Nine ultra -mild domestic products are washing milk, and you will never disappoint you

As the first step of skin care, cleansing is not washed right, and maintenance is abolished! Good facial cleanser not only has good cleaning power, but also requires mild and low stimulation.


Next, I recommend 9 ultra -mild domestic facial cleanser, the price is close to the people, and the quality is not lost in the international brand.

Book | Shu Yan cleanup milk & Sutian Jie Noodle Bubble

There is no strong group background, but the research and development strength is not inferior. United with Tianjin International Biomedical Joint Research Institute to set up a research and development laboratory and also cooperate with Nankai University. In the market environment of amino acid cleansing, it stands out with the excellent performance of the product itself and the price of the people.


To Ben Shuyan repair cleansing milk, the main watch cocuer oil -based glycinate (excellent foaming power, easy to rinse, is a relatively refreshing category in amino acid table activity). Compared with the use of cocyl oil -based glycine, it is difficult More, the price is around 55 yuan, which makes people call true incense. Due to the high content of the table, the cleaning power is at the middle and upper levels, and the amount of dosage is slightly astringent, but it will not be tightened. No allergens and spices are not added, and sensitive skin can be used with confidence.

Special Sanxiu’s cleansing bubble is the first choice for lazy people. The squeezed foam is dense and delicate. The soft milk flavor rose smells very comfortable. The morning and time -saving trouble of the work party can also reduce the friction of the skin. This one is also very mild. The amino acids are reproducible to the two sex tables, and the cleaning power and skin feel are well balanced. It is cleaned and moisturized than Shu Yan’s noodle milk. Tender and smooth.

Dr. 基 氨 | Amino acid refinement of clean and clean face honey

Dr. Laer relies on Shandong Furida’s strong production, R & D supply chain, and jointly developed products with the Shandong Academy of Pharmacy, which promoted the fieryness of Jieyan honey category and made the cleansing roll further.

Dr. Poer’s amino acid refinement and clean -sightedness, which is quite new. Unlike most creamy cleansing, its texture shows liquidity. It can be called a gentle and easy -to -use. The cleaning system is composed of two amino acid tables and APG. The surface activity content is high. One pump is sufficient. It can be increased when bringing makeup. Light makeup.

The official claims that Jieyan honey contains 8 kinds of moisturizing amino acids and Furida patented silane hyaluronic acid, which can form a water lock film on the surface of the skin to relieve the dryness. It also adds a low content of lactobacillus/soy milk fermentation product filter fluid, which helps to soothe skin sensitivity and has a high degree of fit with various skin types. This type of foam is easy, and you can get delicate foam with your hands. With the foam net, there is a creamy foam, and it is easy to rinse. You do n’t need to worry about fake slippery oil. Continue skin care in time.

Yilian | Moringa seed cleaning foam & hyaluronic acid clean foam


It is also a brand of Shandong Furida, and Yilian focuses on hyaluronic acid skin care. This is also a good show of Freda.

The main watch of Yilian Moring Winfo is sodium coconut oil, sodium, is more milder, and it is suitable for daily cleaning and secondary cleaning after makeup remover. The cleansing contains sodium citrate (common ingredients of soap -based cleansing), which mainly plays an emulsification and stability, so you don’t have to worry too much. This model is the favorite of lazy people. The foam is dense and elastic. It is enough for 1-2 pumps at a time. After washing, the skin feels very refreshing, and it will not be tight in autumn and winter.

Yilian has also made some interesting attempts on the cleansing product. Hyaluronic acid cleansing foam is also known as rose cleansing foam. The rotating bottle can squeeze out the flower shape foam. The girl’s heart is full. The foam is delicate and solid, and the face is soft and not easy to dissipate. The strong bubbles are derived from the soap base. In addition, SLES is also reproduced. The mildness is poor. After washing the face, it is slightly dry. It is only recommended for healthy oil.

Yuefu 悦 | Amino acid Jingyan Jingyong Winy Honey

Yuefu is a young brand under Perlaya. As Peroya successfully turned over, Yuefu also began to work hard to create several explosive products. The price is close to the people. Essence


Amino acid clean face, clear and clean honey, the price is cheaper, selling for about 90 yuan. The table activity system consists of three amino acids. The cleaning power is enough to remove sun protection and light makeup. At the same time, it takes into account the mildness. In order to further reduce the stimuli, it also adds moisturizing and soothing components such as glycyrrhizons and purslane extracts. Compared with Dr. Jie Er Jieyan honey, this is more targeted with acne muscles. It also has salicylic acid and hepes to assist oil control to clear the pores and improve the generation of closed mouth and acne to a certain extent.


The texture is like the essence water, the liquidity is excellent, and it also has a faint aroma of citrus essential oil. Although the texture is very sparse, it can get a delicate foam with a pump. It is better to have a bubble net experience. There is a slight sense of slippery during the massage, but it is very easy to rinse. After washing, it has no residual membrane. The skin has obviously washed and scraped the oil.

Aoeo | Camellia amino acid cleansing milk

The AOEO brand concept revolves around the scientific ratio of traditional herbal skin care, “Chinese and Western combination”, that is, emphasizing the planting and attaching importance to the formula. Relying on short videos+evaluation in just a few years, it creates explosive products AOEO Mountain Camellia amino acid cleansing milk. It is a well -deserved domestic cleansing black horse.

In addition to marketing, AOEO also pays attention to consumers’ attention to product quality, set up research institutes, and carry out independent research and development. Camellia amino acid cleansing milk is produced by Cosmeli. The price is less than 100 yuan, and the quality does not lose the big name. This model is a crystalline amino acid cleansing. Fulfang silk cleansing with the same main amino acid is used. It uses the same main watch cocoar oil -glycopanate, and then reproduces the sexual spices. It’s good and clean.

Camellia Cleansing Paste is smooth as mousse, with good ductility on the upper face. It has a delicate foam with water and rubbing. Experience is quite satisfactory. Although there is a lack of amazing, it is the same as Fulfang Silk Cleansing.

Shangshui and Muscle | Clear Momanic acid Cleansing Mousse


Shangshui and muscle style are low -key and simple, and they have been recognized by many ingredients. Clear and gentle amino acid cleansing Mousse is the king of the price of domestic amino acid cleansing. The price is less than 30 yuan. It will feel distressed.

Qingrun Cleansing Mousse can also be used after the seasonal fragile muscles and medical beauty. It has only seven ingredients to avoid possible sensitivity to piled up components. Two extremely mild amino acid surface activities are used. Sodium laurel gligate provides excellent foaming and refreshing. Coconut oil -based alanine TEA salt is a common cleaner in baby washing products, and the affinity of the skin. Excellent degree, the diverse alcohol anticorrosive system is also very safe.

The foam obtained by squeezing the bottle is deficient, but the stability is good, and the face will not quickly foam. This cleansing with blunt ponyta and hydrolyzed fan bean protein to reduce the dryness during cleansing. Although moisturizing is not excellent, but because the cleansing is not strong, whether it is dry or dry after washing, there will be no after drying or drying after drying or drying it after washing. The obvious drying sensation, the use of dry skin is fine.

At the beginning of | amino acid facial cleanser & chlorophyll facial cleanser

Unlike other emerging domestic skin care brands, and the initial main operation of cleaning and washing products, the grasp of cleaning products is quite in place. And the uniqueness of the first amino acid mild facial cleanser is that the modified corn starch is added. It can be absorbed by the thickening and can absorb oil. The main tables are very mild, and a large amount of moisturizing ingredients are added, which is also friendly to dry skin.

However, the cleansing ingredients are relatively complicated. Mild sensitive muscles are recommended to test first, and it is not recommended for weight. This model is a lotion. The foam rubbing out of the bare hands is large and fluffy, and it is easy to dissipate with scrubbing on the face. Some users feel that the skin tone has become white after feedback. It is because the trace amount of titanium dioxide has been added, so that the effect of instant skin brightening after washing can not be whitening, and it is not necessary to pursue it too much.


Big oil skin can consider chlorophyll clean and brilliant facial cleanser. It uses 4 amino acids to ensure the cleaning power, as well as the mild peeling of the fermented products of rice and lactic acid, and the vigorous oil and dirt that can wash the oil skin is better than mild cleansing cleansing. It feels more thorough after washing.

You Shiyan | Youneng balances facial cleanser

You Shiyan was born in 2018. The founding team has professional backgrounds such as clinical medicine, molecular biology and chemical industry. It emphasizes skin testing and professional skin care, establishes Chinese skin databases, and launches products suitable for Chinese people. Positioning is relatively high -end in a group of Chinese goods brands, and the official pricing of Facial Washing Milk is 150 yuan/100g, and users with budgets are worth trying.

Youneng balanced facial cleanser is close to the products of the flavor and washing of amino acid cleansing. It is also a kind of amino acid cleansing. It is not added with flavors, and no other ingredients are added. Use, but there are users who are sensitive to odor.

From the perspective of the formula, the balanced foundation of the balance cleansing ingredients does not add too many active ingredients to be friendly to sensitive muscle. The texture is not dense, close to the emulsion, and delicately rubbing. It can make a rich foam with bare hands. Compared with Fulfang silk cleansing, the bubble foam of the facial cleanser is more fluffy, and there is also the problem of the bubbles dissipated by the scrubbing process. There is a fake slippery feeling when rubbing and rubbing, and thoroughly washed drying the back with a moisturizing feeling, especially suitable for users with dry skin.

Valley Yu | Amino acid Cleansing Raw fluid

Gu Yu is the main domestic brand brand that focuses on natural skin care. It is developed by the mature cosmetics industry chain in Guangzhou. The formula of Kannin amino acid cleansing raw liquid is quite streamlined. There are only six ingredients. As a unique table activity, the safety degree is very high, but the cleaning power is weak. Under the blessing of glycerin and pan -alcohol, the skin will not be tight after washing the skin. Drying is especially suitable for dry sensitive muscles. Other skin types can be used for morning cleansing.


The foam is rich after the squeezed bottle costume, but it is slightly loose, and the foam gradually dissipates after the upper face and massage, so that the pump can not help but replenish one pump, so the amount of face washed every time is more. In addition to the conventional pressing pump head, Gu Yu cleansing also has a pump head with a cleansing brush head for assisting cleaning, but it cannot be removed and used alone. It needs to be combined with facial cleanser. In fact, it is slightly used to use.

Clear and balanced cleansing milk facing users who need stronger cleaning power. The APG table is resurrected. Two refreshing amino acid tables are reproduced. The cleaning power is enough to meet most skin texture. This is also packaged in the pump. The bottle cap is made of wood, which is very natural, but it is possibly mildew in a humid bathroom. It is recommended to place it in a dry place as much as possible.