Toyota Corolla, which is 150,000 kilometers in 7 years, experienced car experience

Unconsciously, my Toyota Crown has accompanied me for seven years. More than 150,000 kilometers. This is not the first car I bought, but it is the real first car in my life. It may soon change the car. So share with you the actual experience of this car.


First talk about the problem of this car. To be honest, there are very few words of problems. For more than seven years, it can be said that there are not much to say. But it is not completely absent. And it was not long before the new car was mentioned.


The new car was just mentioned, when it drove about 1,000 kilometers. The car trembled, the engine trembled, the whole car was not smooth and twitched. And the engine lights are also on. I immediately drove to the car repair shop I often went. After the boss checked, what was broken, I don’t remember the name of that thing, probably similar to the three yuan catalytic, that meaning. It can be better to say, but it takes more than a thousand. Your car is still a new car, drive back to the four S shops, and ask him to replace you for warranty.

Then I drove to the four S shop. It was broken to say that the thing was broken after sale, and asked him to change it. Their technicians checked it and said no. Just brush me the computer. After brushing the computer, it is really good. Then I drove back. As a result, I won’t work after returning. The next day I opened the four S shop again. Tell him to change that part. But he still didn’t change it for me, just washed me the oil road, and then brushed me the car.

Then it’s okay, and then I go back again. As a result, it was halfway, and the engine lights were on again. I was half -dead, and I immediately turned the car back and strangled his heart. Because I live in small counties, 4S is in the city. The distance is 60km. Once and one time, 120km at a time.

Go to the four S shops for the third time. I told him to change it for me. As a result, the technician pushed responsibilities to my head, saying that it must be that you are greedy for cheap oil and those private oil stations. There is no problem with their parts. At that time, I was so angry that I was a person who was very gentle, but at that time I couldn’t help but explode, yelled at him loudly, and made a desperate posture with him: I am this car this car. It is a new car just mentioned, and the running -in period has not been passed, and the oil is added with Sinopec’s oil. Not to mention that I have to add cheap oils to the private oil station by myself, even if you add me for free now, I do n’t want me! Intersection Intersection Didn’t you say that there is a problem with oil? Well, you now release all the oil on my car and take it for identification. If there is a problem with oil, I don’t blame you, I go to Sinopec. If there is no problem, I have to beat you! Intersection Intersection

After the maintenance technician was roared, I didn’t speak. I just went to the warehouse and took the part and replaced me. After changing this part, swipe the computer and go back. There is no such problem until now.

Later, I probably cleared this problem.

Just like my car. When I opened the car repair shop, the car repair shop master saw what was the problem at once. Do you think the maintenance technician of the 4S shop really doesn’t know? They don’t know, but the way they solve the problem. This is the case. From simple to complex, you don’t have to spend money to spend money.


For example, if I have a problem with this car, he knew it to a large extent that it was the problem of that part, but he couldn’t change it for me immediately because that part asked money. So he started from the simplest no money and brushed the computer. Then I wo n’t clean the oil road again, because these do not need to spend money, they are best to fight for solving without spending money. Instead of knowing that it is the problem of that part, I will change it directly at once, so simply. What if you don’t need to spend money? How good that, do you say?

In addition to this problem, basically this car has no problem after driving for so many years. Another time was that the fog lights were broken. After changing a light bulb and one time I went to the market to buy food, it was out of power. Find someone to send a battery to change. I don’t think these issues are a problem.


The feeling that this car has given me for so many years is. Good open, comfortable, rest assured, cheap maintenance. Run 150,000 km for seven years. In addition to changing oil, I changed the brake oil once. Because I felt that the brake performance was not good for a while. After changing it, it was a bit better. And change the transmission oil once. I bought its own self -employed products online and platforms. Overseas version shell. 5W30. More than a hundred oil filtering and working hours, more than two hundred points. I bought the air filter and air -conditioning filter on the Internet, a few dollars. It is too expensive in the auto repair shop, at least ten times the difference.

Speaking of good opening, it is not bragging. Okay, I haven’t driven the expensive car. But you say that more than 100,000 cars. I drove too much because my brother did a used car business. I often helped him pick up the car and drive to prepare. And when I didn’t buy this car before, I occasionally bought one or two used cars and sold it myself. So I have contacted a lot of cars.

The good driving of this car lies in its light direction. What I am talking about is light, not virtual. Don’t be too comfortable to open in the city. Of course, this is only limited to the city and the high speed. Still be a hard to open. And it speeds up fast. (Excluding comparison with turbocharged, because I have little contact with turbocharged cars)


The speed speed of the old Civic is faster than it. The problem is that the old Civic power is stronger than him, 1.8. The fuel consumption is greater. And the direction is obviously harder than him, and it feels a bit of a car. If it is opened in the city, it is still not as comfortable as corolla.

I think driving in the city, this car is more comfortable than Camry. What I said is just driving, not sitting. If you sit, the larger the space, the more comfortable. Because I often contact those cars, I feel it. The car may be larger than this. The contact surface is relatively wide. Every time I change the road, I can obviously feel the changes in the direction of the tire and the friction from the ground. , Coupled with turning or turning around. The inertia brought by the vehicle is relatively large. Anyway, I have always felt the car that is getting bigger, but it is not as easy to drive as a small car. Just for the comfort of opening.


In terms of interior and appearance, I feel only two words. Old soil. Really old -fashioned, I think many Toyota cars are old -fashioned. Including the sixth -generation Camry, which everyone thinks is very classic. I also feel very old in its interior, especially Honda. After watching it for a long time, I want to vomit, it is just an old man. I feel that I can’t control it at the age of 50, especially the peach wood interior [cover your face]


The space is narrow and quite small. This is why my wife often talks about it now, asking me to change the car. Because I had a second child soon. So his wife is more frequent now.

I am 1m75 tall. When I adjust the more comfortable posture and position, you can take a look at the position of sitting behind me. How much space is there?

Little, I think many cars. It is more space than the corolla. Even if the vehicle looks smaller than the corolla. Really, I have compared a lot, even if it is Fit.

But these can also be understood, because Toyota has always been regarded as its advantage or strong item in terms of space. In addition, although this car is 13 years, 15 years of car. But in fact, his model can be traced back to several years. This car and the corolla in 2004. The body, flat hair is the same. In addition to the small repair in appearance, the car shell is used. Everyone can compare it. Is the space in 2004 and the current A -class car? The B -Class B and the current B -class car in 2004. The size is not the same. So I understand why his space is so small.

There are a few more points I like it, one point is the high chassis. Although no scientific statistics have been done. But I often compare with other cars. The chassis of Toyota Corolla is almost the highest in the car. Even if you dare not say that the highest one, it must be the highest one. This caused Kai to climb the road, and spend a pit. Never be at heart. For example, there is water flooding in front. If there are other cars, I don’t need to consider it. Just rush over, because if other cars have to go through, I believe I can definitely be. There is a place in front of my unit. I have opened the Accord and Teana before, and I always shave the chassis. But the crown. The accelerator passed directly with closed eyes, and it was guaranteed that 100 % would not be shaved.

It is because of its high chassis, which causes me to drive unscrupulously. In fact, this is not necessarily a good thing. Because there is a saying good. Those drowning always swim. Maybe if his chassis is not so high, I may be more cautious. It is safer.

Another is his gearbox. AT, plus snake stalls. It’s my favorite.


The snake stall does not feel like this thing. I have used it, and I really like it. It is too comfortable to operate. Don’t look at it. And don’t hang up a few times in your heart, and go directly to the end. It is the D file that walks normally. Because don’t look at the D gear at the bottom. But you have to hang the two stalls at the bottom, in fact, you have to go left and then hang it. Therefore, to hang the driving file, you do n’t need to look at it, nor do you need to count the first one in your heart like the direct discharge. It’s ok directly in the end. carefree.

As for the gearbox, let alone, everyone who knows the car a little knows. AT, Toyota, what does Aisin represent?

Here is a little knowledge for everyone. Just remember to change the transmission oil. Because the gearbox is actually more expensive than the engine. I also knew it for my brother to make a used car. Once the retracting car gearbox was broken, it was necessary to repair it. Actually go to the city to repair it. I only knew that there was no shop in the entire county that could repairs the transmission. Even if you let them go for them, they will remove them, send them to the city for others, and then send it back. Of course, repairing the engine is also removed for others. After repairing it, you can install it, but many people can repair the engine in the county, but the gearboxes are not available. I also think of many domestic cars here. In fact, I have developed an engine and assembled. However, the gearbox is stuck in the stuck, and basically buy it outside. It depends on someone else’s face. Therefore, the gearbox is more expensive than the engine, and it must be well maintained.


Another one I like it, which is the knob of this air conditioner.

Does it look back? In fact, I also feel very old. But fortunately it is big enough. It can be manipulated blindly, especially when driving. It is quite comfortable to operate.

in conclusion. The corolla car is old -fashioned, the interior is old, and the space is small. It is comfortable to drive in the city, and there is a little bit of hair, which is not tough enough. The quality can make you absolutely assured, quite good. To be honest, the fuel consumption is not as low as everyone blows. When you say what Japanese system, you always feel that the fuel consumption is very low. In fact, the fuel consumption of the corolla is really not low. Of course, it is not a high fuel consumption. 1.6 A displacement automatic transmission. The air conditioner is turned on in the urban area, and the stop is stopped, 9:00 to 10 liters. It is about one kilometer for about six cents. Listening to others talking about Japanese cars, it seems that I always feel that three or four dime is enough. I have tested it very rigorously anyway, and more than this. It must be around Liu Mao. But it can also be understood that after all, this car is also a technology more than ten years ago and brought one. Maybe the new 1.2T, CVT gearbox. Three or four dime is 1km, maybe it is really possible. But the corolla is not good.

Chatting from a friend and talking about the cargo car, everyone said it was a pity. Such a good car, such a classic model, can never be bought in the future. Yes, now it is basically a turbocharged, plus CVT or dual -clutch gearbox. This kind of car really can’t buy it.

Do you ask me if I have a relationship with this car? There are really. I do not know why either. It is cheap and old. Drive it out, you will never attract the attention of beautiful women, and never make you feel face. It is actually not the first car in my life, but I do n’t know why. In my heart, I always feel that it is the first car in my life. I drove it, across many cities, and worked in the province. When I got married, I was driving it by my classmate, carrying a photographer, and took a picture of my wedding car team from home to pick up the bride. When my wife was about to give birth, I opened it and sent my wife to the women and child hospital. When the child was born, it was also it, carrying our family back safely. I have worked too much with it. It has never been brilliant. I can’t tell why, but I just have feelings for it.

Many times I think the corolla is like me. When people are middle -aged, they have neither the kind of thin skin and tender meat, nor the motivation to dare to break through. Thinking is always inconspicuous in the crowd. There is no entertainment. I like corollas, and there are such groups and corollas. It is very resistant to the current new car. It feels like the new car has lost a lot. But maybe this is not the fault of a new car, but our fault, we are too backward and too conservative. Just like me, I have never been to the bar. Speaking of stars, I always think of Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Zhou Xingchi and the like. What are the current stars, what Huayu City, what kind of Luhan, what is the comparison, what Reba, Simba. I brushed when I brushed the headlines, and I knew there were so some people. Their movies, TV series, and I have never watched it. Their songs, and my capital has never heard. But this may not be their fault, nor does they mean that they have no talent. Maybe it’s just that I am out of place and have been abandoned by the times.