Langqin watch in summer to select red and blue double colors to show elegant diving style

In the midsummer, diving is an excellent way to get close to nature and challenge themselves, and a suitable timepiece of the wrist can accompany diving enthusiasts to enjoy the moment of water underwater. The famous Swiss watch manufacturer Langqin watch, carefully selected two masterpieces from the classic re -engraving series and the Consecas diving series. With pure and excellent performance and classic and elegant design, with hot red and focused blue awakening wake -up The desire and ambition of diving enthusiasts conquer the ocean.

Classic Reproduction Series 1967 Divers Watch: Burning Love Blushing, Waking Sports Cells

Even the gentle and elegant office elites are difficult to resist the thrilling pleasure when exercising and the adventure spirit of challenging themselves. When a dazzling and calm wine jumping wrist, it seemed to instantly inspire the sports cells in the body to make the elegant gentleman into a sporty general.

浪琴表夏日时计甄选 红蓝双色呈现优雅潜水风情

The Langqin Watch Classic Re -engraving series 1967 diver watch The dual needs of professional diving sports. The wine red diving scale bezel is wrapped in a black dial, which is in sharp contrast to the silver chronograph dial with asymmetric diameter. The bright color matching is even inferior to the sun. Its unique rotation design can make the waterproof depth of 30 baccins to fully meet the professional needs of diving enthusiasts.

浪琴表夏日时计甄选 红蓝双色呈现优雅潜水风情

Consecas diving series essence men’s watch: quiet and blue, think of marine style

浪琴表夏日时计甄选 红蓝双色呈现优雅潜水风情

The clear and transparent blue of Qingcheng always reminds people of the vast and profound ocean. When a quiet blue shining wrist, it not only brings a bit of coolness to the hot summer, but also allows the wearer to hear the romantic response of the tide in the flow of time. , So that the elegant charm of the ocean is accompanied by the moment.

The Hydroconquest Watch (Hydroconquest) is carefully created for the charm men who love diving and obsessed with the ocean. The sea blue dial is equipped with luminous pointer and scale, and guides the divers to conquer unknown in the dark. Simple and solid stainless steel cases and straps give wearers more confidence, and with the assistance of aluminum diving bezels, it adds safety guarantee to the underwater exploration journey. During daily wear, the unique blue dial on the wrist can always draw the extraordinary charm of diving campaigns, and it exudes fresh and naturally elegant Langxia atmosphere without losing his hands.

【Watch Description】

浪琴表夏日时计甄选 红蓝双色呈现优雅潜水风情

Langqin Watch Classic Re -engraving series 1967 diver watch watch number: L2.808.4.52.6 New products are not priced

The Langqin Watch Classic Re -engraving series of the 1967 diver watch (Longnes Heritage Diver 1967) was inspired by a diver watch produced in 1967. The duplex is 42 mm in diameter and is equipped with a L688.2 automatic chain movement. This chronograph design is unique and inherits the style of the prototype. Its black smooth dial has a silver chronograph disk with asymmetric diameter. The scales of wine red scale and silver speed meter add elegant temperament to the overall color tone of the table. As a diver watch, the pointers and time marks are coated with Super-Luminova® luminous coating, while the watch bottom and crown of the watch use the rotation design to ensure that its waterproof depth is 30 backens. This watch is paired with a stainless steel surface chain, and the pair of divers is carved with a diver pattern to pay tribute to the dive watch produced by the Langqin watch.

Langqin Watch Concas Diving Series Stubborn Steel Men’s Watch Number Number: L3.641.4.96.6 Price: RMB 9,600

The design of the Langqin Watch HydroConquest is designed to become the preferred professional watch for diving sports enthusiasts. It is equipped with the L633 mechanical surface core. The charming marine blue dial is decorated with large Roman numbers and stick -shaped time markers. The display window is displayed at three o’clock. The timeometer has a stainless steel case. The aluminum bezel is unidirectional to rotate, and the side can protect the crown. The stainless steel surface chain is equipped with double insurance folding buckle, which can be fine -tuned for small -scale during diving. Waterproof depth is 30 trillion.