Can down jackets still create a dressing version? The camouflage is delicious enough!

The cool boys in the bones, you must have tried in the style of Parker style. In the cold winter, you have to be a warm and eye -catching tide man. Want to give her a sense of security, the down jacket selection of the dressing version is enough!


As the footsteps of winter gradually approached, the down jacket became a hot -season and hot item. And some cool boys complain that it is not bloated enough. Today, the workers recommended by the editor can make you take care of warmth and trendy.

How charm is the charm of a down jacket? The Taiping Bird takes you to understand. In order to wake up the fearless fashion attitude of the ICON, based on the workplace version, and adding the darling of the trending world, the camouflage elements as the decoration, showing a distinctive tough guy Parker style.

The charm of camouflage is to easily integrate into any style and create your own fashion personality. The design of the workmanship provides sufficient matching space inside, equipped with a hooded sweater on the street; and the overall look is handsome.


And those who really make you warm and embarrassed, thanks to the addition of white duck down. Not only is the texture soft, there is no sense of restraint; the important thing is that it can automatically adjust the temperature, and the temperature is locked instantly, so that the cold space of the outside world is far away from you, as warm as the northern heating.


Different from traditional down jackets, it is destined that it will not lose to mediocrity. Modify the shape through the visual effect of the silhouette. The placket stripe and the cuffs magic sticker design keeps warm and anti -wind. The overall practicality and beauty, let you shine the whole winter.

Don’t you want to spend the winter in mediocrity and want to bloated? Faced with such a warm -keeping, handsome, handsome and stylish down jacket, quickly let it become your fashion equipment, and start the road of a tide tough guy!