Golden velvet sports suit makes exercise colorful

If you love sports, you will definitely wear your favorite sportswear to exercise! This can make the exercise colorful! Take a look at the early autumn gold velvet sports suit that Aries brings you!


1. Golden velvet leisure sports suit

This golden velvet leisure sports suit, very practical and versatile round neck, has no sense of restraint, and the printing pattern of the letter combines the embroidery of the sequin is very stylish. Okay, the waist is designed with drawers, which is comfortable to adjust the size.

“” “” “” “” Fashion sportswear is wearing vitality!

2. Harun pants leisure sports suit

The sports suit is simple and generous, the shoulder adopts luxurious diamond decoration design, with a sense of fashion in leisure, suitable for various occasions, elasticity of loose pants waist, easy to wear and easy to wear, high -end velvet fabrics and comfortable skin.

3. Golden velvet baseball suit suit


Small girls can also easily control the golden velvet baseball suit, the fashion baseball collar design full of rose style, looks trendy personality, and the contrasting color design of the sleeves has firmly grasped the attention of everyone, bringing aesthetics.


4. Korean version of the golden silk velvet suit

A simple and clean velvet sports suit with a generous zipper design, plus a stylish hood, don’t worry about not good matching, short version of self -cultivation, the lower body is divided into jeans, casual pants, and skirts are all beautiful drips Intersection

5. Add velvet velvet sports suit

The versatile and practical and unlocking stallion velvet sports suit, the cool sports style can also be very fashionable! Coupled with the contrasting stripe design on the sleeve, it is simple and not cumbersome, and there will be no matching errors in fashion! Leisure is full of vitality.


06 Korean version of leisure sportswear

Two pieces of velvet, which has become the darling of the early autumn in recent years. This velvet sports suit has two woven stitching up and down. With a pair of shoes or sneakers, it is very fashionable and casual!

If you like sports, come to a comfortable and skin -friendly velvet sports suit to wear fashion sports!