Wan Qiwen’s “original face” is anti -aging, red lace skirt is tall, tender does not lose the little girl

As a girl, I believe that everyone’s wardrobe is indispensable for various skirts, and in the skirt, the most worry -free is the dress. Although there are many styles of dresses, it is not easy to choose a dress that can support the scene. In fact, the red skirt is very suitable for attending various party activities. The red is very white, it looks like a festive atmosphere, the red dress is elegant and the upper body is not elegant and not on the upper body. Losting the air, even the stars can’t resist its charm. Next, we will learn how to wear a red dress with Wan Qiwen!

As a runner -up debut of Miss Asia, Wan Qiwen is slim and tall, white and white, and has a good temperament. Even if he is 51 years old, he still maintains very well. Face “is the old age! When Wan Qiwen attended the event, she wore a dark red skirt and set off her fair skin even more fair. The whole person looked tall and slim, and it was very tender. The old girl!

Next, we will talk about the red skirt of the red skirt according to Wan Qiwen’s red dress!


Wan Qiwen’s little red skirt style analysis ↓

Color → Dark Red: Express maturity and noble

Red has different saturation and brightness. The higher the saturation and lightness, the more bright and bright, and the otherwise, the other is more elegant and mature. Wan Qiwen chose this skirt to choose dark red with lower saturation and lightness. Dark red is a black tone added to red. The foundation reduces the brightness of the color. It is not as warm as positive red. The temperament of mature women looks very low -key and stable.

Fabric and material → lace material, bring luxury romantic atmosphere

Lace is the material that can most highlight the unique charm of women. It is elegant and advanced, soft and romantic. Incubicing lace elements in clothing can make the shape richer. The material of Wan Qiwen’s red skirt lace looks light and delicate, injecting more femininity into the shape, the overall gorgeous intellectual. PS: When choosing clothes that integrated into lace elements, you must choose high -quality materials to avoid making the shape look cheap.

Edition → Cingard shoulder style: “exposed and not vulgar” elegant atmosphere


We have to learn to use wearing, covering up the disadvantages, enlarging the advantages of figure, and optimizing the proportion of their figure, just like Wan Qiwen’s shoulders and neck lines are very beautiful. Based on this, she chose the oblique shoulder -style red skirt, revealing her superior shoulder lines The overall “exposed and not vulgar”, elegant and atmospheric. In addition to oblique shoulder styles, V -neck, square collar, suspender, waist and other styles are also conducive to highlight the body advantage.

High -end waist design: shaping the perfect body ratio

Whether it can create an excellent body ratio, the creation of the waistline is very important. If you choose a straight dress, although you can cover the fat on the belly, it ignores the existence of the waistline and it is easy to be short. The skirt of the waist design will be more friendly to the girl’s girls. It can improve the waistline to achieve a significant and thin effect, just like Wan Qiwen’s red skirt, the high -waisted design highlights the body curve, and then The proportion of the lower body is stretched, which is highly effective!


Length → over -knee skirt length: covering meat and showing temperament


The short skirt is playful and lively, and it is more suitable for young women. It is inconsistent with the intellectual temperament of mature women. Compared with short skirts, long skirts are more in line with the temperament of mature women. Wan Qiwen’s red skirt, the length of the knee is covered with all the flesh of the thighs all the flesh of the thighs all over the knee. Inject a bit of elegance, thin and temperament for the styling.

However, the knee skirt is exactly where the calf is thicker. It is recommended that the calf girls choose carefully.

More red skirts look ↓


Orange red tube top skirt


If you feel that dark red is too mature and likes the color that is more lively, you may wish to see orange -red. It adds orange tones in red, which is higher than red. The style of the waist tube top of the orange dress highlights the superior shoulder and neck lines and slender waist, which is high and thin, and the age -reducing white effect is even up! up! up! PS: You need to pay attention to orange -red is not suitable for dull black and yellow complexion.

Rose red oblique shoulder skirt


In addition to dark red, rose red can also highlight the unique elegance of women. Rose red belongs to the purple tone red. Romantic and charming, the elements of lotus leaf edge have been injected with a bit of sweetness and girly, and the age reduction effect is very good.

Big red dress


“If the belief has color, it must be China Red.” Chinese Red has always been a very popular color. It is dazzling, full of vitality and vitality. Chinese red clothes also look very festive. The long -sleeved Chinese red dress worn by Wan Qiwen in the picture is very white. The design of the skirt folds reduces the age of the whole skirt. The overall shape is elegant and generous.