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Double 11 has begun, is your shopping cart clear? Fart forest today to share with you the welding tools that everyone often uses electronic maintenance and DIY, because I often use it (don’t ask, ask the old DIY); As well as welding accessories, consumables, and so on. If there is a need


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Electric iron

Most welding demand is actually not used in the domestic 30W · 60W soldering iron. The soldering iron head is recommended to use a pointed or a small knife, you can deal with the majority of the situation

According to the different fever methods, it can be divided into internal heat and external thermal type

Left outer heat; right inner heat

The internal heat type is fast and does not generate inductive electricity, but the life span of the heating wire is short and the power is small; the external thermal life is relatively long and the power is also large, but it is easy to generate inductive electricity.


If you recommend Huanghua 907 temperature-adjusting iron soldering iron, the temperature interval can adjust the temperature at 200-450 ° C, and the temperature is also faster. Sometimes the soldering iron will be burned for a long time, which will cause the soldering iron head to burn to death (not on the tin)

Overall 907 good

Soldering Stations

If there is a large amount of welding demand or want to improve the existing welding experience, the fart forest strongly recommends starting a welding table. The welding table is the ultimate form of the soldering iron. There are also humanized functions such as automatic dormant and wake -up. After using it, it is said that I don’t want to use ordinary electric iron anymore (Zhenxiang)


The 936 welding platform and T12 welded table are more common on the market. T12 was originally a product of Japan Baiguang Company, which is expensive. But then Huaqiang optimized the circuit that could be used for the T12 soldering iron head. With some simple components, he could control the T12 soldering iron. After that, the manufacturer imitated the T12 soldering iron head. The price was very cheap. “

The control circuit of the T12 is open source. There are also suits on Taobao. You can also DIY a T12 welded table. The T12 of the Fore Forest is DIY. It costs about 50 (non -number)

I recommend Hanbang’s T12 welding table, good temperature control, fast back temperature, intelligent automatic dormant, standby, shutdown function, OLED screen interactive experience is also good, it is an excellent productivity tool. Of course, you can DIY. This can be less cheap


Hot air gun

It is not impossible to use the hot air gun to weld the chip welding. Of course, it is not impossible to use the tabor iron to weld, but there will be a hot wind welding table to welded the patch. Plastic rods, hot bending plastic, thermal tube heat shrinking, etc. (still very useful)

The component of the welding patch with hot air gun is very particular. Adjust the temperature and the airflow, and apply the welding agent on the surface of the chip in advance to prevent dry blowing and help the BGA welded joints at the bottom of the chip can melt. If there are tiny components next to it, you can use high -temperature tape to prevent blowing away. It is recommended that novices can practice on the welding practice board to prevent improper operation damage circuit boards and chips, which is a bit lost.



The waste welding melted when the tin suction is used to suck the electronic component of the pads is manual and electrical.


The manual tin suction weapon is piston, and the head is usually made of high -temperature resistance. When used by ordinary tin suction, it needs to be used with the electric iron. One hand is used to heal the solder welding point, and the other hand holds the tin instrument. Go up and press the fuselage button to absorb the welding

For some welds in the pores, it is not cleaned by manual suction. When the soldering iron is heated, there is no suitable operating angle. At this time, you can use electric heating tin absorbers. Fart Lin also recommended the first one

Welded consumable


The weld component can be divided into two types: lead weld and lead -free welded. The main component of lead weld is tin and lead, and the common proportion is 63%tin+37%lead. The melting point of this proportional welding wire is 183 ° C. The melting point is low, the tin is fast, the solder joints are smooth, and the residues are small. Lead -free welds are commonly 99.3%tin+0.7%copper, and the melting point is about 230 ° C. The temperature of the ordinary electric iron is often not available, which is not suitable for individuals.


Tin pulp

又称焊锡膏,是焊接贴片元件时需要提前在PCB 的引脚焊盘上涂上锡浆,然后放上芯片,用镊子按住,最后用热风枪均匀加热即可焊接完成PS:建设和The liquid welding paste is used together, because sometimes the tin paste will cause tin paste to explode, and it will be much better if it is added.

No acid -free welding balm is a kind of welding -free welding agent. Well the surface of the objects on the surface of the object before welding, apply the welding paste to the metal such as welding copper, tin, iron and other metals, and then solve the iron to the welding place. , Make welding stable and firm, much better than pine fragrance. When welding the chip with a hot air gun, you can also use the welding balm to help the welding joints heat up uniform

Ritter resurrection cream


It can effectively remove the oxidation layer of the soldering iron welding, and re -plated tin tin to the welding tin to achieve the purpose of welding mouth regeneration, which can resurrect all kinds of soldering iron heads due to oxidation and black. When use, increase the temperature of the welding mouth to 300 ° C ~ 360 ° C, and repeatedly rubbing the soldering iron tattoo with the resurrection cream, and then clean the welded mouth with welded seal or copper wire. Repeat the soldering iron tattoo several times to be smooth as new. Remember that when the soldering iron head is burned to black oxidation, do not use a knife to cut the surface of the iron head, because the alloy layer on the head of the iron head is very thin, and it is easy to completely scrap the soldering iron head with a knife.


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