Let’s play with old toys together may defeat your loneliness

Mr. Sun in Beijing is an office worker. After getting home from get off work, he often saw 78 -year -old father sitting on the sofa in the living room and fell asleep, and the TV of the living room was still on. Mr. Sun often reminded his father to go out for more, but the old man always said that he did not love to go out. To this end, Mr. Sun bought some old toys for his father, including large poker, Jiupun Ring and Luban Suo. He wanted his father to be alone when he was alone.

“Workers’ Daily”: The elderly at home for too long and lack of family members will have a need for toys. For the understanding of Anudu’s later years, people are more staying at the material level, and the spiritual life of the elderly does not pay enough attention. It is generally believed that toys are exclusive to children or young people, and they automatically isolated the elderly groups.

The elderly belong to a special group. The toy market has great potential, but it cannot go large and complete. It is necessary to let professionals, proficient in the elderly market R & D personnel and entrepreneurs refine the classification of various senior toys, develop and produce corresponding corresponding to the corresponding. Toy. In this process, government departments may wish to tilt from the aspects of venue leasing, tax reduction, and financial loans to cultivate the main body of emerging markets and emerging markets for elderly toy stores and manufacturers.

“Rule of Law Daily”: Elderly toys are not only good for the physical and mental health of the elderly, but also meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the elderly. However, the public and even the elderly themselves have less understanding or even misunderstandings. In addition to the elderly itself, the public cognitive level also lacks a scientific understanding of the concept of elderly toys. It is believed that the functions of the elderly have gradually declined in all aspects of the body. How can a person “play with fun” insufficient attention. “The old age” is not only the joy of heaven. Elderly toys can also provide a social platform that allows the elderly to get a sense of presence from it, so that they have not been disconnected from the society, so as to find the joy of life.

However, there are no national standards for elderly toys in my country, and there are also problems with lagging regulatory lag. Due to the absence of relevant standards and standards, the safety rights of the elderly cannot be effectively protected. At the same time, in the case of inadequate supervision, the elderly toy market is uneven and cannot meet the needs of the elderly. Elderly toys that are healthy, interesting, and convenient to operate can enrich the life of the elderly and promote the health of the elderly; otherwise, it will bring hidden safety hazards and disturbances to the life of the elderly.

“Guangming Daily”: If the government purchases some elderly toys and put it in community center, square and other places to allow more people to experience it, help promotes elderly toys, and change some of people’s wrong cognition. Promoting the development of the elderly toy industry can fully enjoy the results of the development of the elderly, meet the needs of cultural entertainment and spiritual needs, and enjoy their old age and decently.

“The elderly friendly society should have the supply of spiritual culture,”, and the elderly have the right to enjoy a quality spiritual life. The development of toys that are suitable for the elderly are just a level. The whole society is responsible for combining thoughtfulness, more realistic and high moves, so that the elderly’s old age life is better.

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Toys for the elderly, find “childlike heart”

In the public’s impression, toys have always been synonymous with children. Elderly toys are also fresh and questioned. Is there any use for the elderly to play toys?

It is understood that the scientific evidence of training the brain through games or toys is derived from the principle of plasticity of adult nerves. A large number of studies have shown that the elderly brain still retains a certain amount of plasticity, especially the nerves of the hippocampus and the sniff area. Through specific toys or game tasks, these corresponding brain areas can be activated.

Words such as old naughty children, old children, and other words fully demonstrate the elderly. In fact, due to the changes in the living environment, many elderly people lack communication, communication, and complaints. Diopathic, even Alzheimer’s disease.

A research expert in the United States found that a few years ago, it was found that the incidence of dementia in the age of 50 before the age of 50 was only 32%of ordinary people.

Other medical experts have found that some patients with mild dementia play adult puzzle toys can slow down or even prevent the development of the disease, and a few patients have a certain degree of intelligence recovery.

What is the current domestic market? It is understood that there are few toy stores that sell toy products specifically for the elderly, and even many people have said that they have not heard of the category of elderly toys.

In developed countries, which are opposite to domestic situations, they have conducted research and development of elderly toys early.

According to media reports, in the United States, 40%of toys are developed for the elderly. Toys and games such as building block series, oversized poker cards are very popular in the United States, and interactive toys or games are also more popular. Senior centers and retired communities will organize games and handmade activities from time to time, issue free puzzle toys, and carry out handmade toy contests.

In Japan, painting, puzzle, knowledge cards, chess, and Rubik’s cube are already the favorite of the elderly. Many Japanese toy companies are actively investing in the development of senior toys in the toy market. In addition to providing general healthy elderly play, they can also help the elderly.

Playing toys can increase the opportunity of the elderly, puzzle the brain, delay aging, and increase exercise, promote the recovery of the disease, and improve the function and condition of the body. Moreover, playing is a human nature. Playing toys with juniors and playing games with old partners can improve communication opportunities, broaden the circle of friends, meet social needs, and dispatch loneliness.

At present, toys that are suitable for the elderly include painting, puzzle, knowledge cards, chess, Rubik’s cube, etc. These are long -term popular products. Some traditional toys, such as iron rings, playbacks, gyro, empty bamboo, kites, etc. that the elderly like to play.

Facing the aging of the future society, my country’s elderly toy market will show huge demand. my country’s toy industry has developed very late, and the attention of the elderly is also from the elderly to the elderly health products, and gradually transition to the spiritual level. Elderly toys have gradually been concerned about in recent years. Enterprises should do more related surveys of the elderly toy market to understand the demand for Chinese elderly toys. Volkswagen Newspaper Qilu Yitian Comprehensive

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