What fabrics do you wash warm underwear? How to wash warm underwear

The cold winter is here. In the face of the many brands of warm underwear in the market, how to buy a warm -keeping underwear with a suitable performance and price is a problem that many people care about. What fabrics are good for warm underwear? How to wash warm underwear? Consumers can start from the following aspects in the actual purchase process.

In the cold winter, warm and stylish underwear with good warmth, light material, and fashionable shape is favored by women. However, there are many brands in the market, and the quality is different. Therefore, how to distinguish the fabric of thermal underwear has become a big problem. What fabrics are good? I believe that many people are not very clear. On the other hand, warm underwear is different from ordinary cotton underwear. If it is not washed properly, it will not only damage the fiber inside, but also greatly shorten its dressing life. Therefore, it is important to choose warm underwear fabrics, and it is important to understand how to wash warm underwear.

保暖内衣什么面料好 保暖内衣怎么洗

There are generally the following types of heating underwear: Modal fiber, Lyca fiber, combed cotton, cashmere, Schonglika, and color cotton.

1. Modal Fiber: Modal Fiber is a real wood cellulose fiber developed by Lenzing (orchid) company in Austria. Its raw materials are used in European beef. The main body of Modal Fiber is a natural cellulose fiber. It uses organic solvents that are harmless to the human body. Under certain conditions, natural fibers are dissolved, and then processed by spinning and post -processing. Harmful. The formation of adhesive fibers must go through the processing process of strong alkali and strong acids, and discharge a large amount of acid -alkali residual solution, which is extremely harmful to the environment. Therefore, the processing process of the two is essentially different. Modal fiber is taken in nature, and then the biodegradation of nature can be returned to nature, which fully reflects the characteristics of green environmental protection regeneration. The characteristics of Modal fiber: Improving the stretching strength in dry and wet state, lower expansion volume and washing contraction rate. It is the ideal blended partner of cotton. It has natural softness. Color. There are two types of Modal fiber two types: light and light. Modal’s fiber feels soft, smooth, pure, and its good breathability and easy care.

2. Lyca Fiber: Producers produced by DuPont, also known as aminoly, are elastic, can easily extend 4 to 8 times, and can restore the original state in an instant. The grinding and patterns are always flat and intact, which perfectly reflects the shape, and the effect of the auxiliary body is two birds with one stone. Lycra and cotton blended the shortcomings of ordinary cotton underwear. Elasticity, stretching and considerate. The more commonly used Leica is 30D and 40D. The production of DuPont is called Laica. The domestic production is called aminotoma. The higher the number of Rica D D, the thicker the fiber and the better the elasticity. The 40D Lycra of high -quality underwear products, and some manufacturers use domestic spandex as fabrics or 30D Lycra to charge consumers to deceive consumers.

So how to avoid buying a bad Lycra, it is recommended that consumers try to choose the brand to keep the warm underwear. The brand is a promise. It expresses the history, scale, production capacity and user reputation of the company. Where is the warm underwear brand? If you do not have this knowledge reserve, you can understand the specific ones

Top ten brands of warm underwear

The information, simply selection, if you can refer to:


, Keeping the influential brand of warm underwear, the underwear is dominated by underwear, covering the full category consumer goods provider of home textile/mother and baby/clothing, Antarctic E -commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

保暖内衣什么面料好 保暖内衣怎么洗

Arctic velvet

, Famous trademarks in Shanghai, industry standard draft units, well -known brands of warm underwear, healthy and environmentally friendly materials, good warmth effect, Arctic velvet (Shanghai) Textile Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Fiberbird Tinsino

, Top Ten warm underwear brands, relevant industry standard draft units, China Textile Business Association Director, Beijing Fiberous Silk Bird Clothing Co., Ltd.


, Beginning in 1927, the leader of the old Chinese brand, the leader of the wool spinning industry, a large textile group company covering the velvet/knitted/clothing/home textile industry, Hengyuanxiang (Group) Co., Ltd.

Red Bean Home

In 1957, Red Dou Group, a new business model chain store mainly operating store clothing and supplies, personalized underwear suppliers, Wuxi Red Doujia Clothing Co., Ltd.

Three Gun Threegun

, Shanghai Famous Brand Products, known for producing underwear, has the leading underwear manufacturing base in Asia, Shanghai Sannun (Group) Co., Ltd.

Catman miiow

, Women’s underwear/bodywear lingerie ten brands, focusing on the research and development/production and sales of fashion sexy underwear, owl international, Wuhan Catman clothing Co., Ltd.


Beginning in 1975, down clothing leadership brands, promoting down jackets from bloated to leisure/fashion change, large -scale down clothing enterprise group, Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd.

Langsha Langsha

Founded in 1995, the iconic brand of the socks industry, specializing in knitted underwear/clothing tie/sock manufacturing and sales, Cotton Textile and Clothing Enterprise, Langsha Holdings Group

Palant Plandoo

保暖内衣什么面料好 保暖内衣怎么洗

, Famous trademarks in Shanghai, cotton knitted underwear industry standards, domestic leading mid -to -high -end warm underwear manufacturers, Shanghai Palan Duo Textile Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Of course, except the above

In addition, there are many warm underwear brands in my country’s warm underwear brand deserve the trust of consumers. It is a good choice. The well -known and well -known warm underwear brands are as follows:

Yu Zhaolin



Seven Wolf Septwolves

Yizhuang YOURSUN

Duocai docare

Golden Kaola

Copper cow TOPNEW

AB underwear

Love Emperor I’m

Madallo Madallo

Schiesser Shuya

Clockwise sunjazz

Playboy Playboy

Olinya ONYOU

Hongni hongni

4. Comb with cotton: a cotton, cotton is divided into cotton cotton and cotton. Jiejie cotton refers to the addition of exquisite combing procedures in the process of spinning. The method is to comb the short fiber and remove the impurities in cotton to create a smooth yarn to make cotton more tough, not easy The quality of cotton is more stable. There are generally 21, 32, 40, 50, and 60 cotton cotton in combing combed cotton. The higher the number, the dense the cotton cloth, the softer and solid. As for how to distinguish the number of gauze, it is recommended to use two methods: “watch” and “touch”. The former method is to put a single layer of cotton cloth on the hand and see it after lighting. Because the tiny combed cotton cotton is very tight, the shadow cannot be seen after light transmission; otherwise, the ordinary cotton cloth is not enough because the weaving is not enough. High, the outline of the hand is faintly visible. As for the discrimination of touch, it is actually whether the texture of the cotton is soft and solid. In addition, the weaving of cotton cotton also affects the quality of quality. Some manufacturers use oblique weaving, so that they are not only easy to start with hair balls, but the skin will feel rough and uncomfortable. Choose a combed cotton to get better quality assurance. High -quality underwear products use 40 tongchen combed cotton as fabrics, and some manufacturers use 32 refined combed cotton as fabrics or cotton cotton to charge consumers.

5. Cashmere: Cashmere is a thin layer of thin fleece covering the root of the goat on the roots of the goat. It grows in the cold time in winter, resisting the cold, and falling off after the spring of spring. Cashmere is different from wool. Wool grows on sheep, and cashmere grows only on goats. Cashmere is the thinnest of animal fibers. The natural curling is high. It is tightly arranged in spinning and woven and good coexistence. Therefore, the warmth is good. Cashmere fibers are small and smooth in the appearance of the fiber, and there is an air layer in the middle of the fiber, so its weight is light and the feel is smooth. The color is natural and soft -cashmere fibers are uniform and small density. The cross section is mostly rounded, with strong hygroscopicity, which can fully absorb dyes and cannot fade easily. Therefore, compared with other fibers, it is easy to recognize the advantages of cashmere luster natural, soft, pure, and gorgeous. Flexible and elastic -Cashmere fibers are large due to their curls, curl rates, and curling rates. They should be processed into a full, soft, and elastic knitted knitted fabric. It does not shrink after washing and has good shelf. It is hailed as “fiber diamonds” by European and Americans and “soft gold” by the Japanese. High -quality underwear products use cotton+cashmere mixing, which can improve comfort, but also allow consumers to enjoy high -quality high -quality and cheap cashmere products.

6. Schonglika: It contains warmth, Lycra, and combed long velvet cotton. It adopts the internationally advanced unique velvet technology, giving the fabric soft touch, and greatly enhanced the warmth performance. The product is excellent, stretched freely, wearing a sense of no restraint, the new darling of the underwear market.

7. Color cotton: Natural color cotton is cotton with various color fibers such as red, yellow, brown, and green when cotton -cotton is mature. This kind of natural color cotton has the characteristics of natural softness, quaint and elegant, soft texture, and the texture of the natural color, and the fiber color can gradually deepen after washing. Textiles made of colored cotton do not need chemical dye dyeing, and will not cause pollution to land and water in the processing production process. It does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde and nitrogen dyes in textiles, and has the function of anti -static and itching. It is a veritable “green product”. It is known as “ecological clothing” and “plant cashmere”. The people’s new textile raw materials that protect the living environment and achieve sustainable development requirements meet the trend of people’s pursuit of pure natural fashion, environmental protection and health. Because color cotton does not need to dye in the production process, it has removed the pollution process of chemicals, which has become a new product with environmental protection functions, especially for underwear.

How to wash warm underwear?

1. Keep warm underwear. The most ideal way is to gently wash or wash hands.

2. The water temperature does not exceed 40 ° C, it is best to control about 30 ° C.

3. Neutral detergent must be selected, and washing soaps or detergents containing white agents should not be used. The detergent should be appropriate, and too much detergent will bring a burden on the fabric, which will affect the underwear texture.

Top ten brands of warm underwear