3 good -quality electric tricycles, equipped with 1000W motor, are suitable for leisure mobility or pick -up children

September has arrived, “the new national standard of low -speed vehicles for ten years has been released!” In fact, this policy that has begun to come out is really not good for low -speed vehicle companies.


At present, Luoyang, Qiu County and Henan in Hebei, have stated that driving low -speed electric vehicles must hold Class C driver’s license standards on the road to drive on the road, otherwise the vehicle will be deducted on the road.


C1, C2 driver’s license, for young people with strong learning ability, are a man. For the elderly to participate in this difficult and low -pass driver’s license test, many elderly people rushed to dismiss.

I want to say that the canopy is a very good choice! Take three models as an example.

Sheng Hao X8

How does Sheng Hao X8, who makes people who call YYDS, exudes the charm that makes people unresolved? The confidence is derived from the more efficient 800W strong motor! Such a high -energy and powerful motor emits amazing powerful torque, and low noise and durability index are also very high! It’s almost YYDS!

Not only the internal quality upgrade, but the appearance is also used in the front line of the trend, fashion travel, dynasty and luxurious!

Light your elderly life, colorful and wonderful!

Big Brand: Look at the atmosphere from a distance; look close to the details! Not only does the appearance of the appearance of the visual satisfaction of luxury mounts, but the all -inclusive injection center console highlights high -end quality, low -key luxury with connotation! Fix leather seats, grab the visual sense and actual riding comfort!


400-10 Zhengxin tires, the grip strength is obvious to all, not only to keep your travel worry-free, but also the service life is also effective!

Zong Shenlong F7


From a distance, Longwei F7 square square, large and tangible; recently, the front face is clear, metallic decorative parts are decorated, which not only continues the dragon Wei series to show the tough guy, but also improves the overall temperament of Longwei F7. A level!

Three full stamping five -door, large space households properly arranged! The high -light front light LED illuminates the way home for you; the taillights are wide and vigilant, making the safety index rising! Longwei F7 escort your security! Let you go at night and sing loudly!

Spiral spring+damping, support the elasticity between structures, reduce the shock of the transmission, shock absorption safety, and do whatever you want.


Safe full scores, more control! Independent suspension instrument+reversing image allows safety to ensure layer protection!

Jindi Jinyi-suspension version

The appearance of the golden wing is eye -catching! From a distance, the entire vehicle presents a car -level molding process. It is noble, calm and thick. In terms of quality, high -temperature paint can last for a long time and does not fade, and it is also new for a long time! Looking close to each other, the new paste design and coloring solution, when the appearance is eye -catching, becomes the focus of the audience, just to capture your sight!

Small watches, great intelligence! Interactive technology gold wings are vividly displayed! This standard color touch screen, combines the functions of the car image, radio, battery power, speed, lighting indicator and other functions, has a sense of technology beyond the same category!

Eh! Don’t look at the gold wing that looks small, it may be pretended! Internal space cannot be underestimated! Not only is it reasonable, but also has excellent quality! The excellent driving field of vision and comfortable driving posture, Jinyi has all occupied! Just to let you enjoy the car -level driving experience!

How about, these three canopies are well -made. Quality and experience, but it is recognized by the chest!

In towns, these three models are definitely ideal in the minds of many elderly people. Presumably, they will also become a hot -selling model for markets.

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