Flashlights & Torches

World Cup changed the United States Project X! Of a football baby makeup Mimi accompany him to the ballpark –

World Cup came,


I do not know how many men gambled lined up on the roof!

I do not know how much hardship sister fighting back tears accompanied the man to watch the game!

enough! ! ! !

We endure enough!


Tut tut, thinking about it – as the standard of Chinese watching a good girlfriend to accompany the surgery is compulsory Okay? We have to do, it is to stay with us watching more beautiful! More beautiful! ! Only more beautiful! ! !

So today Mandy and share with you how to make their time in watching more attractive than daily – in particular some social-loving man like with a girlfriend or wife to watch the bar, this time much more than who would not bet but a woman who is around more attractive!


In order to quell Bowen, the top body makeup to put a map ~


[X-PLAN PART 1. Makeup articles]

This baby would go to watch football! This year you support which team? Mandy good luck, always liked the country of Spain, of course, pseudo-fans to support the team with the first instinct for it! And he cut me to change hopeless love England England …… then silently went home – and then I changed the way …… like Argentina a broken heart ha ha ~

In any case, support for Argentina so go watch it!

Cosmetics plans to serve, and have used this to see what the cosmetics ~


Makeup supplies:

MaxFactor Max Factor Concealer Pen

Counter-Strike Benefit Pui Ling Fei pores concealers


Aupres Aupres Zhen white multi-effect BB Cream

Artistry Artistry Powder


Eyes supplies:

Easy as the glasses contact lenses

M.A.C Aramis star Hyun 5-color eye shadow set 05 #


Sleek eye shadow 594 # Original

Maybelline Maybelline eyeliner fine

Taiwan Ultra Fire false eyelashes

Clinique Clinique mascara

Lips supplies:


Estee Lauder Estee Lauder lip gloss

MaxFactor Max Factor lipstick


Other supplies:

Canmake four-color blush

Kate eyebrow

Well hurry to want to learn make-up friends – sisters picked up the line and Beauty tools together to look it! ~

First, tell us about today’s use of US-pupil ~


Is easy to view from the United States pupil brown glasses, have a lot of his family US pupil different styles and colors, depending on the needs of applications and can pick different patterns – and are relatively thin, comfortable to wear not heavy, very breathable with a day there is no problem of dry eyes or eye astringent ~

Relatively large diameter, it would be easier to draw different styles of beautiful makeup – compare the difference between what the naked eye and have to wear did not wear oh Mandy sometimes too lazy to make-up, wearing the United States pupil went out – the eyes are the windows of the soul, as long as the eyes of God , put the whole spirit lift a ~

Then on makeup, because there will be some Mandy nose pores, so the first frost covered with Counter-Strike Benefit Pui Ling Fei pores to cover my pores ~


Then use concealer to cover his eyes and acne –


A prelude to it over and over, and quickly began to enter the makeup!

Mandy male vote here today to talk to the bar spectators, so heavy makeup actually down does not matter, in the dark the lights have heavy makeup feeling good enough. So today Mandy with a BB cream but did not choose liquid foundation. Slowly press gourd monarch, than the average puff or really a lot of hand even docile lot.

Then continue to use the powder may float in powder gently press down – duck this powder super fine silty, color number is the whitest, Concealer degree high, a small cassette is definitely not the space to go out ~

Then makeup is complete, you can begin to use thrush friends – this is the high cost of Japanese kate eyebrow ~

Next is very important, can the color of eye makeup friends ~


Both will be used mainly eye shadow today, it must first talk is easy to burst! I will be able to melt the color MAC star Hyun 5-color eye shadow set 05 # with soft pink nude color, bright yellow, light brown earth, bright yellowish green, dark green, very amazing super-rich – a girl can do commute + brown with pink, green elf can do PartyQueen ~

On the back of the hand to you again a color, the color is natural in the light of the room –


Argentina fans look to build today, we should use this disk in the nude powder (1) + bright yellow (2) ~


Mandy personally I feel that there are blue and white Argentine flag, but the middle of the sun is also critical of wood there! So I boldly abandoned blue no good, opted for a more dazzling yellow, blue and yellow ride – this is the choice of M.A.C disk in bright yellow, blue – enough to flash enough to jump on a sleek blue (3) ~

First painted the entire eye socket with the naked powder – painted bright yellow and then head in the eye, brighten role – Finally sleek blue disk, do not mean big, shallow layer of really ascend to the eye can not see ~ tail, mercilessly swept away!


Well eye makeup and then draw on the eyeliner, coupled with false eyelashes to complete it! ~


Then brush on blush, this really is canmake than many big names are easy to use, what color you want to sweep sweep what color, 5-color mixed with a color super natural ~!


For a more shiny lip portion more coloring, I mixed two kinds, one is not flash solid lipstick, lip gloss and the other is –


First with lipstick painted lips, then gently draw a circle with Lip Gloss brighten, can form a fresh dripping lip toot it!

Argentina finally paste stickers, makeup done! Put on jersey, go with him watching it ~ ~

This sharing it on here, see you next time oh what what da ~ ~