Buying “jackets” in autumn and winter is not expensive. Really advanced women usually choose these 3 models

After leaving the heat of the heat, the coldness of autumn and winter is coming. A woman’s wardrobe is always one less dress. The shopping ideas described above can be changed. Especially the autumn and winter jackets, buy exquisite and beautiful, instead of pursuing the advantages of quantity. Really advanced women will definitely choose the following three coats.


Speaking of autumn and winter coats, as long as you open the cabinet, the side of the eye is a cabinet jacket. The thick and thin and dark light color is everything, which can completely look at the eyes of Jimei boyfriend or husband’s eyes. The beauty that I have thought about it, you can probably realize that there are more or less models that will not be worn more or less.

Good -looking clothes are endless. This is a point that everyone needs to remember, and most of the reasons you feel that the unsightly clothes are the stake in the purchase. The exquisite autumn and winter jackets can improve the presence of your high -quality temperament in minutes, which is definitely necessary to buy exquisite and durable styles.

The exquisite and durable autumn and winter jacket must avoid the following two thunder points:

① The color is too bright

For example, the fluorescent color system, the look of the fluorescent color is only in the moment, the visual fatigue of color will produce a color;

② The design is particularly exaggerated

Here I refer to those runways to take the show, fashionable and domineering, and the personality is too exaggerated, which is not suitable for daily wear.

And those who are truly advanced, usually buy these three:

First one: suit

① sincere straight rate; ② neutral charm; ③ tough lines.

The above three points are the unique features shown by the suit. The neutral style of the suit has always been loved by women, especially in the workplace women. BUT, as we all know, suits are no longer the exclusive costumes of the workplace, and the suites that can be seen everywhere every day, but seem to lack the intention of snacks.

What? Still wearing black and gray suit? Intersection NONONO, throw it away, the black and gray is too formal and dull. It is dull in autumn and winter. Of course, it is necessary to play color, but the color sense at this time cannot be like the colorful summer, and excessive brightness will have a sense of disobedience with autumn and winter. The gentle and cold autumn and winter with the Morandi color system is suitable.

★ Mainly push 3 Morandi suit:

① smog blue

, It is a color that does not pick people, and the suit of casual design is more suitable.

② Mist -surface caramel

As the color of the autumn and winter jacket, the deep orange tone with warm orange, warm the spleen, reduces the coldness of the suit.


③ gray tone orange powder

At the same time, the sexy and cuteness of the little woman. Compared with the above two colors, it is more feminine. Everyday and workplace wear can exist.


★ suit with new wear method → ​​suit+coat/cotton clothing

Do n’t just wear a sweater+shirt in autumn and winter. These common stacked wear, the suit is used as a stack, which is warm and stylish. Don’t worry about entering the room, the embarrassment of taking off the coat. It is still a good -looking jacket, the most suitable for women who need to work.

2nd paragraph: woolen coat


① have gloss; ② feel soft; ③ moderate weight.


The above three points are the details that need to be paid attention to when buying a coat. Good gloss enhances the sense of high level of clothing. The soft fabric plus a moderate weight, which improves the comfort of wearing.


★ Important reminder:


Do not buy a woolen coat with a sense of weight. The upper body is like a quilt. It is too heavy and the trial feeling is extremely uncomfortable!

Different styles of coats are based on


The style you like

Be sure

Big Women’s domineering style →

Select the fitting model with size, and the thin back of the shoulder is beautiful, you can boldly try the shoulder -to -shoulder woolen coat, and immediately leak a powerful aura;

Leisure Han Fan girl →

The design of the shoulder is standard, loose and casual, and the upper body is more comfortable. If you want to show thin Jimei, choose a style with a softer fit with the body.

In addition to the main selection according to the style, it is impossible to choose according to the color. Then you have to understand which one of your skin tone belongs to, is cold white or warm white skin, is black and yellow skin and just dull skin tone? Jimei has to think about their skin tone.

▸ ▸ ▸ →


Gao Cold Girl, selecting cold -tone coats with poisonous and poisonous, creating the ultimate and comfortable cold -tone high -level on the visual effect. Common white is easy to wear and good. Essence

▸ warm white skin →

The warm white skin tone, the tenderness revealed from the skin, in the autumn and winter scraping of the cold wind, the beautiful and cute tender pink tender lady, warm orange -red in winter Filling the enthusiasm of fire.

▸ Black and yellow skin →

With the right color, you should pay more attention not to step on the color.

The following three colors and patterns are absolutely not touching:

① The retro style dark pattern.

It is still dark, even the white -skinned girl is difficult to control;


② Positive red.

The upper body of the red woolen coat is too gorgeous. In contrast to the black skin girl, it is a disaster;

③ Yellow.

The yellow skin and yellow, the integration of the skin color is not much suitable. Whether it is light yellow or thick turmeric, it is a good hand with yellow black skin.

Don’t take risks of the above three colors, try the absolute regret series!

Third, fur

Q: Fur is exclusive to the lady?


A: Of course not, how long is this the idea …

Fur is not a single type of fluffy, and leather clothes are also a kind of fur. Compared to the plush of fur, leather clothes are biased towards leisure neutral style and swept the punk family in the 1960s and 1970s.


· Conventional version of leather clothes →

The length of the buttocks is mainly black and brown. It is suitable for most beautiful wearing.


· Long retro leather jacket →

This leather clothes are going to wear people. Tall girls are more beautiful. If a small girl wants to try, it must be paired with a belt to highlight the higher waist.

· Switching leather clothes →

Together with leisure models, the stitching models have increased a lot, and the style is mostly in the style of the windbreaker. It does not like the beauty of the weight of the leather coat. The stitching style can be considered.

When it comes to the fluffy fur series, the style that matches it is probably the style of the lady. If you like the beauty of this kind of fur, you must pay attention to avoid the sense of oldness that the upper body may bring when buying. In all colors, white is best worn and not old. So, you can boldly start with white fur.

What? Can fur can also become a member of leisure wear?

Yeah, with everyone’s pursuit of young, in recent years, fur has swept various leisure funds.

Oversize fur jacket →

The sense of leisurely leisure in the sense of noble lady is unique.

In the color selection of casual fur, it is matched as a clean color as much as possible. Various contrasting colors of red and purple can be exempted.

The autumn and winter jackets that are not expensive are the above three models, which are good -looking and easy to wear. With these three pieces that are enough to match various fashion styles, the wardrobe does not need to be so crowded ~