Children in many places rose to 1.3 meters from the subway to 1.3 meters including two -child and three -child families

Source: CCTV News Client

多地儿童坐地铁免票身高升至1.3米 包括二孩、三孩家庭

Since September 19, 2021, the “Beijing Urban Rail Transit Ticket Use Rules (Revised Edition 2021)” was officially implemented. For more than 1.3 meters of children with a height of 1.3 meters, a child is free of votes, which means that when the parents of the “two children” and “three children” take the subway in the future, all children who meet the height regulations can enjoy ticket -free discounts.

On October 12, the reporter found on the Beijing Metro that there were obvious prompts at the subway entrance. “The height standard for children’s votes from 1.2 meters to 1.3 meters” has fallen into practice. According to the Beijing Metro customer service staff, Beijing’s urban rail transit was revised regularly. The last revision was to increase the height standard for children’s votes for exemption. From 1.2 meters to 1.3 meters. Adjustment. There is no restriction on the number of children who are free of votes in this revision, and it also takes into account the rights and interests of more and more two -child families.

According to reporters, it was found that recently, rail transit and public steam (electricity) cars have also revised the standards for child -free tickets.

In September this year, the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Bureau issued the “Chongqing Rail Transit Ride Rules (Second Amendment)” policy interpretation. The new regulations have adjusted the preferential ride treatment, adjusted the children’s free body height standards, and the free ticket height standard was increased from 1.2 meters to 1.3 meters. At the same time, the new regulations did not limit the number of children with free ride. The original “an adult ticket passenger can lead a child with a ride of below 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) for free; more than one person, buy tickets by more than one person”, adjust to “children with less than 1.3 meters high to enjoy the height, enjoy the height of 1.3 meters to enjoy Free delivery “.

In January of this year, the Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission also issued a revision instructions for the “Tianjin Public Automobile (Electric) Vehicle Train Code”. According to the “Notice of the Tianjin Road Transportation Administration on Adjusting Children’s Free Boasiest Height Standards”, referring to the “Management Regulations on the Management of Tianjin Rail Transit Ticketing”, “an adult passenger can lead two children with a height of not more than 1.3 meters of children. When the car is more than two children, buy tickets by more than two people. ” Modified this article, adjusted the standard of children’s free body height from 1.2 meters to 1.3 meters, and adjusted the number of children led by adults for free from 1 to 2.

In the “Guangzhou Municipal Rail Transit Passenger Code (Draft for Opinions)” released in 2019, the reporter found that the new revised regulations have relaxed the standard for children’s ticket -free. “Children with more than 1.2 meters” changed to “a child who can bring two children with a tall of no more than 1.3 meters or not reaching the statutory age for free.” In the “Guangzhou Bus Train Code (Draft for Opinions)”, it also relaxed the requirements for child -free ticket exemption from children.

In the Nanjing Metro Ticket Notice and the “Nanjing Rail Transit Passenger Code”, they are clear: children with free children with a height of below 1.3 meters are free of charge, and the number of children is not limited. However, for safety reasons, the staff will recommend an adult passenger not to bring more than two children.

According to the National Health and Health Commission’s “Evaluation of High Development of Children and Youth for Children in 18 years” released by the National Health and Health Commission in 2018, the median division of the height development level of men and girls in our country corresponds to 130.72 cm and 129.34 cm 8 years old. (General Taiwan CCTV reporter Himeli)