Tao Hong’s “winter” style is fresh! White cotton clothing with hat sweaters, warm and dazzling

In order to keep warm in winter, dressing is bloated and thick, but it does not mean that this kind of dress is very “bad”. As long as it is fresh in winter, it can also make our shape look very beautiful. Just like Tao Hong’s winter private server shape, white cotton jacket with red hooded sweater, which is warm and dazzling at the same time, coupled with the “English letters” printed straight pants on the legs, making the whole shape look very distinctive, and it seems to seem to be Very foreign.

The cotton jacket is like down jackets. It is also a popular item in winter. Although the warmth effect is not as good as down jackets, the rich style and design style are more likely to help women complete their images and show personal charm. Therefore, Tao Hong walked the airport to choose the cotton suit, and perfectly improved his image by matching, and also made friends feel the fashionable charm of “cotton clothing”.

Tao Hong white cotton clothing style: clean, refreshing and young

In terms of version, the loose cotton clothing is still very “intimate”. By stacked to keep warm, it can cover up its own shortcomings. The disadvantage is that it looks bloated. However, Tao Hong used the color of cotton clothes to weaken the shortcomings. The clean white not only gave people a sense of refreshing, but also made the whole person look very young. The main thing is that white cotton clothing is easy to match. It can also enrich the color of the shape.


With a red sweater, it looks vibrant and dazzling


This white cotton dress is a casual style, which is relatively simple to match, but wants to wear outlines, levels, and fashion sense. Color matching is a very important link. It is also because of the matching of Tao Hong red sweater that the shape of pure white cotton clothing will not look too single, and it can also play a little red in the green bushes, making the whole dress look very dazzling, and it seems very layered. sense.


Moreover, the red hooded sweater comes with an age reduction effect, which can also bring a bit of vitality to the heavy winter shape. Red clothing also represents auspiciousness and festiveness, and it can also make bloated and heavy winter wear a little more “year”.


Knowledge point:


Do not blindly wear basic color clothing in winter, add a little color to the wear, not only to make the dress look very vibrant, but also make the boring winter shape more colorful, but also better show Personal fashion charm.

English letters print pants, make wearing more distinctive


In addition to sweaters, straight pants printed with “English letters” are also a highlight of Tao Hong’s winter shape. Not only can we enrich the sense of fashion, but it can also make the whole shape very distinctive and look very foreign.

When it comes to straight pants, it is undeniable that it is a very friendly item, especially for women who have been blessed with a blessed figure. Straight pants can cover up in lack of figure. It will look bloated.

With suggestions:

The “foreign spirit” of printed pants is not suitable for everyone. In contrast, pure black wide -leg pants are easier to match, and black calm and atmospheric can increase the stability of the shape, and it is easier to wear mature women’s charm.

Women’s bag design elements rich styling fashion sense

Fashionable winter wearing can also add a sense of fashion through accessories. Diversified design elements can also make the shape very visually impact. Especially in a large -scale solid shape like Tao Hong, the accessories can also light up the whole dress. Because of the women’s bag in her hand, the whole shape has a highlight, and at the same time, it will not look too monotonous and boring.



Tao Hong’s “winter” shape is fresh, and the effect of the slim -fitting clothing is not inferior. The white cotton clothing with a hat sweater is warm and dazzling. It is also young. Therefore, don’t be too afraid of bloated and bulky dressing in winter. Through the combination of color and fashion elements, friends can also make friends very tide.

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