How to put the position of the Buddha’s altar?

The Buddhist culture of the southern Fujian region has always been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many people will set up a Buddhist altar at home to worship the statue of God to achieve the desire of praying for the gods to bless their family peace and smooth career.


So how should the Buddhist altars be placed? Do you know the meaning of the orientation?

What are the types of Buddhism?


Normally, there are two types of family Buddhist natgos. One is our common vertical cabinet, and the other is the hanging cabinet type on the wall, suitable for families with smaller area.

What are the meanings?

Position of Buddhism


It is best not to put the Buddha statue in the lively place at home, because the Buddha’s joy is clean, such as the next TV of the living room is not suitable. The noisy sound will affect the rest of the god.

Secondly, it is not possible to put the oil fossils such as opposite the toilet or the kitchen or restaurant. Such a dirty place will blaspheme the gods and easily affect family harmony. You need to cover a yellow scarf when you sleep.


The best place to place Buddhism in the home should be some locations of the study and living room, because these two places are a place where the home is relatively clean and not heavy, which is suitable for the characteristics of the Buddha’s joy. Conditioners can even open a small room to worship the Buddha statue alone.

What are the requirements for the orientation of the Buddha?


The position of the Buddha statue is very important, and at the same time, it is also important. Generally speaking, the Buddhist natgies at home are facing the West, because this is the place of the Buddha to show the devotion of the worshipers.

It is best to have a cushion at the bottom or back of the Buddha’s altar, which has reached the trend of “sitting east”. The east is the source of good luck.

In addition to “sitting in the east and west”, from the inside of the country, it is also a point that the Buddha’s dynasty should be paid attention to. It is best to face the door in the living room. If the actual situation cannot be done, you should also be towards the door, but you should not be too close to the door (you can see the Buddha’s altar as soon as you open the door and keep a certain distance).


However, there are different sayings that the Buddha can be carried on the west or east, and the actual situation can be based on the owner’s apartment type. Remember that the space behind the Buddha’s altar cannot be a kitchen or toilet, and there must be mirrors in front of them.