The temperature decreases, you can wear it like this.

Is the recent weather very cold? Everyone’s thick clothes are put on! On the street, we have seen a very popular granular velvet jacket this year. There are all types of styles to meet the needs of different groups. So how to choose a style and how to match it is a big problem. Let’s take a look together and learn some dry goods!

The first set of wear was blue -dye -dye pill jacket. The color is unexpected and very trendy. This kind of dyeing style is very popular this year, so it is at the forefront of fashion. The biggest advantage of granular velvet jackets is loose. It can accommodate girls with various types of body types, and wrap themselves in thick clothes in winter, and will also have a full sense of happiness.

This dress is designed by the pullover. In fact, the clothes that are not connected are more suitable for more mature people, showing a clean and neat style. And this dress is medium -length, just to the thigh, it can play a good warmth.


The loose jacket, the inside inside can not only choose the repair model, but there is no problem with the loose model. With a sweater that everyone loves, the casual style is full.

So let’s take a look at how the granular velvet jacket is matched! The model in the photo chose a pair of black leggings. Because the jacket is long, you can choose a pair of shorts worn in winter, which will not be embarrassing.

The socks that are very popular this year are exposed, and they also come in handy here. With small white shoes, it visually increases the proportion of figure and pulls the length of the legs.

This pill jacket is very European and American style. At the cuffs and the hem, it is tightly designed, so that it can cover the wind and cold well. Because it is the main color of the white, there are blue embellishments on the arm, making the clothes not so monotonous.

It is paired with beige sweaters and slim styles to make the whole not so bloated. The lower body is a slim jeans that can outline the body curve. This set of girls who are suitable for slim.

The buttons of the trunk of the buttons are very innocent, and the age is cute, suitable for the student party. This jacket is a super loose design, so that you can wear clothes or display.

The loose version wraps the body in the clothes, I believe it must be very warm to wear! The lower body is matched with loose jeans. Because the upper body is also loose, the style is more matched.

There are many types of pellets, and this jacket is a fashionable type. The design of the stand -up collar and the loosefish are a good design. And the clothes are not just white, but also the orange embellishment. The eye -catching part can make people notice that the color matching is also perfect.


Because this jacket is a young type, the pants are paired with tight black trousers, close to the skin, and perfectly displayed the leg shape.


The design of granular velvet jackets is also very good. Cortical clothes can cover the wind and cold, and can wear a cool style, similar to the feeling of locomotive girls.


This dress is designed with lapels, like a leather jacket, with granular velvet at the neckline, cuffs and hem. The superposition of the two elements makes the whole dress more colorful.

Rarely can be seen on both sides, and there are types of sports style. This granular velvet jacket is a refreshing and casual type. Girls who go to school can be used as ordinary jackets. Girls at work can be used as workers. There are no extra accessories. The color is relatively simple. It is enough to wear in daily life.

In the end, this dress looks the warmest. Its texture is relatively hard, but the windshield is good, but it may be uncomfortable to wear. Because the clothes are relatively heavy, the small girl is not recommended to choose, which is both height and fat, and it is difficult to control.


This dress is paired with black wide -leg pants. It is very powerful to wear and walk around. Generally, you choose a slim style, which is more comfortable to wear. Seeing this, what dry goods did you learn?


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