The finale of “The Biography of Jianan”, but it feels like a rotten forced drama, let’s count it.

Ju Jingying’s main “Jianan Biography” has been hot recently. Although the Korean semi -permanent makeup does not change the beauty for thousands of years, it is beautiful, but the cheap headdress is also spit out countless.


I finally finished watching today, but a little disappointed. Some storylines did not explain clearly. It seems to be a puzzle to make a renewal set?

Next, let me talk about a few slots I think


1. Queen Mother Cao

The Empress Dowager Cao was taken away by the officers and soldiers of Qingguo in Wanshou Mountain. The Empress Dowager Cao was unwilling to be humiliated and committed himself. But after taking it away, I didn’t describe what I did


2. New weapon fire

The hostess Jiang Baoning developed a long time of fire. Later, when the bandit entered the hospital, she accidentally triggered a certain agency. The fire was successfully shot. She was particularly surprised and realized that the fire of the fire was particularly powerful and the fate was hidden. Seeing the ending of my thoughts here is to make a lot of fires and defeat the celebrities. Of course, goose, the ending is that there is no later after the hiding fire.

3. Queen Han Tongxin


Han Tongxin’s people from beginning to end are jealousy, snake scorpion heart, and do nothing to achieve the goal. In order to let Jiang Baoning marry the country, he secretly told Qingtai Li Qian to replace Zhao Xiao and competed with him to cause Qingtai to lose. Jiang Baoning did not need to marry and relatives. This incident was not revealed from beginning to end. Han Tongxin’s ending was pretty good. After the celebration of the Chinese people attacked in, she left the emperor and escaped. After, I wanted to use the child to be a sister -in -law to make an article. I wanted to make the child in the belly as the prince, and finally stopped by the emperor, but she was still the queen queen.

4. Celebrate the country withdrawal

It was never expected that Qingguo’s withdrawal was because of a fake scripture! The Qingguo army attacked the capital, and seemed to be successful, because a fake king of Qin Wang wrote by Jiang Baoning made Qingtai think that the strategy of caught in Mu An Guo’s crickets was afraid of withdrawal.

5. Gao Miaoyong


Gao Miaoyong was originally kind and kind, and she had to do a lot of bad things without completely blackening. After the incident of the east window, she was kicked out of the Li family, and then she was raped by Qiang on the street. Don’t Li Lin find out and then take care of it. In the play, her performance is to regret her self -renewal and want to live with Li Lin. However, after the rescue of the queen Han Tongxin, Han Tongxin told her that she could take her back to the palace for a good life. Dialogue with her, asked Gao Miaoyong if he wanted to enter the palace, Gao Miaoyong said he didn’t want to live with Li Lin.

Han Tongxin came to bid farewell, Gao Miaoyong carefully told Han Tongxin that he was pregnant. I always feel that Gao Miaoyong is planning to pest Jiang Baoning.

6. Girlfriends

Jiang Baoning’s girlfriend is a good girl with a kind kind of kindness. Because of her poor body, she is difficult to conceive, and her husband likes children very much. She suffered a period of time after a period of medicine and succeeded in pregnancy. Unfortunately, she accidentally had a miscarriage. Such a loving couple in love and righteousness did not describe whether she was pregnant again in the end, which was a bit imperfect.

7. Qing’an and Li Dongzhi


Qingan was caught by his consciousness that he was unclear like obedient robots. When he played against Li Dongzhi, he saw the ring he sent Li Dongzhi in his hand and then had some memories and did not kill Li Dong solstice. Li Dongzhi encountered Jiang Baoning on his way to escape, and then the group went to the capital together. Li Dongzhi and Qing’an went to the palace to rescue the emperor. In the palace, the eyes and dialogue between Qing’an and Li Dongzhi made people think that Qing’an had recovered. Pretending not to restore the Qin Wang’s book to send fakes to Qingtai, and then Qing’an was brought back to Qingguo together. When he left, he saw Li Dongzhi’s eyes also prevented Li Dongzhi from coming out. Here, Qing’an still thought that he would resume his mind. I did not expect that Li Dongzhi was arrested again. Qingtai asked Qing’an to kill Li Dongzhi himself. At the moment of the knife, Qingan thought of some of their past cuts and rescued Li Dongzhi. The lens was used to avoid chasing the troops with branches. Qing’an was still stupid and did not restore his consciousness. After that, they did not tell anymore. (My original ending was to assist in defeating Qingtai after the resuration of Qing’an, and then he became the king of Qing Dynasty. Li Dongzhi became the queen.

8. Zhao Xiao

Zhao Xiao misappropriated his army. His father paid him to make up the holes and gave him no money to the sea kou for protection fees, which caused the Hero Grandma’s house to be killed by the sea kou’s house. Look at his father. When he returned home, his father had died, and he didn’t have a shot after he cried for a while. PS: Anyway

9. Women who are unknown

Li Dongzhi came to a conscious woman when she was in Shan Tang. She was panicked when she saw the fire. There was a shot that she shouted in the fire house. This should be the situation of the Li family at the time, and she is likely to be Li Qian’s biological mother, and she is also Qing’an’s biological mother, because the father of Qing’an saved a woman from the fire from the Li family. Qing’an, disappeared for no reason many years later. But that woman did not narrate again except for the shot of Shantang.


So many plots are not because there is a sequel? Otherwise, the finale is really disappointing

Have you ever seen the novel version? How about the end?