The most warm artist recognizes Zhao Liying, the sweater + cotton is lively and casual, and each set is beautiful

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is known as

“Desperate San Niang”


Zhao Liying

, Mixing in the crew all year round, only the filming of a shaft can be broadcast in four or five dramas a year. And her efforts were not in vain, and the hard work of the loss helped her promoted from the dragon to the front line actress.


Zhao Liying’s clothes are gradually increasing, and although they can’t keep up with the familiar fashionistas, daily and fashionable ways are also appreciated by many people. What’s more, Zhao Liying, 34, gave her confidence in time and experience, but retained her young state, and she was young!


Zhao Liying appeared in the Tiger Spring Festival Gala Arrangement, and it looks good everyday


Every set is very poke. Because of her dress, clothing all chose the mainstream items in winter. We can find similar styles from the wardrobe, and we can become fashionable every day!


Let’s take a look at this dress, a short plush coat, which can not only modify the proportion, but also give people the feeling of “milk call”. It is exquisite and cute with the hairstyle of the upper half -ponytail hairstyle.

After changing a hairstyle, Zhao Liying wore another feeling,

The temperament is more refreshing


Essence Of course, the tall and thin dress help her to create a very aura Feel.

The black sweater set + casual shoes of the same color system stretched her height vertically, and also wore a leisure and cool feeling. The dwarf girls could also dress very attractive. The orange underarms are in line with the winter atmosphere, and the recessed shape is also very eye -catching.

Zhao Liying’s recent sets of wear chose the matching of short cotton clothes + sweaters, but because of the selection and details, she interpreted different styles.

In this next dress, she chose a velvet leather jacket, but she looked very “young” hairstyle, which made her mix and match

Sweet and cool look


To be honest, Zhao Liying’s winter wear is simply

The wearing template of the little girl

Each set is visually high. This time the leather jacket + green sweater’s short -term inner long -term wear, improve the waistline more leg length.

It is worth mentioning that the scarf echoed with the color of the sweater. The striking color shifted the sight to the high place. The upper body can be worn high and stylish, and it can also break the dullness of winter and recessed the warm and stylish wear atmosphere!

In the third set of wearing, Zhao Liying chose the “cheating” how to wear the little girls’ love, that is,


Same color matching

Deep blue cotton clothing + wide -leg pants, elegant and noble colors, because of the casual casual, strong tolerance, tall and thin, can wear a good figure effect.


“Red and Blue” color scheme

It can make people a glance at a glance. Zhao Liying chose to only show a small area of ​​red sweater this time. The shape is not exaggerated but eye -catching.

Of course, the coat is not easy to wear, and the shoulders are exposed to half. It is easy to concave the personality and fashionable shape. Girls who are pursuing the trend can learn.

The details of this time are also in place. The red plaid scarf is aid.

Exquisite shape and taste

, Also wear the Spring Festival atmosphere. Of course, the correct way to open the screws is to be tied to the neck loosely, which can not only lose face, but also wear a lazy temperament.

Zhao Liying’s recent sense of youth is full, making people unable to guess her true age. The baseball cap and dolls this time are too extra points, and they are young and improved their styling recognition!

In the fourth set of wearing, Zhao Liying chose the matching sweater + down jacket. The subtle stacking feeling appeared very chIC.


The biggest disadvantage of stacking is that it is easy to look bloated, Zhao Liying uses

Upper width and narrow coordination

, Lost on the upper body and fashion.

It is also impossible to ignore the use of Zhao Liying’s accessories, the black knitted hat with a small face, a strong style, and a diversified temperament.

Slimed jeans and green socks not only have a sense of relaxation, but also have a strong color contrast. It can attract the sight to the ankle, double the lean effect.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!


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