The single shoes of the screen this spring, the little pointed is too thin! It’s so charming to wear temperament

As soon as spring arrives, I want to wear light and soft wild flat shoes, bathe in the sun, and chase the breeze.

Those who follow the fashion are recognized:

Polygonal flat shoes are the kings of all flat shoes.


There are flat -bottomed shoes that are naturally comfortable, but the aura is as stable as high heels.

Star bloggers from all walks of life have petted it. Whoever has it can make the shape.

Dating, walking red carpet, traveling around the world,

It can always deal with various occasions, and do not worry about wearing in spring, summer and autumn.

However, although flat shoes are good, if you are not careful, your feet are fat and your legs are short.

I brought you today

REREJOY Spring Single Single Shoes


, Know the “beautiful leg method”:

The skill of lengthening the legs is first -class. You can take pictures with skirts or jeans casually. Zhang Zhang is a fashion blockbuster.


2 styles, 5 colors,


Yujie, intellectual, gentle, and gently include various styles.

Generally, the flat heels are difficult to achieve better than high heels.

But this pointed flat shoe is an exception.

Try to penetrate my colleagues,


The shallow shoe mouth design narrows the lines of the feet, making the feet look thin and slender, and the beautiful foot effect is full!

The overall shoe design is simple and gentle, unique and stylish,

Whether it is a small skirt in spring, or daily commuting suit pants, it is easy to use the high -level beauty of natural beauty.

REREJOY is also selected


Super fiber, sheep puffy cloth

Two fabrics to create different styles.

The exquisite sheep puffy cloth comes with a kind of


Modern retro temperament,

The texture is light, the velvet feels delicate, and it has the charm of the urban Mo Deng girl.


The delicate super fibrous skin is more elegant and elegant,

It is more suitable for attending a big occasion to support the scene for yourself.

Just one or two pairs, can

From spring to winter, from the age of 20 to 60 ~


| Velvet Sattake Candy cloth |

○ Black


| Mature and elegant,

The black temperament is more fashionable and restrained, and it is very suitable for dating.

○ Ink green

| Hot retro,

Modern and stylish first cards reconstruct modern elegance with classical beauty.

○ Gray


| Just right, gorgeous and elegant, but extremely low -key. Gorgeous no hustle and bustle.

○ apricot color


| Gentle and high -level,

Gentle and gentle spring and summer wild households.


| Super fiber leather noodles |


○ Brown

| Elegant and valuable,

The popularity of black is second only to black, classic advanced.

| |


The glossy skin is more capable,

Wearing elegance in formal occasions is not wrong.

| Ultra -explicitly intellectual color system, the skin surface is more white,

Make the whole dress more stylish.


In addition to the beauty, these pair of REREJOY spring light -mouth single shoes are also comfortable to discuss the joy of all the fairy of the company:


“As soon as I stepped on, my feet were very soft, and there was a sense of comfort that made people relax.”

“I almost couldn’t keep up with the bus when I was at work. I didn’t get rid of it when I ran it.


High bomb super soft latex insole

Light and soft bomb, not tired for a long time

The insoles are made of comfortable and soft latex,

Soft, shock -proof, and elasticity are excellent.

Rubber outsole

Light, flexible, wear -resistant


The rubber bottom, soft and tough, on the premise of ensuring the comfort of walking and the non -slip high friction coefficient,

It can withstand the tests of various roads.

Not to go down

Work, shopping, walking baby light and easy to do

The heel selection is the most popular 3cm/1.5cm.

The 3cm heel is the marginal value of the average people’s comfort zone, which generally produces additional fatigue and discomfort.


For the sisters who love beauty and want to be comfortable, it is definitely the best choice.

1.5cm heel can be said to be a peak threshold of comfort. For girls with high sensitivity heels,

This 1.5cm heel is highly recommended, which is really very comfortable.

Follow the foot design and the most comfortable support, and the flexible soles will not go down during walking.

In the office, the shape adds a bit of exquisite and capable, and the gas field does not lose high heels at all.

Marilyn Monroe said,

Give a pair of suitable shoes, she can conquer the whole world.

This is the case for putting on these pointed shoes.


One pedal, light as barefoot,


Both feet can be liberated from the secular high heels, elegant and confidently stepped out of the house.

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[Pre -sale March 3 Delivery] REREJOY spring new single shoes

¥ 119



○ Black

○ apricot color