You need to be “anti -theft” when you go home in the New Year, beware of the thief to take care of your home

The new year is coming, and everyone has already started buying tickets home. Do not forget the safety of renting houses and self -housing houses, because during the New Year’s peak period, it is also a period of high incidence of thieves. Without doing a good job of anti -theft, the family will be patronized by the thief. Let’s take a look at how to do anti -theft work when I go home in the New Year.

Five main points of house anti -theft

1. Install the anti -theft door. Whether the anti -theft door is really “anti -theft”, we must control the quality. Seeing the three points of the anti -theft door: At first glance: the thickness of the steel plate frame of the anti -theft door frame must be above 2 mm, and the thickness of the door body must be at least 20 mm. The anti -theft lock on the door must be passed through the public security department. It should also be equipped with reinforced steel plates for protection. Two touch: The appearance of the anti -theft door should be painted or spray paint. It feels delicate and looks shiny. Generally, it should be more than 40 kg. Three investigations: See if the anti -theft door has the safety monitoring certificate of the public security department. If not, it cannot be easily purchased.

2. There are “agencies” behind the door. Place the sound of the empty wine bottles such as the empty wine bottle behind the door before going to bed. When the thieves pry the door into the room, a huge sound occurs, awakening the residents who sleep, thus scaring the thief.


3. Reinforce the windows and make a clever organ. The small window of the aisle uses a flat iron to reinforce the welding scar on the original iron bar, which is connected. If you need to open a single fan window at night, you can put hard filling in the sliding texture, such as: wooden strips, stone strips, etc. The width of the opening of the window is less than the gap that one person can get in, so that it can be transparent, and the thief can’t get in.

4. The most important point of rented houses to prevent theft is not to let the theft suspect see no one at home. You can put some clothes on the balcony and put two pairs of shoes at the door. Shoes, thieves this year are also very smart. In addition, if you just go out in the short term, you can turn on the energy -saving lamp at home, and some people in the house will not steal it.


5. Stall your valuable items to a safe place. For example, during the Spring Festival, the friends who do not leave Beijing, or temporarily stored in a professional private warehousing service company like the US Cube Warehouse with a 24 -hour safety monitoring and guarantee system. In this way, even if the thief took the house, he could only regret the empty hand.

Family anti -theft knowledge

1. Please collect newspapers and periodicals for neighbors

According to the police, the whole family travels during the long holiday, and it is best to tell relatives and friends to the travel itinerary and contact phone number. The security guards in the community or neighbors collect the newspapers and letters of the mailboxes on their behalf, and throw away the small advertisements stuffed on the door in time so that others are not easy to find the homeowner out. After going out, the homeowner must not leave a note such as “going out” outside the door. Do n’t use some debris to cover the doors and windows with some debris, let people know that no one at home.


2. Pay more attention to the security guard patrolling

Residents living in high -end communities must actively cooperate with the management of security and property, consciously protect various anti -theft facilities in the community, and remind the property company to check and debug the security supervision prevention and control system in the community to ensure that the system is operating normally. It is necessary to say hello to the property company when going out, especially on the balcony or water pipes, which are easy to climb, so that the security guard patrols more attention. In addition, do not store a large amount of cash at home. Valuable ornaments or important property have the conditions to deposit as much as possible in the bank safe. At the same time, it will be carried by the notebooks, amounts, amounts, and date of deposit.

3. Set up illusion to confuse the thief

Many people are used to drawing all the curtains after going out, so they told the thief invisibly that no one was. If the curtains are half -covered, the thief will mistakenly think that there are people in the family. In addition, in order to confuse the criminals, one or two old shoes can be placed at the door, so that the thief is unknown, and dare not commit crimes.

Pay attention to family anti -theft, don’t let your security system be used in the same way

If your home is installed with a video surveillance alarm system, you must check these before going out, otherwise your monitoring system may be in the same way.

1. Check whether the location of the video recorder is reasonable. Considering the safety of fire electricity and avoiding the stolen video of the video.

2. Check whether the system runs normally and whether the picture is complete.


2. Check whether the video time is accurate, whether the video function is normal, and the video file is the key to obtaining evidence.


3. Check whether the recording network connection is normal. Only the correct connection of the network can use mobile phones to remotely watch the picture in the home in the field.

4. Check whether the video recorder starts with a mobile detection alarm or linkage alarm, and start the alarm function. Some people invade will send alarm to remind your mobile phone.

5. Check whether the mobile phone monitoring app is the latest version, whether to turn on the alarm notification switch, and turn on the alarm notification switch to receive the alarm information issued by the video.

6. Check whether the mobile phone monitoring app enables application trust permissions and whether to open the allowable application to start automatically. This is also very critical. After the background is closed, no information cannot be received.

7. If the doors and windows at home are installed with independent door magnetism, check whether the independent door magnetic switch is turned on and the battery power is normal.

8. If there is an infrared or smoke alarm system, check whether the angle and power of the alarm probe are normal, and check whether the alarm host and the alarm number are normal.

In the New Year, the country must check the door locks of each door. If the doors and windows are damaged, they must be repaired before going out to avoid being visited by the thief when the New Year. In the New Year, we must strengthen anti -theft measures and let myself and their families live in the New Year with peace of mind.