Take a look at seven unpopular car logo

The logo is the identity of a car brand, just like its last name, telling the story of its family. However, just like our family surnames, there are surnames that are well known, but also the last names that are not well known but existing. The same is true of cars. Today we will organize seven unknown car logo to see what kind of stories they have in their past and present life.

Hyundai Yakos

As a business card in South Korea, Hyundai Automobile is also a household name in China. However, as a modern flagship, it is also the Korean presidential car. There is also a standard on the front of the car. The shape of wings -like looks unique in the modern family.

Because there are fewer domestic preservation and no traditional modern car signs of traditional modern cars, many people are not familiar with this car, but it is indeed a D and luxury cars, and it is also a head of the head of state.

Kia Barui

The brand Kia, also from South Korea, also uses unconventional car marks on some special models, and Bayui is one of them. This hard -core off -road vehicle, known as “Korean domineering”, is an original Korean original imported car. It has two power options: gasoline and diesel. The thick and square shapes are calm and reliable.

Like its name, its off -road performance is very domineering and sharp, and it is quite comfortable to ride. Similarly, this car is relatively high in the same level and is also a relatively niche model, so its popularity is not as good as the same brother lion running and IX35.



When it comes to Spain, what do you think of? Unrestrained bullfighters? Real Madrid Barcelona’s Spanish National Derby? Or a delicious Spanish seafood rice? This historic country does not seem to be linked to cars. However, Seat is Spain’s local car brand. The “S” -shaped car logo is impressive.

Seat is selling well in Europe, but it is very rare in China. Only a few Seat cars came to China through parallel imports. As a local brand in Spain, I hope that one day it can come to China and let more Chinese car owners understand it and have it.


BMW Albinna


Someone will definitely ask: Who is Albinna? Where does she come from? The answer is that it is not a person’s name, but a car factory from Bavaria, Germany. To be precise, it is a modified factory. As our well -known Mercedes -Benz has its own royal modification factory Barbus, Albinna is the BMW’s royal modification factory. However, it must be emphasized here that although Albinna is a BMW’s royal modification factory, it does not belong to BMW, but an independent brand. The appearance of Albinna made BMW win countless cars in the 1960s and 1970s, and Albinna became famous.

After Albinna’s modified vehicles, the performance is much higher than the BMW’s “M” series. In contrast, “M” is only a subordinate development department of BMW. BMW’s handling performance has always been in the industry, and the cooperation with Albinna has made it even more. It can be said that except for expensive, nothing else. So Albinna is also extremely rare in China.

Toyota Wilfa


As the world’s leading large -scale car company, Toyota not only comprehensive models, but also the logo. In addition to the Toyota bull header we are familiar with, there are a series of labels such as Crown, Ruizi’s “X” standard, and exclusive “α” exclusive to Elfa. With the arrival of Elfa’s sister model, Toyota also used the long -awaited lightning standard for Wilfa. Friends who are familiar with the history of the Toyota family know that the earliest exclusive owner of this lightning standard is the Japanese version of RAV4, and later used it in prestige, that is, Zhixuan (once transliterated as Yalix) in China today.


Nowadays, Will Fa also has the blessing of “Crown”, and the lightning standard has become history. However, some modified factories like to use these special car logo as gimmicks to attract consumers’ attention.

Nissan GT-R


Nissan supercar GT-R, known as the “God of War”, has already spread throughout the rivers and lakes. However, many people know GT-R, but they all treat GT-R as a brand, and they do not know that it is indeed a mighty of Nissan. As one of the few mass-produced sports cars in Japan at this stage, the GT-R performance is reliable and excellent. It only takes 2.8 seconds to accelerate 0-100km, and it does not lose the same level opponents at all.

Because of its outstanding performance, it was also equipped by the Japanese Police Department to the police car. Such a police car undoubtedly made any criminals feel cold. The GT-R’s car logo is also simple and clear. The capital letter forms its unique identity logo and uses capital letters as a logo, which is also the tradition of the Japanese brand.


Light Oka


Speaking of the Okaoka brand, those who know it are probably rare. Although there are many automotive brands in Japan, although Okigang does not have the same reputation as “the three major Japan”, it is the most unique style. The elegant and retro shape, the person who likes him regards it as a treasure, saying that it is ugly, it is also criticized for it.

Due to the different concepts and consumer groups, the output of Guanggang cars is very low. Although there can be one or two in China, the exposure rate is extremely low. It was once considered to be a “item car” in film and television dramas. Guanggang’s design language is extremely individual, and it may be precisely because of this personality that keeps it a certain distance from us. This may also be rare.