” held an online exhibition in Geneva, and offline exhibitions landed in Shanghai. ▼

The high -end watch exhibition invited 19 participating brands.

From April 14th to 15th is the media opening day. The first day, Sister IF came to Shanghai West Bank Art Center to check in.


The exhibition is divided into two floors. In one door, 15 exhibition halls have their own characteristics.



IWC is surrounded by large containers, and the name of the classic watch “Dafei” The Big Pilot is printed on the container.

You don’t need to guess that the protagonist of the watch must be indispensable.


Wanbaolong created the “Desert Storm” theme exhibition hall with the mysterious color of the devilities.

Even the booth uses the gradient desert background, and walking across the exhibition hall seems to be crossing the Gobi Desert.

This style is also a legendary experience of “Mountaineering Emperor” Marsonel.


After the exterior wall of the exhibition hall was printed with his crossing the Gobi Desert, he encouraged everyone to be brave to explore.

I took 5 weeks to cross the Gobi Desert, which stretched for 2,000 kilometers. But in the end, time is no longer important to me, even if it takes five days, it will not feel it. Time has disappeared for me.

There is a large sailing boat outside the Panerai exhibition hall, which impresses her sister.

It is indeed a brand of the Italian Navy for decades, and the elements of navigation must be arranged! ▼

Entering the exhibition hall, the Italian style bar is too bad. This is not a furnishings. There are professional bartenders in the business.


The guests are tired, and the staff will ask: “Do you want to have a drink?”

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the flip series, Jaeger -LeCoultre hangs a large flip device at the entrance of the exhibition hall.

This device is the first time in China.

The front is a complete watch, which can see its internal details on the side.


The passing by remembered this flip watch.


Want to know what other exhibition hall looks like? Poke a small video to see.

In addition to 5 independent watchmaking brands, there are many interactive areas.


Friends who want to grow knowledge can go to the lecture hall to listen to experts to share watch knowledge.

If you want to look at the watch up close, the friends who observe the details can move the watchmaking workshop to find out.

Each floor of the exhibition hall has an intimately set up a guest area. If you are tired, you can go to the bar to drink a drink, eat a small dessert to rest.

In order to let everyone feel the charm of the exhibition, Meimei will bring you the “cloud exhibition” through the live broadcast on the 15th and 16th.

The two Douyin live broadcast won the first place in the first list. Many friends who watched the live broadcast left a message saying: The grass is planted.

Some friends asked in the comments, which watches can I start with limited budgets?

Sister Mei sorted it out for everyone, and the 70,000 budget can also start with a big new watch.

Want to know what surprises are there in the exhibition? My sister wrote it down, let’s take a look together ~


Most worth collecting watches

Cartier Tank Must watch


The theme of Cartier’s watch exhibition is: timeless style.


While continuing the classic style, continuously breaking the creative boundaries, the TANK MUST watch is the best interpretation.


The new TANK MUST watch uses the three major iconic colors of Cartier -red, blue, and green to pay tribute to the monochrome in the 1980s.

This watch is expected to be listed in September, and the tentative price is 20,700.

Owatners generally choose ALL in, after all, the price of the three watches is only 60,000.

The three colors are darker retro hue, and any one is very versatile.

This series is only released once, and it will not be produced again after the sale. It has a collection value.

Tank Must also launched an environmentally friendly watch this year.

The dial is equipped with a solar movement. As long as it is worn on the hand, it can be automatically charged in the light and sunlight. It can be easily used for 16 years ~

The strap is more interesting. Does it look like the leather material? In fact, it uses apple regeneration raw materials for the food processing industry.

The comfort is not reduced, and the shape is still brilliant, and it must be called for it.

The most queen temperament watch

Piaget Limelight Gala series advanced jewelry watch

As soon as I walked into the Earl Exhibition Hall, my sister flashed by the Limelight Gala series watch.

Limelight Gala series advanced jewelry watch uses 18K platinum case, BlingBling ~

The dial is made of top Oper -Australia Black Opal, transparent, bright, and uppercase.

A row of 83 horses -shaped emeralds inlaid on the bezel, ears and chain bands, and a row of 91 bright -cut cuts.


There is a romantic legend about the origin of horse -shaped cutting. At that time, the lover of Louis XV wanted to give him a diamond to show her smile, so the craftsman cut out such a special shape of gemstone according to her lips. Essence ▼

This is not only a watch, but also a super luxurious and expensive high -end jewelry.

Put it on it, you are the queen himself.

The most complex function watch

Jaeger -LeCoultre 185 movement flip the watch on all sides


This year, Jaeger -LeCoultre launched the flip series. So far

Most precise and complicated



This watch is limited to 10 worldwide, each worth more than 10 million, and it feels like wearing a house in hand. ▼

Superb complex function series

185 -type movement flip the watch on all sides


Why is it the most difficult?

You must not think of it, in this small space, even hiding

11 complex functions and 12 patents


It is the world’s first four -sided watch watch, each with different sides.

Look at the watch, you can get three moon phases, such as Japanese food and moon food.

You can deeply interpret the mystery of the universe ~

The most flash watch of the dial

Chopard L.U.C Flying Twin Watch

In this exhibition, Chopin brought two new Chopard L.U.C Flying Twin watches.

Rose gold model price: 1,010,000 yuan

Platinum price: 1,220,000 yuan

The two models are limited to 25 sections, and the 18K rose gold watches are placed in the exhibition hall, with pearl mother shell dials.

The other is a platinum model, with 282 Zhenmei diamonds.


The brand ambassador Liu Tao was wearing a platinum watch when he appeared at the exhibition, with a black -shaped skirt, his temperament was absolutely bad.

In an exclusive interview with IF, Liu Tao was also difficult to cover his love for this watch.

Very elegant, very versatile, super suitable for girls to wear ~

The most adventurous spirit watch

Watch desert brown limit models when Montblancs North and South Hemisphere World


The Montblanc 1858 series of North -South Hemisphere World was the watch desert brown limit model (1858 in the world). This year, it shined in the exhibition hall.

It follows the spirit of the peak adventure, and the accomplishment inheritance with Mei Naihua.

Price: 51,000 yuan

When Chen Kun appeared in the exhibition hall, this one was wearing.

There are two particularly recognizable rotating stereo hemispheres on the dial of the watch.

With brown halo -coating calf leather strap, there are particularly retro charm, girls can’t help but feel excited.

The back of the watch is the Gobi Desert landscape built with laser carving and polishing technology.

It looks like a three -dimensional photo. ▼


This is not only a watch, it is clearly art. ▼


The dial changes most watches


IWC large pilot watch

Unsurprisingly, “Da Fei” is indeed the C position of Wan Guo. The difference is that “Da Fei” has become smaller this year!

Classic large pilot watches are narrowed from 46 mm to 43 mm.

It looks more delicate and girls live well. ▼

The new Dafei 43 has two types of black and blue dials. Lu Yan wore a black dial when he was attending the exhibition.


The shape is very atmospheric, and the girl feels cooler ~ ▼ ▼


Another new flying county 41 has blue and green dial styles, equipped with calf leather and stainless steel strap to choose from.

“Men and women’s killing”, it looks good. ▼

Left: 43mm large pilot series watch ¥ 68,700

Right: 41mm pilot chronograph watch ¥ 53,300

On the booth, the sister was attracted by this green dial. With the steel linked list, she was very recognizable.


You can wear it yourself, but also change it with the male/girlfriend.

Sports male favorite watch

Panerai Lu Mino series red gold chronograph watch


Panerai has brought many new watches this time, the most striking thing is:

Luminor Chrono Goldtech ™ Blu Notte Lumino series red gold chronograph watch.

This watch is also a style that Li Yifeng likes.

Why do it among many watches? Listen to Li Yifeng’s reason.

The most prominent point of this watch is made by Panerai Red Gold.

The red gold material has a certain percentage of copper and platinum. The color is strong and bright, and the antioxidant is stronger.

A lot of sports details are also incorporated in the watch.

The timing button is ingeniously placed on the left side of the case, which complements the crown bridge device on the right. The sense of shape is very strong ~ ▼

The outer edge of the dial is also equipped with a speed scale label, which is easy to calculate the average speed within the scheduled distance of kilometers or miles.

It is very suitable for those who have sports needs to wear ~

The most popular watch

Roger Du Bi Excalibur King Series Single Flying Tusso Wheel Watch

Roger Dudui has always been loved by people who love watch and fashion.


This exhibition has launched the three -material Excalibur King series single flying tubal wheel watches:

Dark gray DLC coating titanium alloy, cobalt chromium alloy and brand new EON gold material.

In order to highlight the unique style, this watch uses a unique hollow design to enhance the sense of perspective and depth of the watch.

The watch requires that each part must be fixed by hand.


In order to ensure its rarity, each material style is limited to 88 pieces.

It was really hot. On the 15th, my sister also saw them. On the 16th, she wanted to see Fang Rong on the 16th, and was informed by the staff that all the three million -level watches were booked.


For the watch enthusiasts of its heart, the hand speed must be fast.

The sharing of the “Watch and Miracle” Shanghai Advanced Watch Exhibition is here.