Precautions for the construction of dry hanging stone in the outer wall

Precautions for the construction of dry hanging stone in the outer wall

Exterior wall dry hanging stone is a decorative engineering that is greater and difficult to comprehensively regulate.

• Design 确 Clear

• Construction Management 工 Fan

• The quality of the construction team is low


• The supervision team is weak in technology

1. Contain point attention point

1. Stone materials (aluminum windows, magnetic movies, gardening stones) are handed in, whether the contract is clear?

Plugs by stone construction unit


2. Whether the stone in the construction site needs to be transferred secondary and whether the contract is included in the contract

Secondary transfer fee

2. Drawing verification items

3. Following Points of Hydropower Construction


4. Safety precautions


1. Fires are prone to occur when welding keel welding. Shopping on the floor on each floor is prominently placed



• Suggestions; 1. The bottom of the welding joints is suspended from the slag bucket.

2. Place the fire extinguisher on each layer.

• 2. The temporary cable should have no broken skin. The handheld machine is used to prevent leakage.

• 3. Pleeling Pingqiao is forbidden to stack stone.

• 4. During the construction period of the hanging stone, the outer rack tie rods are randomly removed.

• 5. Workers who install stone must bring well

Belt, helmet

7. It is forbidden to remove the safety network without authorization (special attention high -temperature weather).

5. Construction aspect

1. It is forbidden to use cloud stone gum instead of AB glue to fix the pendant.


2. Keep check whether the pendant settings can meet the requirements when the lines and relief installation can meet the requirements.

3. You need to do the sunbathing platform with ground stickers should be paved on the ground to be completed before you can set the side plates. You do not need to do the bottom plate of the yang terrace on the ground.



4. The window sill should be tilted outward.


5. Make the materials for entry and acceptance:

Determine the lines of the lines, thickness stones, glue (weathering glue, AB glue) sealing


6. Stones need to be waterproof (preferably the manufacturer for protecting the back field), stone manufacturers should be used in the waterproof stones


7. On -site inspection tools: galvanized thickness detector, rust steel recognition potion

8. The installation of the fence vase must ensure that the vase and the top are firm. Should pay attention

Vocal pitch, pavilion width

Railway height 觃 super strong

9. The outer door and window cover should be reserved around


The gap is 亍 亍.

10, aluminum alloy door, stone side of the windows side of the window should be based on


Aluminum, hinge

Determined. Usually



11. The best construction time for rear burials is before plastering of the outer wall.

• 12. Before the keel welding, the outer wall must be performed by the civil construction unit for 48 hours.

Note: The corner of the windows, the corner of the field, the corner of the floating table, and the inclined roof are not intersecting), and there is no leakage prescription

However, the construction unit does not hand over the site transfer.

• 13. The anchor board is prohibited from fixing 亍 亍 气 气 (觃 Fan requires anchor plate vertical pitch 丌 super



• 14. Stone construction should be protected by finished aluminum windows during construction.

• 15. It should be clarified to clarify the coating method of keel (corner iron, slot steel).

• 16. The welding site shall be cleaned up by the welding residue to apply anti -rust paint

• 17. Repairing method of stone: stone powder tune AB glue repairs

19. The spacing of the outer frame is not wall (40cm), you need to pay attention to

Floating boards, lines, reliefs


• 20. The stone team is required to use acid tolerance glue, and the neutral glue is easy to crack.

• 21. When welding the keel welding, the doors and windows should be protected to avoid burns.

22. AB glue ratio is suitable. Too much curing agent can cause stone discoloration

23. Stone entrance should check the thickness of the board, the thickness of the litchi surface 丌 亍 亍 亍


24. Focus on checking the pendant setting by the door and window. The pendant must be connected to the bolt to prohibit welding connection

Essence All stone materials must be fixed.

25. After the stone construction is completed, the 48 -hour interoperability must be performed to confirm that there is no leakage.


• 26. The effective buried length of the chemical embolism 丌 11cm, the effective buried length of the explosion bolt 丌


Xiaoyu 8cm.

• 27. The window sill and floating boards need to be made into an outer inclination.

• 28. Gardening paving the stagnation of the outer wall must leave about 1cm of sewing glue ring pouring asphalt.

• 29. Before the installation of stone, the lightning protection should be ensured that the lightning protection has passed the acceptance

6. Common means of cutting corners of construction units


1. Reduce the thickness of the tablet

• 2. Use non -304 bolt components and pendants

• 3. Use non -customized adhesive


• 4. Corner iron replaced slot steel

• 5. Corner iron and groove steel are welded, and the welding is not resusted.

• 6. Leak brush ring to brush less rust paint

• 7. Low the ring and set up a pendant

• 8. Small board assembly

Quality issues

How to do dry hanging stone fast and good



1. The choice of the construction unit (good ones are China Construction Five Bureau and West China, China),

2. Implement all -staff training and strengthen the education of quality and safety awareness of relevant personnel.

1. drawing drawings

2. Material


3, outer frame

4. Anti -theft

• machine

1. Material elevator

2. Related machinery for stone processing

• Law

1. Drawing requirements


2. Requirement

3. Group requirements

• ring

1. Construction road

2. Material stack

3. Construction preparation for high temperature and rainy days

4. Place transfer






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