Hokkaido Bing and Light’s Fantasy Song: Hot Spring’s Carnival

Hot spring is a major representative of Japanese culture. There are about 75,000 hot spring hotels across the country. Every year, more than 110 million people are soaked in hot springs. Once on holidays and weekends, family, sweet couples, old husbands and wife … The hotel was not leaked.

The fantasy of ice and light, Qu Hokkaido hot spring color sculpture, colorful and ten colors

According to Japanese media reports, Hokkaido, Japan’s “Hilling Gorge Hot Spring Ice Waterfall Festival”, opened on January 23 in Yunxia Hot Spring, Daxue Mountain Creek Valley in Uenagawa -cho. The ice sculptures of about 30 different shapes under the blue and yellow lights decorate the entire night. The event will last until March 27.

According to reports, due to the large number of tourists from Asia, the theme of the Bing Waterfall this year is “Asian Dream”.

The surrounding hotel staff began to make ice sculptures from early November last year. They used round wood to form a skeleton and continued to water them.

At the venue in the Ishikawa River bed, it was displayed with ice sculptures about 13 meters high and about 60 meters wide according to the well -known hotels in Singapore.

Lang Yueichi (65 years old) from the southern area of ​​Yokohama City, Japan said with a smile: “The ice sculptures under the light are dreamy as dreamy. The photo is very happy.”

Hot spring impression

For the Japanese, hot spring is a kind of enjoyment, and it is also an essential part of life. Hot spring hotels will have one or two large baths, as well as open -air baths and bathrooms unique to each room, and provide comfortable living spaces, complete living facilities, and four seasons of food and drinking. The most pleasant arrangement in Japanese hot springs is “one point and two foods”. In just ten hours, enjoying tea, soup, dinner, accommodation, morning rising soup, breakfast, and breakfast when they arrived at the time of arrival …

Hokkaido is known as the “hot spring kingdom” in Japan. There are several types of hot springs here: sulfur springs, which can be divided into two types: simple sulfur springs, hydrogen sulfide type; pure spring, refers to hot springs with less hot spring ingredients, right The body’s irritation is low, suitable for all constitutions; salt -based springs have excellent thermal insulation effects, and have good effects on symptoms such as neuralgia and rheumatism; sodium bicarbonate springs are alkaline, because it can make the skin smooth and nourish, moisturizing and moisturizing Therefore, it is called “Beauty Soup”; carbon dioxide spring, because of carbonate -containing gas, is called “beer soup” and “bubble soup”. It can also promote blood circulation and is known for “soup of the heart”.

Dengbi Hot Spring Street

Dengbi Hot Spring is the most representative hot spring area in Japan. It is also the best quality and most popular. It is known as “Japan’s first soup”. The most special thing about Dengbi Hot Spring is that there are 11 kinds of spring water with different natures, which can be described as rare in the world. The temperature is from 45 degrees up, up to 90 degrees of high temperature, and the amount of water poured out of the day is as high as 10,000 tons. Essence The most representative here is sulfur springs. The milky spring water has a unique “boiled egg” smell. At the end of the hot spring street, there is a large place with white smoke. There is still a thick sulfur flavor in the air, which is the source of the hot spring -Hell Valley. If you continue to walk up along the trail and pass through the green tree forests, you will come to the hot volcanic lake -Dashuuma. This is the famous attraction everywhere, which is worth visiting.

From time to time, the hell valley with water vapor and sulfur flavor scattered is the most well -known landscape: 450 meters in diameter, 11 hectares of high -low volcanic terrain, and sulfur crystals on the surface. Coupled with the flames of spraying smoke and water vapor, it is really like a legendary hell, giving people a desolate and terrible feeling. Each jet in Hell Valley has named names, such as “Blood Pool Hell”, “Tornado Hell”, “Showa Hell”, etc. Visitors can shuttle the periphery along the wooden trail and look at the strange volcanic scenes from a distance. The deepest point of the trail is Tiequan Pond. The spring temperature sprayed by this hot spring is as high as 90 degrees, and it is a periodic springs of periodic eruption. It will erupt once every dozen minutes. The scene is very spectacular. Even if you do n’t encounter the eruption time, watching the hot spring rolling in the pool is quite imposing!

TIPS: From May to October each year, volunteers will provide free commentary services to introduce the causes, history and surrounding attractions, etc. Volunteers can use more useful use.

Need to know

Pour warm water and make the body adapt to warm water in advance, so as not to rising blood pressure during bathing. From the feet to the knees, waist, arms, shoulders, it is better to pour 10 small pots from the distance from far to near. Washing your body and entering the bath before the bath are common sense and etiquette of bathing. The hot spring cleaning is equipped with faucet, chair, etc., with shampoo, hair care supplies and soap, which is very convenient. Be sure to fully remove the soap foam on your body and then enter the bath. Entering the bath, hot spring water temperature is generally between 37 and 42 degrees. Please enter carefully. It may take a while to adapt to high temperature, and it is not possible to add water when it is too hot. When entering the bath, do not enter the body all at once, start with the lower body slowly, reduce the burden on the body by the mild water pressure. After soaking in the hot spring, generally do not rinse with water (the quality of the hot spring water contains good medicinal ingredients for the skin). If it is rinsed with water, it will reduce the effect. When you wipe your body, please also use a towel to suck the water.

TIPS: When soaking in hot springs, you can put the small towels on the top of the head to prevent the blood from rising rapidly and cause head discomfort. It can also suck sweat. In addition, women with long hair should pick up their hair to avoid being immersed in the hot springs.

Dengbi Hot Spring Township Takaya Home |


Japan ranking No.1

Hot Spring Hotel


Reference price: ¥ 3150

Address: No. 162, Dengbi Hot Spring Town, Hokkaido City, Japan

“Takai Family” is located in the famous Japanese hot spring land, Hokkaido, and is an old hot spring hotel that has a history of more than 100 years of history and has been baptized in the sound of the constant waterfall.

It is a hot spring hotel in Japan NO.1. The warmth of “harmony” can be seen everywhere in the museum, which has both traditional Japanese characteristics and a sense of modernity.

With 11 kinds of spring quality, 10,000 tons of hot spring water is sprayed in 1 day. A hotel was built as early as 150 years ago and became a nursing place. You can enjoy 4 different types of hot springs, which can treat skin diseases, wounds, cold diseases, etc., and also have special effects on health and beauty ~

Cuishan Pavilion |

Natural soup near the ski resort

Jozankei Dai-IChi Hotel Suizantei

Reference price: ¥ 2700


Address: Dingshanxi Hot Spring West 3 -chome 105, Sapporo City, Sapporo City, Hokkaido 105

Dingshan Creek Hot Spring is a mixed hot spring composed of three thick source of water from the rock plate of the river bank and the bottom of the river. It helps to relieve stress, detoxify, and treat muscle and joint pain. In Hokkaido Hot Spring, it is known as the “Sapporo’s backyard”. There are many ski resorts nearby, which are welcomed by foreign tourists. The mascot here is the cute Japanese monster “Kappa”.

Wenzu Furu

Sichuan |

Rural -style hotels that retain traditional folk art style

Nukumori no yado furukawa

Reference price: ¥ 1500

Address: Dingshan Creek Hot Spring West 4 -chome 353 Fan Land

Although there are many hotels in Hokkaido, it is rare for the “rural” hotels that retain the traditional folk art style like Furu Chuan.


It is converted from a 100 -year -old Japanese -style house and Shikang warehouse. While retaining the original atmosphere, it has a more modern style. The bath in the 8th floor of the bath is refined by the use of “Mai Fan Stone” in China and the “god ore” from Hokkaido Kotoma -cho. Soaking in the hot spring, you can not only enjoy the beauty of the four seasons, but also strengthen your own immunity ~

In “If You Are the One”, Shu Qi is on Hokkaido

I lived in two hot spring hotels, one is the bed of the bed, the bed グ ラ ン ド ホテ ル Kita (Knowing the Bed Yudo Hot Spring Hotel), and the north of Hubei Kiki. The other is the Scorn Hot Spring Hotel under the famous Ding Ding Heya Group.

Knowing Bed Yudo Hot Spring Hotel

The hotel is located on the hillside, and it seems simple and unparalleled, but when it is soaked in hot springs, it experiences its visual 饕 — the sun sinks into the sunset sun in Ehhi’s Sea, and every room can be seen. This shop should be regarded as the top card of the bed, and even the Hokkaido Hot Spring Hotel.

Catering: Compared to the foreign room room that can only be looked at the sea, the buffet restaurant is definitely its signboard. Ice cream fountain, buffet seafood, crab soup, it is very enjoyable to think about it.

Price: About JPY10,000.00/person

Catering: buffet breakfast, buffet dinner

A Han Heya Villas Contempt for Villa

Akan tsuruga bessou hinanoza

Address: 2-8-1 Akanko-Onsen Akan


In “If You Are the One”, Shu Qi was sitting in a hotel room on the floor -to -ceiling window towards Ahan Lake. This scene was filmed in the contempt.

The seat is a high -end hotel under the Heya Group, and there are many hot spring hotels in Hokkaido. Shu Qi lives in “If You Are the One”, the “seat of the sky” of the contempt, about 50,000 yen a night. The vision is simply not to say that facing Ahan Lake and male and female A Hanyue, all the landscapes are ready.

The name of the hotel is “Contempt”, which is modest and self -proclaimed. The contemptation means that the private house should be very quiet and personal. Because the size of the contempt is not large, there are only 4 floors and 25 rooms in total. This hot spring hotel has been rated as a 3 -star hotel by Michelin for several years, with good service and good facilities.

Xiaotingzi can soak his feet while watching the lake, and you can also drink coffee while making it. There are massage chairs and capsule coffee machines in the room, which can be read in the courtyard in the afternoon. The temperature dropped suddenly at night, and the expectation of the hot spring in the cold wind was very beautiful. On the first floor, there is a room dedicated to a bathrobe, with rich colors. You can eat meals in the room. All kinds of sashimi are not mentioned.

It is worth mentioning that in order to keep the hotel quiet, he does not accept children under 12 years old.

Tangben Hot Spring Hotel

This hotel is located in Dengbei Hell Valley. Dengbi hot spring quality is extremely high, and 11 kinds of water quality hot spring water can play a role in treating and relieving different diseases. The Tangben Hot Spring Hotel is located in the center of the town, next to the bus station, and there are special shop streets when they go out. It is very close to walking here to Hell Valley. You can see the landscape of the white volcanic gas surrounded by the white volcanic gas.

The store has a hot spring bath, a restaurant and a tea room, and a satellite TV. The hotel rooms are equipped with tatami flooring, and are equipped with a refrigerator, safe and private bathroom, and also offer Japanese pajamas slippers.


There are large baths, open -air bubbles and massage ponds in the hotel, which can be freely soaked during the opening time. Guests can sing karaoke or play games in the corner.


Price: CNY2,668.00/room

Catering: Breakfast+dinner

First Takamoto Museum

Features: In 1858, Takamoto Tibetan hid for his wife, covered the hotel and passed on to this day. It has 7 kinds of hot springs, as well as 35 various baths in large and small, all of which are naturally without adding hot springs. In addition, this hotel is closest to Hell Valley, and tourist tour is very convenient.

Address: 059-0595 Dengbei City, Dengbi Hot Spring Town 55

Tel: 0143-84-3322

Check in/ out: 14: 00/ 10:00

Webpage: http://www.takimotokan.co.jp/english/index.html

Yumi Deco

Features: Dinner is strictly selected by the chef’s chief, carefully providing charcoal grilled dishes. Starting at 9 o’clock in the morning, guests can also participate in the “Playing rice cakes” activities. The hot spring is milky, lubricating sulfur spring, and also provides an open -air bath with families.

Address: 059-0551 Dengbie City, Dengbi Hot Spring 31

Tel: 0143-84-3333

Check in/ out: 14: 00/ 11:00

Webpage: http://www.tamanoyu.biz


Reference price: ¥ 2700