The square dance became the warmth field dance of the Winter Olympics, come and dance together

On the evening of February 4, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games was held in Beijing National Stadium.

There is no host at the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics,

The protagonist is the square dancer



The age range is 5-70 years old, showing the most beautiful Chinese style in the form of marching square dance.

Why do you want to open in this way?

Zhang Yimou, director of the opening ceremony, said:

“China is a big country in the square dance. You can see in any city that the people are happy to dance and sing, so I think the square dance is very good.”

I have to admire the old conspiracy. The 30 -minute warm field dance gives everyone the impact.

Olympic Winter Games

“Plaza Dance Aunt” is no longer a negative label

Plaza dance is the warm -up dance of the Winter Olympics.

Once, when it comes to “Square Dance Aunt”, there are always people who are disgusted,

“Aunt Plaza” was labeled for a while, with the meaning of “ridiculous, strange” or “puzzled, unreasonable”.

In fact, dance is an ancient and common way of expressing emotions. Many nations and communities in the world have the characteristics of being able to sing and dance.


However, the world’s largest ethnic group in the world has been away from the entertainment and lyrical way of dance in the culture of my depression.

Everyone is happy together. How many can a lot of squares and limbs stretch a song?

When I was invited to dance, it was definitely a push and twisted, and I couldn’t wait to get drilling into the gap.

The square dance saved the people who want to dance due to its collective and night covering.

There is no high stage on the top, no spotlight,

The rhythm drives the hands and feet, and it breaks the restraint and cramped a little bit,


Express yourself in a collective form, and obtain a security, limited liberation.

Isn’t this applauding?

More and more people have put aside prejudice and have joined the square dancers who integrate “fitness” and “social”.

Why dancing? Most dancers will give a simple and clear answer:


For health and happiness.

Look, no matter how cold the sky is, the enthusiasm of the Northeast aunt wearing a thick down jacket is really cute.


Young people are also dancing square dance

According to the research report of “China Sports and Fitness Industry in China”, the current population of Chinese square dance is 80 million to 100 million.

In addition to the aunts, young people also quietly joined the square dance group.


Why are young people willing to dance square dance?

That’s right, not only can sweat and lose weight, but also cheaper than the gym.

The atmosphere is full, hidden in the night, no one can see anyone.

As long as you jump enough, you can’t catch up with young people who are dominated by KPI.

Lao Zhongqing has become an forgetful year in the square dance of the square dancing to get rid of fat and discuss the pace of new learning;

There are even better! Dr. Luo Xiao, a PhD in medical doctor in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, danced in a lap for “Preventing Alzheimer’s disease” square.

Dr. Luo Xiao’s square dance music is magical and bright, and the fingers have been added with fine fingers and one -foot standing.

“Medical research has confirmed that it is conducive to preventing Alzheimer’s disease in the social network of fine fingers and participation in square dance.” Dr. Luo Xiao said.

Of course, we must keep the “Dance Forest Rules”

Recently, she chatted with a friend of Chongqing. She tucked up the door of her home and was occupied by the dam dance every night. Resident residents are worried about how to solve this problem.

In fact, the noise pollution prevention law stipulates that organizing or entertainment and fitness activities in public places such as streets, squares, parks, etc. shall be adopted by managers in public places. ; Do not violate the regulations to use audio equipment to generate too much volume.


Therefore, “not disturbing the people” is a bottom line.

Many square dancers now have this consciousness. In order to reduce the impact of noise, they deliberately selected the venue away from the residential area, and strictly strictly stipulated that the stalls were closed on time at 9 o’clock.

On the large screen of the “One Network Unification” platform of Pujin Street City Transport Center, Minhang District, Shanghai, there is a square dance noise to disturb the people’s automatic perception system.

Plaza dance noise disturbancers can detect real -time environmental parameters such as on -site noise. When the number of scores continues to exceed the standard, the system will automatically warn, and the command hall will immediately remind and interfere through the soundplay equipment.


Such management methods are more scientific and reasonable -dancing should be sophisticated, and those who do not dance are not disturbed.


The top flow of square dance

It has been a long time to pay attention to the square dance for a long time.

In the park outside the residential community, there are several dances every night to dance square dances: stew dance, ghost dance, waterman dance, Latin dance …

The feeling of longing is that these dances are too difficult. One can’t keep up. Do you have to report a dance class to tuition?

Until one day, he accidentally passed by another large park near his home and was attracted by the pleasant Xinjiang dance music.

Begonia flowers bloom just right, and the sun is also bright. A group of middle -aged and elderly people are dancing cheerfully.

There are men and women, they are beautiful, free and casual, each action reveals the joy of mood,

And everyone is so beautiful.


Too infectious, the onlookers next to them looked at it and were “attached”, and jumped up with the rhythm of music.

The length of the baked was also twisted a few times, hey, very comfortable, jump if you want to jump, and keep up with the rhythm.

I talked to the dancing big brothers and sisters, and met the “Happy Pharaoh” of the leader.

Brother Pharaoh (first from the right) told the Chang that there were at least ten teams in Chengdu dance Xinjiang Square Dance.

Everyone is spontaneous, enthusiastic teachers teach everyone to jump, and they can learn slowly without the foundation.

I asked a dancer, Sister Wei, she told me,

They danced in Xinjiang Maxipifu Square dance.

Uyghur Meshifu is intended to “gather” and “gathering”. Now there are Xinjiang Merxilaffu Square dance lovers all over the country.

The first point of the first point of the Xinjiang Maxilafu Plaza is a step point, that is, the action must be taken with the rhythm of music;


The second point is three steps and one lifting;

The third point is to adjust and change the speed, strength, and amplitude of the movement in dancing, and correspondingly reflects the severity, speed, and movement of dancing, thereby generating the feeling of frustrating the rhythm.

It is easy to step on the point, but you have to jump well and jump the standard -that hand, neck, shoulder, waist, still have to learn to practice well.


In short, on the body, the eyes, the eyes, the dance, and the costume … The dance of the Massi Laifu Square in Xinjiang is the top of the square dance.

I think about it. If you want to dance in the square in the future, choose Xinjiang Square Dance.

Not to mention, wearing dancing concave shapes like big brothers and sisters are also beautiful!


– The end-


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