Choose short down jackets in winter, which is more layered and more figured.

Most of the beauties who go out in winter will pay attention to keeping warm and fashionable wear. There are many girls who choose short down jackets, and short down jackets are more layered, and they also make the matching more abundant. See how these beautiful women match short down jackets with short down jackets , A short white down jacket with a shorter placket, whether the green inside in the inside is special, many people will feel that it should not be exposed, in fact to show the figure, white slim trousers, with black ones with black ones. Boot boots and boots are relatively hard leather and look very textured.


Most beautiful women will have short down jackets, which can show long legs, and also match a simple style. It is different from long down with a long down. This beauty chooses a beige short down jacket. The small feeling, beautiful woman, beautiful women Tall figure, so with this down jacket, it feels very special. It is paired with a black leggings. This dark and light color contrast is very beautiful and simple. It makes you feel that it is not difficult to match winter. A black and white sports Shoes are also the style of leisure and fashion.

In fact, the color of winter color is better to choose light colors. It is also to better display yourself. Do n’t always feel that it can only be matched with dark styles such as black in winter. This beauty chooses a beige short down jacket , Small feeling, fluffy design, very casual feeling, with a pair of beige trousers, leg collection design, a bit of sports style, light -colored sneakers under the feet, light -colored matching in winter, can also look good, a one Light -colored plaid shoulder bag is also a very good choice.


What kind of matching is good -looking, how to match it without fixed is good -looking. Different figures, you need to choose a different match. This beauty chooses a brown short down jacket, which is black inside. Feeling, with a black trousers, this seems to be very good, fashionable beauty is more confident in her figure, and will match this way. It is paired with a black thick -bottomed boots. , So you choose the effect of showing a more figure.

There are many girls with good figures, and their winter match will also be relatively simple. This beauty chooses a short black down jacket. The hem is not very long, and there are lamb hairs. Good -looking, beautiful women choose a black trousers slimming style, a bit of small flared pants style, beautiful legs and straight pens, so the effect of matching is also very beautiful. With a pair of pair of shoes A black shoulder bag, the hat on the head is a light green peaked cap, is it also beautiful?


Fashionable beauties, for most beautiful women, choose some simpler styles, this beauty chooses a short white down jacket, beautiful women pay attention to keep warm, a black knitted hat, warm and mysterious, with a black trousers This is a dark color match, which is very beautiful. It is very beautiful with a black boot. It is very beautiful. It also has a stylish and atmospheric feeling. The color of the choice is very beautiful. It also has a simple taste. This taste is like this.