Xiaoqiaotou Town, Wuyi County leads the transformation and development of the metal cabinet industry with intelligent manufacturing

Strengthening technological innovation and expanding brand effects to strengthen infrastructure construction and improve industry specifications

In recent years, Xiaoqiaotou Town, Wuyi County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province has revolved around the idea of ​​”File Cabinet to the Cultural Industry, the transformation of the vault gate to the security industry, and the innovation of the safe to the intelligent digital control”. Promoting the transformation of “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”, driving the cabinet industry into the “replacement” era, and in the process of transitioning to “intelligence”, make every effort to create “China Cabinet Valley”. In 2020, Xiao Qiaotou Town was awarded the title of “Famous Industry Town in Hebei Province”.

Strengthen technological innovation and promote the intelligent “gorgeous turn” of enterprises. In accordance with the development ideas of “industrial level, product grade, and efficiency of enterprises”, Xiaoqiaotou Town takes the development platform of the metal cabinet industrial park as the starting point, listed special funds to increase the investment and service of scientific and technological innovation, and promote the metal cabinet industry. R & D and information platform construction. They encourage enterprises to strengthen the docking cooperation with colleges, scientific research institutes, and large enterprises, promote independent innovation, vigorously develop and produce high -end intelligent products such as fingerprint recognition cabinets, anti -magnetic fire cabinets, bank special cabinets, and anti -tails. The industry extends to high -end links such as creativity, research and development, design, brand, and service. In 2017, surpassing Smart Technology Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the “New Third Board” and became the “first voucher” of the national safe industry. At present, there are more than 100 various metal products processing enterprises in Xiaoqiaotou Town, with more than 70 varieties of eight categories of products, and selling all over the country.

Expand the brand effect and create a well -known brand of metal cabinets in the country. Xiao Qiaotou is striving to realize the strategic transformation from “product operation” to “brand operation”, helping enterprises carry out brand -name strategic planning, new packaging, and increase brand promotion. There are 13 enterprises above designated size in Xiaoqiaotou Town and 35 registered trademarks, including 7 well -known trademarks, including Shenghui, Dahua, Zhuoyi, Deng Kun and other brands. Wusseng cabinet industry is a provincial high -quality product. Dengkun cabinets, Anda cabinets, and Dogji cabinets are 3C certification companies. Ozone disinfection cabinets, smart electric dense cabinets, and assembly bank business counters have obtained a national practical new patent certificate. Xiao Qiaotou Town will use the opportunity of Tiger Tiger Group to change, organize Shenglong, revitalization, modern and other companies, to jointly form a “China Tiger Steel -made Office Furniture Group”, and establish a standardized modern enterprise system and operating system The implementation of government supervision and independent operation of enterprises, gradually building a modern and high -tech metal cabinet leading enterprise for light assets.

Strengthen infrastructure construction and promote the development of high -end clusters in the industry. Xiaoqiaotou Town is based on building a thousand -acre modern metal cabinet industry gathering area. In accordance with the method of combining “support, integration, and introduction”, it has continuously developed and expanded the leading enterprise of metal cabinet, and selected two town team members who are proficient in the economy and cabinet industry in the park to enter The park provides a “nanny -style” service for the settled enterprises. On the basis of the former Xiaoqiao -headed metal cabinet industrial park, they further improved the infrastructure such as greening, lighting, and drainage of the southern parks, enhancing the park environment, and enhancing the carrier capacity of the park. Xiao Qiaotou Town also actively strives for financial support to ensure the construction of the second phase of the 500 acres of parks, and strive to build the park into North China with the largest, most complete functions, the best business environment, and the strongest radiation capabilities through 3 to 5 years. Standard metal cabinet industry gathering area.

Improve the industry association and accelerate the company’s group to move towards the “China Cabinet Valley”. Xiaoqiaotou Town established the first metal office supplies industry association in Hebei Province to promote enterprises to join the industry association to uniformly manage regional sharing brands, group standards, design research and development, logistics procurement, market development, production and deployment to prevent the industry’s unfair competition competition Behavior. They establish a joint meeting system for the association, strengthen support, guidance, management, and services for industrial development, and create an excellent development environment for enterprises; establish a metal cabinet industry development fund, and support conditions for enterprises to integrate funds through listing and other methods. At the same time, industry associations coordinate and link with market supervision and public security departments, listen to corporate opinions in time, strengthen communication with the National Certification Commission and Industry Association, and assist enterprises to handle product testing and compulsory certification and system certification. (Zhang Jing, Zhang Baowei)

Source: Hengshui Daily

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Xiaoqiaotou Town, Wuyi County leads the transformation and development of the metal cabinet industry with intelligent manufacturing