Anhui sampling network sales of more than 50 % unqualified clothing

According to the Anhui Daily report, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau notified the provincial -level spot check and inspection of clothing products in Anhui Province.The results showed that whether it was adult clothing or children’s clothing, the sample sampling inspection rate was unqualified by more than 50%.Among them, adult clothing is not qualified to be 56%, and children’s clothing unqualified rates are 57%.

The projects with unqualified sampling inspections include instructions and fiber content.Smooth -inspected children’s clothing trademark brands involved all the way to grow, beautiful mother and baby, colorful ιΈ¬, year’s sheep, Jing Hao’s father, etc.; Adult clothing trademark brands involved Creeig, Vansenburg, Hongqi, Dai Bear, etc.

For unqualified goods found in this spot check, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau has instructed the relevant market supervision departments to investigate and deal with and supervise operators to rectify in accordance with the law.

The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau reminds consumers that when buying clothing, pay attention to the instructions for the use of the product, and try not to buy products with unused instructions.