Miss long hair is wearing a black suspender shirt with nail peaside denim shorts, youthful vitality

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Today I want to share with you a set of youthful and dynamic fashion wear,

What kind of dress is more youthful?


Look at the dress of this younger sister, you may have some gains.

The tall younger sister turned out to be exquisite makeup, exquisite three -dimensional five officials, and exquisite makeup. The younger sister wore a long hair and walked to the wind. The medium -sized hairstyle makes the younger sister more temperament.

Look at the dress of this younger sister, even more youthful. The top, the younger sister chose a black suspender shirt. This camisole is not an ordinary cotton texture, but the texture of the real silk, so it looks very advanced. The suspender shirt is a V -neck design, which looks like Miss’s neck is more slender. The younger sister’s neck was wearing a delicate gold necklace, which looked very distinctive.

In the lower body, Miss Sister is paired with a pair of denim shorts. The design of this denim shorts is very novel and distinctive. There are many colored beads inlaid on the denim shorts, and a part of the trousers are also exposed, which looks more delicate.


The younger sister stepped on a pair of black broadband high -heeled sandals, and the ankle was also tied with a black bow, which looked more fashionable.

The younger sister carried a LV chain bag, and the golden chain echoed the golden necklace, which was more fashionable and high -level.

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