The sitting position is wrong, the lumbar spine load is 400 catties! With the cushion world “Xiaomi” with a waist, let you sit for a long time and not tired for a long time

As the saying goes,

Ten people nine back pain.


When the lumbar spine hurts, it is like a large stone pressed on his back, and he dared not move.

I often tease my “20 -year -old body, 50 -year -old waist”.

Sitting in the office for a day, the waist seemed to have countless small stitches, stiff and painful, so painful to doubt life.

Most people have been sitting for a long time due to working reasons and do not exercise.

Light causes the hips to deform and sag; the severe damage caused by the knee and lumbar spine.


According to the World Health Organization report, more than 2 million people die each year due to sedentary and less.

In addition to sitting for a long time, incorrect sitting positions will also cause humpback and pelvis to skew, bringing more than 200%pressure on your lumbar spine. @People’s Daily mentioned it,

If the sitting position is wrong, the lumbar spine loads 400 catties.

Like we often use computers, when we are sitting unconsciously leaning forward, this is exactly the most hurtful way.

Fortunately, my friend recommended it to me

2 sedentary waist care artifacts


Cushion+waist cushion


Assist me to ensure sitting and stay away from the pain of lumbar spine. I also started with the mood of trying to try. I didn’t expect it to be inseparable from once!

The moment I sat down, I was really comfortable. I regret not using it early, so I quickly recommend it to those who have been sitting for a long time ~


Keep a posture for a long time every day, one day

The hips and spine will inevitably feel stiff and numb.

And Jiaao cushion adopts

Ergonomic design

It can be well fit the hip curve of the human body, slowly release the pressure, sitting position, make the legs relax naturally, and not tired for a long time.

Especially for those who suffer from hemorrhoids, the condition is recurred


friendly. Because Jia’ao cushion is adopted


Large space design,


It can scattered the pressure of the hips well.

Prevent the hip force of the human body

, Effectively alleviate the overwhelming troubles brought by hemorrhoids.


Compared with the two states of the human body without cushion hip pressure and cushion hip pressure, it can be clearly seen:



Without a cushion hip pressure, the degree of stress of human hips is far greater than the hip pressure of the hemorrhoid cushion.

The smaller the hips, the smaller the compression of the tail vertebra, and the more comfortable to sit.


Over time, it can help everyone beautiful buttocks and hips, shape the hip curve, tall the lumbar spine, and avoid sitting flat hips for a long time.

There are also three arcs of about 7cm on the cushion ring reasonable height, good support, and not collapsed for a long time.

The surface of the tail is not eye -catching, but it is actually very important. Once the tail vertebra is damaged, it usually

Dizziness, soreness in the lower waist, can also cause tail vertebral disease in severe cases.

Design of tail vertebral grooves

It can support the tailbone well, the tail spine pressure is small, and the sedentary is not tired for a long time.


The anal area is hollow, and the hips can be “overhead” well,

Diversify the power of the hips, sit up in the hollow without compression, and relax.

Keep a posture for a long time, and the legs are sore in one day and even cramps. The ladies of Jia’ao cushion set up leg grooves on both sides,

The natural decline design can relax your legs very well.


The front end of Jiaao cushion is more groove design,

Men will not feel oppressed and easier to sit.


There is still the bottom of the cushion

Plastic cloth design

Increase the friction of the cushion, and the chair tilt will not slip.

Press the lumbar spine like “hands”


The back is comfortable and stressless


The same

Adopt ergonomic design

Essence Cost the natural curvature of the spine,

Helps reduce spinal pressure.

Follow the cervical spine on both sides of the neck to make the cervical spine without pressure. The middle of the cushion is


Spine support

On both sides are

Largotropic support area.

In the S -shaped support, you can rely on it

Like a pair of powerful “hands” supporting the spine, the lumbar spine is small, and the back is naturally easier.

Generally speaking, the cushion is an indispensable fabric decoration in the room. Use the cushion to adjust the contact point of the human body, seat and bed to get

A more comfortable angle to reduce fatigue.

Whether it is the bedroom bed, on the sofa, and the carpet, you can use cushion as a chair and the back of the car.

There is a soft cotton layer in the back of Jiaao, which contains memorable bamboo charcoal cotton cores.

If there is no strong support for a long time, it is easy to become a hump. Use Jia’ao to support the back, maintain a good sitting position, and make the sedentary office also a kind of enjoyment.

Skin -friendly fabric, comfortable and breathable

The design of Jiaao cushion and waist back to fit the human body also has a patent certificate

The appearance of men and women has a design patent:


If you want to sit comfortably, fluffy is also important. Jiaao cushion and cushion are used outside

Velvet fabric design


The fluff is short and no odor, and the ingredients are safe and assured.


Velvet Quality Report


Unlike ordinary cushions on the market, Jia’ao’s cushion’s back is still adopted

Bamboo charcoal memory cotton core.

Sit soft and soft, and the flexibility is very good, and it will not collapse with your hands.

And Jia’ao bamboo charcoal memory cotton core uses


The high -quality bamboo, which has grown for more than 3 years, has such a high quality after 1200 degrees high -temperature forging and the gold -inlaid jade bamboo charcoal made of nine craftsmanship.

Suitable for all kinds of easy -to -take people


Every day is “SPA -level enjoyment”

Regardless of office one

Novice mothers who are inconvenient to sit during pregnancy,

You can choose such one

Pressure cushion and waist are relieved of mild release pressure.


The driving family can also install a one in the car.


The student party who studied for a long time is also very suitable for a set at home

Correct sitting position and learning easily!



Men and women’s models

Can choose

Two pieces are in place at the same time, and they will never have back pain.


In the future, let them support you!

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Jia’ao cushion cushion is integrated


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