Children’s stockings were questioned “soft pornography”, and Bao Ma was furious by the merchant: the mind was not right, and everything was dirty.

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Women are naturally beautiful, even if they are three or four -year -old girls, they will not be able to walk in the face of small skirts. In the face of children’s aesthetics, parents can still play a decisive role at the beginning. As the child grows up, has their own aesthetics, and some overwhelming dress and style can easily cause the aesthetic conflict between parents and children Essence

I don’t know when it started, JK wind, loli wind, and Lolita have become popular, and the search rankings of skirts, stockings, and small leather shoes on major shopping websites have become more and more advanced.


Bao Ma questioned that children’s stockings were “soft porn”, but were angry by merchants

On the Internet, a mother posted, saying that her daughter was in the fifth grade, and she would already buy her favorite clothes online. For the little girl love beauty, the mother thinks it is normal, so there is no interference. There is no big problem with the age group.

But after a while, the mother found that her daughter’s clothes started to become more and more mature.

Especially short skirts and stockings, this kind of match is obviously not worn at this age, so he gave his daughter a opposition.

But her daughter didn’t feel anything, but she said that many students in their class were like this, which was a trend at the moment. After that, her daughter bought a lot of children’s stockings one after another, black and white.

Although these stockings are very childrenized and there are many cartoon printed records on it, Baoma thinks this dress,

Obviously not suitable for children at this stage, how to look awkward.

Especially after seeing the model pictures of related clothing on the shopping website, this mother always feels that this belongs to “soft porn”. Then after communicating with her daughter, the mother found a Taobao seller and asked the other party to remove the product, saying that such stockings were not healthy to the child’s growth.


The merchant naturally does not get off the product, and there is no good word for the mother’s remarks, and it directly refutes:

People with unhealthy thoughts are dirty!

Later, the mother’s post posted the post on the Internet, causing discussions among netizens. Some people support Bao Ma’s point of view, and believe that there are good and bad on the Internet content today. We must be alert to the impact of some extraordinary content on children. However, some young women believe that the freedom of dress should be the right of everyone. It is too traditional for parents to think. Stockings are not pornography, and parents think too much.


What do you think of “children’s stockings”, is it suitable for children?

In life, we will also see that some kindergartens or elementary school children wear some cute white stockings or pantyhose. But those stockings are more in line with the age of children, mainly “cute”.

There are also some stockings, which tend to be “sun protection”, or girls wear it when practicing dancing. We see such stockings for granted, which is taken for granted, which is in line with children’s age.

And now some children’s stockings, although the title of “children” is hung,

But in terms of design or style, it is not much different from adult stockings

, Even some of them are similar to “Interesting Stockings”.

Yes, “People with unhealthy thoughts are dirty!” There is no problem with this sentence, but from the normal aesthetics of normal people,


When we do parents, we must learn to distinguish what is suitable for children and what is not suitable for children.

There is a saying that “the individual does not represent the public”,

Personal aesthetics can not replace universal understanding

Essence In most people, the things such as stockings, skirts, and Lolita are not suitable for children with lower age groups, because the two styles are completely incompatible, because the child’s thoughts are not completely mature, her judgment is not completely mature. The ability is not strong, and parents need help to guide.

Love beauty without guilt, but do not follow the trend

With the emergence of short videos, Internet celebrities and other things, it will inevitably affect children. Girls love beauty and make them beautiful. No one can escape! But after all, the children’s values ​​have not yet matured, and her decision may not be mature.

After watching a street interview, the reporter interviewed a few girls, short skirts, long curly hair, and net red makeup.


After the interview, I learned that these girls only went to the third year, 14, 5 years old age


Essence What I read is the uniform net red makeup, adults wear, not the agility, lively, youthful youth that should be agile, lively, and youth.

“Love beauty is not guilty, but there must be their own judgment.” Before adulthood, children’s understanding of beauty is not mature


Because of the influence of the short video of the Internet, she believes that “stockings” is beautiful, and she may think that “cosmetic surgery” is a means to make herself beautiful and has no ability to judge.

These will subtly affect the children’s values, outlook on life, and aesthetics. They put more energy on beauty, and feel that the profession of “net red” and “anchor” is bright and beautiful promote. Therefore, parents should beware of the influence of short videos on the Internet and earnestly educate their children’s values.

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