Press the computer console to press the boot button. There is no response. What should I do if the lights in the main box flickered?


Many friends have not turned on the computer for a long time, but one day suddenly a young lady shouted lol to open the black, so the little friend rushed to the house, and then thought about using the high -end computers at home and the elegant and quiet environment. Take the younger sister from the Canyon Alliance, but when I turned home, I found that my computer could not be turned on. What is not displayed is the display, so what should we do when we encounter this situation?



In this case, we must not panic. First of all, you must tell the younger sister that your mother now lets you work or cook. First of all, you must give the younger sister a filial manner. After all, the hard condition on the blind date is filial piety. Can you see if you are cooking? Miss Sister, we flickered, and the time to save time to solve the computer problem. First of all, we have to confirm whether this computer can be turned on with a long time ago. If it can be turned on, then the problem will be simple. If you can’t turn on, then it must be more complicated.


The picture above is a picture of a computer’s accessories. We first exclude the case caused by the case caused by the case. Maybe many friends understand that the computer will laugh at this step. In fact, many people really know the computer. The wires are not installed. After learning the assembly computer, all the accessories are installed in the chassis, and then repeatedly press the chassis switch. The result is not open, because the chassis jump line. Therefore, we need to check whether the chassis jumper is not in contact before the computer does not turn on, but now the premise of our setting is that the fan is turned, that is, it is not turned on, so the step of the chassis can be omitted.

If the chassis is slightly over, let’s start checking the reason for the graphics card. After all, the fan power supply is running normally, that is, the display is not bright, so it is likely to be a graphics card. At this time Many graphics cards have not worked normally since the on -board installation system. This is because many people insert the graphics card to the video output on the motherboard. Then if there is a nuclear display of this computer, it may be on, but if it will be bright, but if it is If there is no nuclear display, it is definitely not bright, so we need to check whether the interface of the graphics card is paired.

If there is no problem, then we have to wipe the golden fingers of the graphics card interface. Why do we do this here, because this host has not been turned on for a long time, electronic products are like this. No, this is like a motorcycle. If you do n’t ride for a long time, you will have a lucidic block. You do n’t need to use the computer for a long time, so it will be ashes inside the chassis, causing the golden finger part to be in poor contact, which will cause it to not turn on the boot. The situation occurs.

The reason for the memory strip is the same as above. As long as most computers are not tidal and other factors, they can basically be turned on, so this check -up time is just 5 minutes. If you still do n’t turn on, then you need to perform the simplest operation of the motherboard. There is a battery on the motherboard. This battery is powered on the motherboard. So at this time you can buckle the motherboard battery to discharge a short motherboard. The discharge time is 15 seconds to 1 minute. According to the urgency of your situation, most of them are about 30 seconds.


Most computers can basically turn on when they reach this length. Unless your computer hardware has a problem, the computer cannot be effectively turned on. At this time The merchant asked the merchant to test it, and then you go to the Internet cafe to take the younger sister to take off, otherwise the younger sister exploded in minutes.



This is a simple knowledge of computer maintenance, so don’t have any fear of damaging this stuff, rest assured and boldly, and do it with confidence. It is not as easy as we think of it. You must know how many computers have fallen from the table. Pick it up and hang the power and video cable. Do not show up, dismantle it in minutes, do n’t get used to this stuff.


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